Mayhem - A Tribute to the Black Emperors (split with Morbid)

Production: Glorified wash of noise through plasticine silken layer of transfer erosion. Numerous peaks in mix abuse your speakers. Most of Mayhem comes through in pretty good quality nevertheless, including extra-twisted and ugly-sounding guitar solos.

Review: Mayhem has four of their classics represented on this CD with the savage vocals of Dead and the bizarre and random guitar meanderings of Euronymous illuminating the focused, most effective lineup for this band yet. Similar to performances on other recordings of this era, these songs are slightly faster and in the process of rearrangement and refinement to become the whirling speed inferno that was De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas.


1. The freezing moon (6:18)
2. Deathcrush (3:40)
3. Necrolust (6:19)
4. Funeral fog (3:47)

Length: 37:44

Mayhem - A Tribute to the Black Emperors (split with Morbid): Black Metal 1995 Mayhem

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