Obliveon - Cybervoid


Review: Coming from a death metal background, and yet trying to pay the bills, bands re-invent themselves by mixing the bouncier styles closer to rock into their music. Later Obliveon combines catchy syncopation heavy melodic death metal like Hypocrisy's The Fourth Dimension with precision technical rhythm riffing in the style of Meshuggah, throwing in a bith of the gothic Type O Negative vibe.


1. Cybervoid (3:41)
2. Downward (3:39)
3. Perihelion (5:03)
4. Android Succubus (3:21)
5. Sequels (3:48)
6. Subgod (4:34)
7. Sombre Phase (3:56)
8. Biomécanique (4:07)
9. Call of Silence (3:37)
10. Deus ex machina (4:13)
11. Psychomatrix (4:02)
12. Drift of the Spheres (2:13)

Length: 46:30

Obliveon - Cybervoid: Death Metal 1996 Obliveon

Copyright © 1996 Hypnotic

The result uses more expectation-based catchy rhythms, and in the style of Meshuggah, reduces melodic and harmonic motion in deference to pure rhythm, but then explodes into choruses that fall quickly through gracefully musical progressions, giving it a sense of angry, bouncy ranting unleashing itself into free speech. In doing so, it becomes a close cousin to nu-metal, and condemns itself to verse-chorus songwriting that does not unleash the potential of these musicians. While this CD is well-executed musically, its lack of vision guarantees that it becomes another variation on a pattern instead of a pattern of itself.