Gawaith Hoggarth TT Ltd. – Coniston Cut Plug (“Unscented”)


Flake tobacco has a reputation for being for the more experienced pipe smoker because of its dense and hard-to-light form and the higher tobacco of most of these blends. Tobacco undergoes a process of refinement where it is picked, dried, cased and then cured by a number of methods. Some are fermented; others cooked; still others sun-dried or aged. The many varieties of tobacco come mostly from how the plant is grown, with varying degrees of nutrition and water, and how it is cased — a process where a small amount of flavoring is added — and cured, which also includes topping off with other scents, producing “aromatic” or flavored and scented tobacco. Coniston Cut Plug gets close to the raw tobacco with minimal casing and simple curing during which it is pressed in large blocks and allowed to age. When curing is done, these are sliced and those are somewhat broken up to produce lanky fibers of clumped tobacco leaf. This dense mixture has a reputation for being hard to light, although I have found that if you bend it in the middle and cram it loosely into the pipe with frayed ends pointing upward, two cardboard matches or one solid wood match will get it going. At that point, be ready for the gods of Nicotine. This alkaloid finds praise throughout history for those who mention its intoxicating powers. With Coniston Cut Plug, the gods of Nicotine ride in on a chariot of iron and whip your skull with burning flails. Many of us find this quite agreeable, but others pass along recommendations to smoke this while sitting down and after a full meal as you might feel it in your stomach. Glorious, rich smoke with a natural flavor somewhere between fresh-cut hay and charred wood-bark, Coniston Cut Plug provides a wonderful basis for a smoke that would be recommendable for all except for one horrific glitch: during the curing or casing, someone approaches this tobacco with a giant bucket of soapy rosewater and soaks it thoroughly. This creates a stench of noxious ammoniac rose around the tobacco that is so strong it is ill-advised to keep it in the same room where you sleep, lest it kick off a fit of sneezing. In addition, the rosewater smell permeates through the smoke, ruining an otherwise delightfully savage leaf-burning experience. Some writers speak of “ghosting” of the pipe, where former tobaccos can be detected in subsequent bowls. Coniston Cut Plug summons an entire army of undead zombie rosewater demons who infest the next several bowls, usually toward the end when the drippings ignite and momentarily haunt you again with the stench of decaying soap-slathered roses. If it were not for the rosewater infiltration, many of us would rank this among our favorites. Instead, it goes into the (far) back of the cupboard, where it will wait for a few years to see if the spectral roses will depart.

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12 thoughts on “Gawaith Hoggarth TT Ltd. – Coniston Cut Plug (“Unscented”)”

  1. Paul Warkin says:

    The fold + bend + frayed end up is a good way to pack when you’re on the go and don’t want to worry about losing bits all over, as when packing ribbon cut or rubbing out flake. I have Dunhill flake, which is a nice straight Virginia, moderate nicotine content. Upon opening the tin, a strong smell wafts out almost exactly like alfalfa bales that have been sitting a while, and also very reminiscent of dried fruit. Fine looking tin, too.

  2. Meek Metalhead says:

    As much as I like product reviews, wouldnt it be wise to have something more practical than beer and drugs?

    1. Contrite Inspirator says:

      I wish D.M.U. would review cannabis strains, especially them vape-cartridge shits. Smoking straight flower is OVER — it shreds my lungs.

      1. There is only one school: the old school. Vaping will make you like Deafheaven.

        1. freudian says:

          Vaping has a terrible rep going for it: they’re sold in shops owned by douchebags with ear gauges (which smell like burnt plastic) and it’s hooked up to a lanyard.

    2. 1349 says:

      Yep, indoeuropeans have invented things way more useful than this.
      Such as guns or sports equipment. Or at least cars.

      1. Moloko + says:

        …and super thick multi-speed phallus shaped vibrators =)

    3. What do you have in mind?

      1. Meek Metalhead says:

        Kitchen appliances, prostate massagers, Kiss memorabilia… I dont know, get creative.

        1. I think there may be even less overlap between metalheads and the above, except the Kiss memorabilia. Prostate massagers can go in the Vattnet Viskar reviews.

      2. Count Ringworm says:

        How about audio equipment? Specifically with regard to metal listening.

        If you’re not a dedicated audiophile (like me) it can be tough to sort through all the bullshit.

        1. Count Ringworm says:

          Worded that poorly. I’m *not* a dedicated audiophile.

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