Sentenced - Amok


Review: The restrained Iron Maidenism of past albums, with a penchant for bass rhythm and guitar harmony, has become a dominant force on this album, bringing with it some of the cliche and cheese of the hard rock/proto metal genres.


1. The War Ain't Over
2. Phenix
3. New Age Messiah
4. Forever Lost
5. Funeral Spring
6. Nepenthe
7. Dance On The Graves (Lil Siztah)
8. Moonmagick
9. The Golden Stream Of Lapland

Length: 43:22

Sentenced - Amok: Death Metal 1995 Sentenced

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Atonality slides into the harmony of the guitar at times, and black metal esque flowing rhythmics and melody work their way through recognizably rock solos. Song structures are complex, but "weird," loving to violate their own rules, and worshipping the six-string beast each moment. At least a challenging/interesting listen, even it eventually becomes negated on aesthetic grounds.