Vader - Revelations


Review: The now well-known Vader formula reappears with the embellishments and tonal progressions of hard rock/heavy metal embedded within collages of death metal riffs, their abruptness turned to a almost funklike metagroove to the changing rhythmic arrangements of each song.


1. Epitaph
2. The Nomad
3. Wolftribe
4. Whisper
5. When Darkness Calls
6. Torch of War
7. The Code
8. Lukewarm Race
9. Revelation of Black Moses

Length: 33:29

Vader - Revelations: Death Metal 2002 Vader

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Where previously an urgency underscored conflicted patterns releasing to flowing, evenly falling tempo relaxations, in the most recent incarnation of this Polish death metal band the songs keep a rhythmic equilibrium through variation in two similar patterns. Melodic hook is foreshadowed and harmonized by vocal rhythms, a gruff voice punching out lyrics cadences itself to basic divisions of the rhythm of undulating, wavelike Slayer-style speed tremolo riffs. Underneath these techniques however is something with the heart of Judas Priest yet a more alienated death metal voice now brought to a state of consistency by its growing audience.