Interview With Paul Ledney About COVID-19 And False Metal

After the recent social media kerfuffle where Paul Ledney called out weaklings for their fear of the media hype over the COVID-19 pandemic, I reached out to the man to see where he stood on these comments and what he meant.

You recently posted some rather scathing remarks on the Profanatica page. Each of these comments appear linked to one another. Are they?

I wouldn’t call them scathing at all. Yes they were connected and were directed at a select few people whom I know personally.

By the comments made by beta males just goes to show you that they have nothing going on and tried to make it about them.

“My drumsticks have more shit on them than covid19.” What are your overall views on the current Covid-19 pandemic?

Not 100% positive yet.
Although My sticks have on them
Pine tar, sweat, makeup, dip, and spit.

“This is a strong symbol against Fear. Please don’t buy into any hype. Unfortunately we are on hold until the trumpets blow again, in which time we will be ready to Throw the Fuck down! Mas Pas.”

Is it your opinion that people, or perhaps those in the extreme metal community, have indeed bought into the hype? What hype precisely?

They are “promoting” this pandemic. That’s all I’m saying. I’m not saying it’s not serious but that it’s PROMOTION. Why? I’m not sure yet.

“All the so called black metal bitches with their blasphemy shirts and bullet belts are all of a sudden running scared for their worthless fat asses I knew it”.

This comment appears to have garnered the most attention. Why do you think that is? Would you care to elaborate on this comment? What led you state, “I knew it”?

It simply means that all of the tough talk and dress up went by the wayside as soon as shit got serious. it was instant.

No fact checking or looking into it with a clear head. Just straight to believing everything on the news and then directly into panic mode which led to victim mode.

“This page is for people who think like we think, and feel what we feel. please leave”.

How do you think and feel? What kind of person is welcome on the Profanatica page? What kind of person is not?

They should already know.

People who have no place in this scene for some reason insist on staying in. They just won’t admit that they don’t belong.

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7 thoughts on “Interview With Paul Ledney About COVID-19 And False Metal”

  1. Syphilis says:

    Some little chinky-flu aint gonna do shit if you’ve already contracted most of the diseases under the sun already.

  2. Val Dagúr says:

    A Facebook post? Excellent interview topic idea, watch that MetalSucks doesn’t pick it up.

  3. pisstula says:

    thanks for giving paul a chance to clear up any misconceptions for everyone out there who would never be able to understand what he’s talking about in any case

  4. canadaspaceman says:

    I am surprised any of the posts were not deleted off facebook, but he never took a hard stand against the COVID-19 lies.
    Facebook, youtube, twitter, and many news websites, are constantly censoring/deleting posts and comments, if you reveal truthful details about COVID-19, or expose any lies the left wing has made about Trump.
    Getting sick of it.
    It is encouraging to see many are still trying to combat all the bullshit;
    but when assholes are in charge of moderating the sites, along with the trolls who report anything they don’t like to hide the facts, then, all you can do is hope all of them get the “vaccine” for COVID and it kills them faster than is planned.

    1. Brodud says:

      Right wing has a share of whiny snowflakes, too. Go hide into your basement and fix tis tinfoil hat on, you triggered sweatypalm boyo.

      1. Yes, but the Left is a snowflake: “Reality isn’t fair, we should be equal to fix it!!1!”

        TO THE OVENS

  5. Johnny_cab says:

    Since a lot of FB traffic is going to show up here, let me be the first to say that modern black metal fans can all hang with that faggot from Liturgy.

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