Playlist of Powerful Epic Heavy Metal

Avast young heshling! It is time to rise up, rise again! Take hold of the flame, the crown and the ring!

To guide the way and aid thee in thy quest, a powerful playlist of true heavy metal has been curated for thine journey.



A preliminary sonic invocation to lull the listener into another realm…

2. VIRGIN STEELE: Crown of Glory (Unscarred)

Indomitable Barbaric Romantic Victory!


Where the Pop, Metal, and Mentality of the 1980’s all coalesce into a single unified vision…

4. FATES WARNING: Fata Morgana

The Dark Mistress of the Amentian Realms…

5. LOST HORIZON: The Song of Earth / Cry of a Restless Soul

From Luciferion to Lucent Grandeur Beyond the “Euro-Power” Zenith

6. MANOWAR: Hail and Kill

Of Desolation and Supremacy through Strife and Combat

7. MANILLA ROAD: War in Heaven

World-Weary Evocation of Smoke Enshrouded Mythologies

8. CRIMSON GLORY: Eternal World

“Things are not as they seem / (Why?)…
You are not as you were

“Behold eternal world / Where time has no meaning / Reality is dreaming”

9. CLOVEN HOOF: Mistress of the Forest

The Ultimate Encounter.

10. LORD WIND: Field of Broken Swords

Coda: Perennial Meditation on the Ouroboric Aeons of Battle

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19 thoughts on “Playlist of Powerful Epic Heavy Metal”

  1. retard jesus says:

    no adramelch? at least 3 bands of your 10 are gayer than adramelch so you have no excuses and I demand a correction, also I want to speak to a manager

    1. Nah, sorry dude, no Adramelch. Are you someone from #heavy?

      1. retard jesus says:

        no, i am a mere power metal connoisseur

        virgin steele (the other band beside [s]tool who were named after their fans) and cloven hoof are enjoyable but severely lacking in the “power” metric and queensryche and lost horizon have no business at all being on a list with these others unless this list is supposed to be some inclusive rainbow of varying quality and ability

        are you a manager because I’d like to file a complaint immediately before I make a report to the BBB about this site

        1. Manager: How can I help you sir

          retard jesus: it’s MA’AM!

        2. “queensryche and lost horizon have no business at all being on a list with these others”

          …and yet, ironically, they are the only ones here who are actually on the DLA!

          It’s a strange world, isn’t it? ;)

          1. retard jesus vs (s)tool fan says:

            first of all it IS ma’am

            and oh yes the dla! nothing more metal than rigid adherence to insular dogma so enjoy your shriveled dick 2nd rate powerless hard rock while my shriveled dick power metal drowns out the anguished squeals of queensryche fans as they wallow in the morass of hopelessness that is terminally repressed homosexual impulses!

            youre only a fag if you fear the frot

            1. How can I “rigidly adhere to the insular dogma of the DLA” while also being an (alleged!) fan of Tool and Hard Rock?

              contradictio in adjecto my homie

              1. retard jesus vs (s)tool fan says:

                alright look buddy I’m American so let’s keep this discussion to English or you can get the hell out of my country and back to whatever Harry Potter spellcasting 4th world poophole country your ancient Greek comes from

                anyway to parry your derp-tier logic: if DLA-exclusive bands were the only worthy bands to be featured then why was there a tool article? or if it’s not only dla bands that are worthy then why isn’t adramelch here? are you just too far in the closet to admit their superiority?

                now you have no defense for excluding adramelch. please add them to this list. please. make them number 11 if you must. I will forgive you but I cant guarantee your safety if you ignore this warning, dont blame me. let’s just say I have friends in russia and they’ve tapped into your cam and I’m literally watching you fap to RickXSummer slashfic as we speak

                1. “if DLA-exclusive bands were the only worthy bands to be featured then why was there a tool article?”

                  It should be clear to anybody who has interacted with me even slightly, or even followed my articles, that I obviously do not believe “only DLA-exclusive bands are the only worthy bands” or that Prozak’s taste is gospel.

                  As I already pointed out, in this article alone, the vast majority of the bands here are not on the DLA and more than a few have received active hate from previous writers and community members in the past.

                  “or if it’s not only dla bands that are worthy then why isn’t adramelch here?”

                  1. This is just a casual playlist of a few cool songs I like. It’s not supposed to be an exhausive list of every single “worthy” band, or even a “best-of” list of any sort to begin with.

                  2. Adramelch are okay but I’m personally not a big fan of that “style”. I like my HM to be more “direct” and forceful sounding as opposed to that more angular, meandering type a deal.

                  1. retard jesus vs (s)tool fan says:

                    alright so you just dont like adramelch. that’s only a problem when you’re writing about heavy metal. which you are!

                    come out of the closet my dear friend, me and My Daddy Who Art In Hessian welcome you with open, big fuckin beefed out arms, like in that meme of Arnold and that outstanding ebony specimen clenching hands. just like that. yes my daddy is black. follow me and I will make you a fisher of men ;]

    2. sum yung gai says:

      adramelch is extra gay

      1. retard jesus vs the world says:

        all power metal is gay, thimblehead

        you’re only a fag if you fear the frot

        now whip it out and show me your resolve

        1. greasy jesus says:

          i’ll tell you where you can stick my resolve buddy oh wait

  2. Farking says:

    >Lord Wind
    Lord autism

  3. Psychic Psych Toad says:

    The demo to Field of Broken Swords was amazing, but I don’t believe it’s available at his website any longer.

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      1. Elton John says:

        Count the headlights on the hiiighwaaay

  5. Pastor DMX says:

    Brah, you’re missing Cromlech. Come on!!!!

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