Massacra 2.0

Times are tough, and tobacco prices are going up, so again people turn to the idea of making homebrews because depending on what you need, these can be mostly as good as the commercial versions for often half of the cost.

Some years ago, my blending habits commanded a personal blend that hybridized the classic American Burley blends with the UK plugs. The result was Massacra, a tasty Burley blend for those who like Haunted Bookshop and Old Joe Krantz, but it was not quite there yet.

The secret of its successor, “Massacra 2.0,” can be shared easily: it uses the percentages of dark fired Kentucky Burley from the UK plugs, but instead of mixing that with straight Virginia, uses a mix of red, orange, and bright Virginia with white Burley and dark Burley with a slight touch of Orientals.

Broken down by weight, this one is roughly:

  • 50% dark fired Kentucky Burley
  • 10% bright Virginia
  • 10% red Virginia
  • 10% white Burley
  • 10% dark Burley
  • 5% orange Virginia
  • 5% Izmir

This then goes into one of those pasta presses for a week, and the result is sliced from the top of the plug to the bottom, and then those cake-flakes are sliced horizontally from bottom to top, resulting in a cube cut blend that burns like a flake but is soft like a regular cube cut Burley blend.

Will this set the smoking world on fire? Unlikely, but it has proven to be a good hedge against price increases as the world economy staggers to a slowdown, getting ready for 2024 when it is going to recapture the over-valuation of tech stocks and the full effect of COVID-19 payouts ending.

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16 thoughts on “Massacra 2.0”

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  2. Howdy Brett, could you give me some advice on what to mix Cotton Boll Twist with to keep as much of the nicotine high as possible while at the same time making it a more enjoyable experience? Thanks.

    Oh yeah, do you think it would be a bad idea to mix it with a high THC hemp strain like Chem de la Chem? That’s something I’ve wanted to try for a long time.

    1. If you are smoking weed, you want to inhale, not route it through your mouth, so for example if you are using a bong, you want to use very little Cotton Boll Twist, since it will make you sick otherwise. If I were going to bong-rip these days, I would use a 50-50 Burley and red Virginia mix. This is sort of the basis of most ‘Murkan-style tobaccos.

      But if you are smoking a pipe, you want about 40% Cotton Boll Twist in there to keep nicotine up, but otherwise mix it with something that is above medium strength. Even something like Armonia (the basis of “Fruit McBullshit”) works great, but I have had fun mixing it with the GH/SG ropes. I bet the Cherry Twist would be fantastic, for example.

      Once I mixed it with Conniston Cut Plug and almost died.

    2. Flying Kites says:

      Where do you buy yours? Have you tried chewing it and how is that?

  3. naysayer says:

    Have you seen the recent news? The O9A dissolved, apparently.

    1. Funny choice of words for an esoteric organization.

    2. Cynical says:

      How can a collection of writings with directions on interesting practices dissolve?

      1. Even more, the O9A exists through both a core group and its many nexions.

  4. Fckk Godl says:

    I’m thinking of getting rid of my metal collection. I only listen to mainstream music now. Whenever i listen to metal it sounds like “angry” rock anyway, or just noize. The only metal stuff i listen to is Burzum, Deathcrush, Sissourlet, Onward to Golgotha, the red in the sky (and just the song neverwhere), sometimes dmds & pure holo. Modern death is basikally metalcore so i’d rather listen to video game soundtracks made “metal” by rando youtuberz. I should just make a playlist and call it “nostalgia”

    1. I mostly listen to classical music, but what was classic in metal, stands up to the winds of time.

      The trend-chasing stuff? It all gets forgotten rather quickly.

      1. T Malm says:

        Been listening to a lot of electronic and ambient lately, old stuff and autechre and that TAL album.

        Knowing that you always enjoyed Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze’s solo stuff, and the predilection of ambient towards being either moderately listenable or great (with not a lot of middle ground), what do you think of Steve Roach?

        1. Weirdly, I have never gotten into Steve Roach. This datum has almost no value to you, unfortunately. That TAL album is pretty impressive. Great for late night ceiling-staring meditation.

    2. Velvet capes says:

      Lol foad

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