Motörhead - Everything Louder than Everyone Else


Review: Much like the speed freaks for whom the band is named, Motorhead gain stamina after a career that would have spent any other band, and newer personnel who are themselves seasoned veterans help chaosmeister Lemmy Kilmister organize his songs into a consistent and hard-hitting aesthetic. This uniformity helps the melodies and rhythms stand for themselves, which they do, enduring the exhaustive entropic influence of time and the music industry. One could debate endlessly over whether or not all of the classic Motorhead tracks are on these two CDs, but an ample enough selection is present, and with repetition and the audience-sage wisdom of new band members, they have undergone a winnowing process where excess has been removed and their stronger attributes are emphasized clearly.


1. Iron Fist
2. Stay Clean
3. On Your Feet or On Your Knees
4. Over Your Shoulder
5. Civil War
6. Burner
7. Metropolis
8. Nothing Up My Sleeve
9. I'm So Bad Baby I Don't Care
10. The Chase is Better Than the Catch
11. Take the Blame
12. No Class
13. Overnight Sensation
14. Sacrifice
15. Born to Raise Hell
16. Lost in the Ozone
17. The One to Sing the Blues
18. Capricorn
19. Love for Sale
20. Orgasmatron
21. Going to Brazil
22. Killed by Death
23. Bomber
24. Ace of Spades
25. Overkill

Length: 110:55

Motörhead - Everything Louder than Everyone Else: Heavy Metal 1999 Motörhead

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The selection mostly favors middle-period Motorhead and songs from the blockbuster "1916," but a smattering of newer works appear as well. Musicianship is professional and sound quality is good enough to make this a preferred introduction to a band that despite all of its promise rarely wrote an album consistent enough to be great, although its standout tracks were better than anything else available at the time.