4noggins – Jesse’s Own (2015)


Pipe smokers can be divided into several camps. Some favor the over-the-counter (OTC) blends like Prince Albert, others like full aromatics with interesting flavors, and some others prefer the naturals which use minimal or no flavoring. All tobacco is cultivated from a relatively bland-tasting plant into something with discernible flavor, and in the process blenders use “casing” to give the tobacco background and moisture, and may add a “top flavouring” that is either like a second casing, or what we know of as the defining trait of aromatics, a syrup of sugar, flavorings and humectants that renders the taste of the original tobacco moot.

Jesse’s Own seems designed to lead smokers away from aromatics toward the more interesting but less “safe” world of natural blends. With aromatics, if you want your tobacco to taste like watermelon, it is possible as it is with soft drinks or the scent of air fresheners. With naturals, you will taste the tobacco with possible complementary flavors that do not obscure the original tobacco. It takes time and experience to want to taste tobacco in closer to its natural state, as the range of flavors decreases as does their vividity. Like a fine steak or wine, this requires a sensitive exploration of different flavors within a single taste, rather than obscuring them with a uniform sweetened sensation. Like aromatics, Jesse’s Own is sweet and spicy in flavor, and mild in nicotine and smoke. It brings out the variety of flavors in naturals, built on a base of Maryland and Virginia tobaccos with Oriental, Latakia and Perique added as condiments.

The result is a gentle smoke which first presents its Latakia component, giving way to the reedy vinegar taste of the Orientals, then blooming into the spicy fruit texture and taste of the Perique backed by a broad warm harmony of Virginia and Maryland tobaccos, which are very similar and both fairly sweet. No matter the pipe experience of the user, this tobacco blend will be easy to light and enjoy for an all-day smoke. Its light nicotine content guarantees that no one will get a rumbly tummy from too much of the Dark Lady, and its sweet flavor provides a perfect framing to the spicy — like General Joe’s Chicken at a Chinese restaurant — which puzzles and delights the tongue. Hardcore naturals smokers can enjoy this as well for its lack of sugary flavor replacements. Its unusual mixture providing what one commentator called an “American English” style tobacco, Jesse’s Own seems aimed at the middle ground currently occupied by Dunhill (BB1938, Early Morning Pipe, Standard Mixture Mild) and other all-day English blends. While Jesse’s Own may not be intensive enough for the grizzled naturals smoker, it provides an excellent transition for the new pipe smoker and a flavorful, gentle smoke for the rest of us.

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4 thoughts on “4noggins – Jesse’s Own (2015)”

  1. OliveFox says:

    I’ve never tried any 4noggins tobacco myself, as I am a Gawith and Peterson man, but this description made me interested at least. Do they have a “tougher” blend, as it were?

    1. TR — which is unreliable on strength sometimes — identifies two, Bread Loaf and Painter Hills:


      Other sources state these as Medium. Then again, Gawith makes a few fru-fru blends also, and Peterson has some of those floaty aromatics designed for people to puff away all day without ever encountering more nicotine than is found on a good tobacconist’s counter after a thorough cleaning. You might check here:


      1. OliveFox says:

        True. Every brand has its “lady tobaccos” as the old guys in my local shop are want to say. But Peterson and Gawith seem to have a more consistent batting average when it comes to their tried and true blends, which is why I usually stick with their traditional line-up. But I gotta find something cheaper, since 20 bucks a tin is breaking my bank account at the rate I’ve been smoking lately. Bulk might be the way to go.

  2. Parasite says:

    Perhaps your next run of reviews could be of toothpaste, specifically ones that whiten teeth. :P

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