Napalm Death - The Complete Radio One Sessions


Review: Some time ago, Napalm Death - The Peel Sessions was released, and a classic of incomprehensible rage and dissident anti-materialism was set forth, unlocking a public lust for something to mirror the baffling pseudo-logic of a neurotic society in fast forward.


1. The Kill / Prison Without Walls / Dead Part 1
2. Deceiver / Lucid Fairytale / In Extremis
3. Blind To The Truth / Negative Approach / Common Enemy
4. Obstinate Direction / Life / You Suffer Part 2
5. Multi-National Corporations / Instinct Of Survival / Stigmatised / Parasites
6. Moral Crusade / Worlds Apart/ M.A.D.
7. Divine Death / C.S ./ Control
8. Walls / Raging In Hell / Conform Or Die / S.O.B.
9. Unchallenged Hate / Murdered Mentally
10. From Enslavement To Obliteration / Suffer The Children
11. Retreat To Nowhere/ Scum
12. Deceiver / Social Sterility
13. Glimpse Into Genocide
14. Greed Killing
15. My Own Worst Enemy
16. Anti-Body


Napalm Death - The Complete Radio One Sessions: Grindcore 1997 Napalm Death

Copyright © 1997 Strange Fruit

Blurring grind slightly dissonant and dissynchronized from its chaotic percussion, the music on this re-release with both BBC sessions knocks through consciousness in a nearly unlistenable but alternatingly angry, miserable, humorous and empty in its pursuit of inner human conflict.