Heritage, ethnicity, race, and culture is important because there is much you can learn about yourself from your blood ancestors.  For years I never understood why, as an Irishman, I was always fascinated with Scandanavian history and culture until a distant relative traced my family’s heritage all the way back to the 10th century.  It was upon learning of my distant relationship to Tomrair mac Ailchi, the viking king of Dublin, that I learned the truth of my savage tendencies- I was the decadent of vikings.  And perhaps it explains how, thousands of years later, I would serve as an editor of the most brutal metal website on the internet…
It was inevitable that the Scandinavian vikings would come to Ireland after storming terror and bloodshed onto England for many years.  Around the 900s their brand of pillage and plunder washed up on the shores of the Irish, who would get conquered and beat them back and get conquered again in a truly viscous cycle.  Eventually, the two mixed into a little known ethnic breed I proudly call my own:  The Norse Gael.

The viking spirit never left my bloodline, as many in my family willingly fought brutal wars and were drawn to violence and blood.  It explains why my IRA warlod great grandfather had to flee to America without his family after murdering police officers during the vicious guerrilla civil war being waged in Belfast.  And it probably explains why death metal became so important to me in my teenage years that I for many years refused to leave the house without wearing the t-shirt of a band that I worshiped.  The horror movies and the graphic surgery videos I couldn’t wait to take bong hits to watch weren’t just a teenage fad- it was something in my DNA that craved to be satisfied.  Despite the name changing from Tomrair to Tomar and finally to Toner, the viking nature of a once crowned barbarian king never truly left the gene pool.

Bloodline of a death metal fan 900-2006

Today, as my people are being celebrated, I hereby toast a Guinness to the readers of DMU who may share similar genetic reasons for being attracted to the dark and violent aesthetics of death metal.  This includes Brett, who I imagine is watching Blazing Saddles and calling for the deportation of the Irish on his Amerika site right about now.  Cheers my friends, and never forget who and what you are.

Enjoy some Norse Gael musings below:

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23 thoughts on “VIKING BLOOD”

  1. Charles Stuart says:

    I, for one, will be reading some WB Yeats as the foul beast that is St. Patrick’s Day lurches towards Bethlehem to be born.

  2. Fangorn says:

    Isn’t the gene sequencing show that we are all hybrid in racial lineage?

  3. Blood and Soiled Undies says:

    This is really inconsistent, even for a potato nigger.

  4. Thewaters says:

    You wrote “decadent of vikings”, surely you meant ” descendent”?

    1. dead butt dreaming says:

      Freudian slip

    2. Gasplorbadorb says:

      You got to love all these guys who prattle on about the importance of race, nation, culture, etc. but are semi-literate in their native language.

  5. HELL V.666 says:

    Many of the pseudo fans that I see in concerts, I offer punches and they defecate in their pants, so with a gun or machine gun is easy, but with axes or swords would be faggots , I think most would only be the cowards who running from the wars.
    Very few really fought, and they survived!!
    Besides, the one who talks to a lot does not much, do you want to fight?

  6. canadaspaceman says:

    I was told in the 1990s that Guinness is not the only dark stuff in their breweries.
    Eventually switched to buying mainly local cheap brands that cannot be polluted.

  7. Inherited Bowel Levitation says:

    Poe’s Law strikes again…………

  8. T. Desecration says:

    Norse-Celt Supremacy for All Eternity!

  9. Oliver says:

    Catholicism is more than a religion, it is a political power. Therefore I’m led to believe there will be no peace in Ireland until the Catholic Church is crushed.

    1. Necrovoreconomist says:

      Bud, that’s pretty ’90s of you… I guess you missed the memo, Hessians now need to represent Catholicism HARD, join up in your local Templar Knights club, they’re the only bulwark in the battle against Kali Yugic decadence, egalitarianism, and equality. I know we used to HATE Christ, but now we need to accept His wrathful love, none of that gay New Testament shit though.

      1. Robert says:

        Fuck you. You can take Christ’s cock up your ass but not I!

        1. Necrovoreconomist says:

          WOW. It’s interesting that your mind went directly to buttfucking. And got so triggered.

          1. i don’t underrated all this homo shit in the comments section either.
            it is bad enough it is forced into a lot of TV shows, which we can boycott, and now it gets forced here too?
            These jerkoffs are LUCKY that the rest of us do not the means to track them down.

  10. Keep talking shit about Brett, see what happens. And this is coming from someone primarily Irish and Ojibwe.

  11. Track 8 of that Hate Forest thing is mind-fucking-blowing. The rest of the album is ok maybe people will latch onto it like Condor, maybe not. Its just as good either way.

  12. Autism, the website says:


    I’m going to feel good about myself for the group I identify with as opposed to anything I have done or will ever do.

    Just as bad as leftist identity politics.

    1. Thewaters says:

      How do you know he has not done anything? Maybe he uses the accomplishments of his ancestors as inspiration?

      1. Autism, the website says:

        Because he’s writing on

    2. “Just as bad as leftist identity politics.”
      no, this is incorrect.
      Have you been to jail or prison? You stick to your own kind.
      Why is it any different when “free”? It should be MORE important as a free man.

  13. Alex says:

    I took a dna test with Oxford Ancestors in England, and had my male lineage y- chromosome tested, and my male lineage came from southern Norway. It’s surprising because I’m Eastern European. 30% of Norwegian men have the Viking y-chromosome, as well as 1 in 30 British men.

    1. I enjoy watching the tv series The Last Kingdom where Danes/Vikings conquered England.

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