Marduk - Glorification

Production: Clear but compressed sound with reasonable but overamplified, obscure distortion.

Review: An EP from Marduk to satiate fans comes with an "original" song remixed and four covers by noted black metal ancestors. A track by track review is appropriate:

1. Glorification of the Black God - remix version of the song based on a Mussorgsky piece Reasonable song, probably the most complex compositional work so far from Marduk as they deeply integrate the singular main melody of the original piece into a high speed black metal cover with rigid death metal underpinnings in its arrangements.

2. Total Desaster - Originally recorded by Destruction, this song brings out the archetypes of middle- to late-1980s proto-death metal as bands on the edge of simple speed metal began to branch into the more extended structures of death metal and hardcore. Functioning as an apex to this release, the rendition offered here works a central theme through a simple opening riff to a bridge of dirgish, quickly-strummed chords hinting a melody behind a wandering furious solo.


1. Glorification of the Black God (remixed version) (4:50)
2. Total Desaster (orig. by Destruction) (3:50)
3. Sex with Satan (orig. by Piledriver) (4:13)
4. Sodomize the Dead (orig. by Piledriver) (2:07)
5. The return of Darkness & Evil (orig. by Bathory) (3:21)

Length: 18:23

Marduk - Glorification: Black Metal 1997 Marduk

Copyright © 1997 Osmose

3. Sex with Satan - Originally recorded by Piledriver. Tumescent cover of clanging incoherent diatribe of repetition; whoever originally wrote this is worse than Marduk, even.

4. Sodomize the Dead - Originally recorded by Piledriver. Even worse, tangential march dirge wanders into blathering repetition.

5. The return of Darkness and Evil - Faithful cover of this Bathory tune that allows monolithic drumming and riff intensity to build until hyper-accelerated conclusion, almost as if turning Quorthon's ripping masterpieces into techno animals.