Villiger Cigars – Newminster No. 400 Superior Navy Flake


The first question any smoker should ask when approaching this tobacco is whether or not Navy Flake is a style that they enjoy. The name conveys both the form, which is dense slices from a pressed brick, and the flavor which is provided by Virginia tobacco with very minor casing or additions to the mix. The result is a thick sheaf of tobacco that can either be rubbed out into shreds or stacked in the bowl.

Its flavor will appeal to those who like straight Virginias: a combination of harvest hay smells and clover honey, lightly touched with warm molasses and perhaps the scent of leaves in fall. It tastes like it smells, and brings a warmth of flavor into the bowl. This tobacco competes with other Navy Flakes like those from Dunhill, Escudo and Gawaith, but aims for a more middle-of-the-road appeal for those who want something flavorful to smoke all day. Its nicotine dosage registers at the lower half of the middle of the scale, not as light as the drugstore aromatics but not as hard hitting as the flakes which appeal to the battle-scared pipe smoker, aloft in his mountain retreat or on the prow of a ship, pausing only briefly to inhale before firing back at some unseen enemy. Newminster flake burns gracefully and leaves behind a fine white-grey ash, coating the room in a gentle note that often appeals to non-smokers as well.

Navy Flake appeals to a certain type of smoker in a certain situation. It is a light smoke not as in taste reduced, but in that all of its flavors strike gently rather than hard; the smoke from this, while somewhat harsh with some bite, floats gently and rewards slower smoking. The disadvantage to this blend frankly is that it is lighter in nicotine and flavor, which makes it better for smoking all day when distracted than sitting down for a good solid smoke when working or relaxing. While it ranks higher in gentle flavor than some of the other flakes, it lingers behind them in power and interest; a good Virginia brown, better than many but not configured to be a favorite.

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8 thoughts on “Villiger Cigars – Newminster No. 400 Superior Navy Flake

  1. Sack Blabbath says:

    This article is just what you rail against in all your beer reviews: the loving, artisanal rendering of a foul substance which we’re supposed to like but probably shouldn’t.

    1. I do not write the beer reviews; I merely edit them. Sometimes less, sometimes more. Newminster No. 400 Superior Navy Flake is actually quite a legit tobacco far removed from the boutique (Wolves in the Throne Room) and OTC (Metallica post-98) worlds.

  2. Parasite says:

    Brett what is your opinion on Blackstone(100% pipe tobacco cigars)

    1. No idea, sorry. Cigars are a weird world I do not understand.

      1. Parasite says:


        1. I have no practical experience with cigars. There are many conventions there which I do not understand.

          1. parasite says:

            Do you know if your local tobacco cigar shops have Cubans yet? From my understanding the embargo with Cuba has been lifted.

            Nevertheless ask your tobacconist about a good brand to start with, I think you might convert over, seeing as how you already have a pallet complex enough to understand your smoke.

            I know there is a bit of ritual involved in the pipe smoking but I think you will find that quality cigars offer a lot of flavour, boldness, strength, and complexity.

  3. Flying Kites says:

    Where have those Vijay bud adventure/reviews gone too? I read a one some years back.

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