Vader - The Ultimate Incantation

Production: Preservation of guitar tone is excellent; the tone of guitar is dark and metallic in a strangely organic way. Instruments are clearly heard but could use more depth; part of this illusion comes from the low crunchy vocals.

Review: In the same way Slayer's Show No Mercy built epics out of a few chords of fast riffs and breakdown derivations, Vader come forth with an almost ambient water-motion style of metal that builds a pulse in the whipping strum of the guitar and supports it with a network of simple relative rhythms within percussion of strum, rhythm of vocal emphasis, and percussion instrument cohesion. Their structures are simple but gesture toward the epic and vast althought currently focusing on the prime elements of good pop music: driving beat, guitar rhythm and motion of tone, and vocal expression. What is staged upon this foundation is enormous in that it makes a great thing out of very few things.

The exceptional nature of this creature is the overall rhythmic comprehension of each song, as riffs meld into one another and emerge recreated, forging new streams of energy which collide and batter victory upon each other in driving blast beats under a voracious vocal scream. There are rhythms of the motion of violent life, of cataclysmic conflict and destruction, that drive this music to its own authenticity of logic and reason.


1. Creation (intro)
2. Dark Age
3. Vicious Circle
4. The Crucified Ones
5. Final Massacre
6. Testimony
7. Reign Carrion
8. Chaos
9. One Step to Salvation
10. Demon's Wind
11. Decapitated Saints
12. Breath of Centuries

Length: 48:25

Vader - The Ultimate Incantation: Death Metal 1993 Vader

Copyright © 1993 Earache

Bulleting double-bass drumming punctuates the process with 16th notes under blasting or double-hit drumming. The rapture of enjoying this would be hearing it all simultaneously, and not to be distracted by an instrument or voice but to hear the rhythm shared and avoided between all elements of the song. It posits a deconstructionism and a unity, at the same time, in the bastard language of chaos that plagues mortal humans.

Its darkness emerges in a steady doubt and seething anger of the abyss which it promulgates with a blank face of acceptance mitigated by the twisting smile of pain. Recommended for fans of fast death metal.