Marzipan Burley And The Mexican Black-And-Tan

Friday night. If your week was as high-intensity as most of ours have been, then it is time to kick back and watch night enclose the world in liquid potential. For this, sometimes it helps to have recreational substances… but these are legal!

First up is a mixture I call Marzipan Burley. Take one of the deadliest tobaccos known to humankind, the Cotton Boll Twist, and mix it with one of the most refined, the Virginia/Perique mixture known as Hal O’ The Wynd from Rattray’s. High class and rural wisdom combine.

Chop the Cotton Boll Twist into thin coins, then chop those further until you have quarter-inch flakes. Mix in the Hal O’ The Wynd and then grind the two together using your hands, breaking each up into individual sheets of cut tobacco. Put in a container and let meld for about thirty minutes. You will encounter a taste not unlike Marzipan, and a high-strength blast of pipe tobacco power.

You might need something to accompany your clearer headspace thanks to the Nicotine. What could be better than a Mexican black and tan? Pour a Negra Modelo into a large glass, then carefully top it off with a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. The two will blend into a mixture that is both strong and slightly sweet, but will carry on the dry flavor of the Sierra Nevada.

Together these should give your evening a kick start. While combining things randomly rarely works, sometimes refined and muscular tastes merge into a new and powerful experience. Then sit back, look at the stars, and contemplate our place in everything and what we can do to maximize it.

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4 thoughts on “Marzipan Burley And The Mexican Black-And-Tan”

  1. GGALLIN1776 says:

    I never met a tobacco that i couldn’t handle, i used to chain smoke about 3 packs a day while having two packets of snus in my lip…but soon as i would add in alcohol the spins came.

    Try a 48 or preferably 56mg e-liquid from your local smoke shop (not vape shop, they don’t carry concentrations that high) & you’ve met your master. You will be on the floor feeling good & but unable to do much aside from travel your mind. Have music going if you so desire beforehand because you won’t be able to focus on the physical. The hangover that comes later is brutal though, you’ve been warned.

    1. canadaspaceman says:

      Not wishing ill on anybody, but commercial cigarettes are full of chemicals.
      That is what causes cancer.
      For at least the past 2 decades, I suspect the reason the US and Cd’n gov’t crack down on “illegal” smokes, or raw tobacco bags, from the Indian reservations is because they don’t put in additives.

      Also, haven’t many big league baseball players that chew tobacco and wind up sick been denouncing it?

      1. GGALLIN1776 says:

        I went from marlboro’s to roll your own bags a couple years before i quit, big difference in what gets added in. The biggest reason for the crackdown is money though, i believe in Ct smokes are taxed something like $6 per pack. Going to the reservation & buying it untaxed would take millions from the cunts in hartford & they can’t have that. The natural stuff may be better for you but you’re still inhaling hot smoke with all those carcinogens. Not that i want to live forever, i just don’t want the last couple years to be filled with oxygen tanks & chemo.

        As far as the mlb guys, wasn’t that back in the 80s? Only reason i recall any of it was in elementary school there were guys saying use bubble gum instead of that lol. It is funny that candy cigs are gone but you can still get a pouch of big league chew.

  2. shut the fuck up and review Grolsche you faggot!

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