Ungod - Conquering What Once Was Ours

Production: Loud, clear, boldly spaced.

Review: Racing nihilistic black metal with a clearer presence of melody than the first album possessed assembles the simple structures of this EP with an emphasis on the core of metal in simple evolutionary cyclic song constructions and epic riffs wrought from dynamic change in melodic shape over rhythm emphasizing conclusive patterning in which driving resolution to tone dominates resonant harmonic factors in phrasing.


1. I am the chaos (4:33)
2. Firestorm, ashes ... genocide (2:23)
3. Conquering what once was ours (4:35)
4. Vita reducta (4:49)
5. Anatomy of Human Destructivity (4:42)

Length: 21:04

Ungod - Conquering What Once Was Ours: Black Metal 1995 Ungod

Copyright © 1995 Shiver

Savagely minimal but competent in instrumentalism and feral in howling vocals, the package as a whole bears the aesthetic of alienated black metal from the primal and rudimentary school, but within this displays an epic sense of compositional dynamic and riff placement in a narrative development of conceptual symbolism in thematic pairing. Carrying the blasting melodic black metal concepts of Zyklon-B and Impaled Nazarene further, Ungod on this EP integrate their new sound from classic metal, visionary nihilistic minimalism and raw doomish rhythmic tugging insistence into a hybrid of minimalist yet vast transaction of events in song.