Mayhem - Dawn of the Black Hearts

Production: There are two segments of this disk, a live recording from Sarpsbourg in 1990 and a live in Lillehammer 1986. The first portion is halfway represented by the sound with savage atmospherics from cheap amplification and abused instruments, while the Lillehammer recording is like playing Mayhem on a desktop stereo in a wind tunnel.

Review: Mayhem execute in classic style a reasonable estimate of the songs expected on a hypothetical compilation of their early career, haloed by a blazing obscurity of distortion and guitar wash, with on the second appearance some surprises from their origins in tribute to the influences of this band. A favorite recording of many for its feral versions of these songs, this disc contains the essential summary of the Mayhem discography.


1. Deathcrush (3:36)
2. Necrolust (4:19)
3. Funeral fog (6:38)
4. Freezing moon (6:06)
5. Carnage (4:18)
6. Buried by time and dust (5:46)
7. Chainsaw Gutsfuck (3:59)
8. Pure Fucking Armageddon (3:15)
9. Dance macabre/Black metal (4:10)
10. Procreation of the Wicked (2:40)
11. Welcome to hell (3:46)

Length: 48:35

Mayhem - Dawn of the Black Hearts: Black Metal 1995 Mayhem

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