Resuscitator - Cursed Visions from his Infernal Realms


Review: Between this band's first and second album, black metal all but fell apart in its own hands.

Recognizing this change, the second release from Resuscitator embraces the mixture of aesthetics in metal, merging Slayer-style death with rough black metal vocal and hints of melody and keyboard harmony from the latter genre. What it produces is something with the cyclic, vaguely carnival air of Satyricon's "Nemesis Divina" with a more relaxed approach to musicianship in a homegrown style of Dodheimsgard "Monumental Possession," producing an album that loops through some enticing riffs and sounds and achieves an aesthetic foundation independent of the genre in order to showcase its riffs and licks.


1. Into The Abyss
2. Inherit The Wisdom Of Darkness
3. Battles In Blood
4. Madicion
5. Cursed Visions From His Infernal Realm
6. Hells Storms
7. End Of My Mortal Life

Length: 28:08

Resuscitator - Cursed Visions from his Infernal Realms: Black Metal 2001 Resuscitator

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There is not much in the way of concept or engineering of style here, but what remains is a profoundly good metal album. It will shatter no barriers with its innovation, or novelty, nor will it ever be one of the first things sought next to the stereo, but as an encouragement to the continuation of metal this is a stalwart and likable document.