Swordmaster - Wraths of Time

Production: Flat but colorful space and muted drums tastefully mixed underneath guitars and bass, although vocals are as usual too loud.

Review: Partially extreme melodic black metal but mostly older style fast melodic metal with an ear for fretboard runs and extended riffs ripping through harmonically-shaped riffs.

The combination of the insistent rhythm and simple melodicity of black metal with an older style of articulate rock/NWOBHM riff composition creates an environment where drums blast out the pattern that carries each song and guitars work through a dominant riff pattern with a melodic afterimage created by distortion and diligent fast strumming of notes to arrive within sections of each riff for emphasis. Without the powerful voice of WHIPLASHER to guide each phrase to conclusion the the music of Swordmaster might collapse in directionless indecision, a testament to the power wielded by the gravel-throb of his unholy curse in unifying the music.


1. Wraths of Time (5:37)
2. Upon Blood and Ashes (5:17)
3. Conspiracy - preview (2:57)
4. Outro (:28)

Length: 14:21

Swordmaster - Wraths of Time: Heavy Metal 1995 Swordmaster

Copyright © 1995 Full Moon

Phrases still hold the linguistic feel of most older style rock, as if talked through they speak out their essence and then conclude in rearranged word stream. Their value is in their distinctiveness, and how beautiful the recombinant nature of each riff balances the relentless and more scientific application of technique. Song structures follow extended versions of older rock styles, working through major tones before wrapping up through a series of pre-choruses, bridges, and main riff subversions. Bass marbelizes the span between introductory and concluding tones of each phrase, filling an ambient space with the melody left out rather than thrust relentlessly upon the listener.