Sadistic Intent - Ancient Black Earth


Review: Stepping forward substantially in musicianship and thought process through which they refine the microsymphonies of despair and vengeance of their first album, Sadistic Intent shape their unruly yet promising fury of power chord phrases into a tightly controlled fluid transfer of momentum between internal forms which like shadows in a cave are perverse representations of ideals in conflict behind the visible interaction of patterning representing the symbolism of basic existential desires and ideals.


1. Untimely End
2. Ancient Black Earth
3. Funerals Obscure

Length: 16:31

Sadistic Intent - Ancient Black Earth: Death Metal 1999 Sadistic Intent

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Precision drumming and clattering attack with roaring power chord exhalations in locked cadence synchronize an egress of sense for a series of subtle yet biologically structural forks acting upon the proliferation of divisiveness in transition balanced by opportunity unveiled within. The energetic forward sense of advance in which dense and morbid convergences utter deeply sacred combat for liturgical values plays out a scenario of violence orchestrated by the searing voice that has become trademark for this band, as rumbling drums and low-end chord rumbling penetrate silence with structure and chaos. An advancement on the previous work in overall cohesion and the smallest measurements of technique, this three-song offering leaves great hopes for the next concoction from this feral California band.