A typical leftist with double standards

[Editor: Apparently, sometimes tabloid humor can be revealing. The following notes by a contributor are shared for the benefit of those interested in gossip.]

Here is a compilation of some juicy stuff that shows KK for what she really is: The typical leftist with double standards, who publicly judges and condemns others negatively for the very things they also do!!

We have put what we believe the best info first, that way you don’t have to waid through everything. But when you see all of it, even the most minute, all as a whole, it paints a clear picture of who KK really is – and what little of her all her white knights actually know about her!!!

Also please don’t forget about the stuff we already sent, where she is banging her head in front of the confederate flag guitar (and you’ll find below she is a fan of “outlaw country” and “southern rock”. And there was her wearing the DEMONIC CHRIST shirt….ha! Also, don’t forget the numerous reports of her with that Swastika shirt (though the photo still remains unfound)

Relevant photos are also attached.


KK holding up a Burzum CD!

“So that CD I’m holding? That would be an insanely-rare copy of Burzum’s Daudi Bauldrs album; it’s rare/collectible because of a small printing error on the cover. I know the picture has it backwards, but see how the end of ‘Burzum’ is cut off, and it just says “Burzu”? There are only a few copies like that in existence…and I haave oneeee, necause my boss is awesomeeee. Exciting.”


(lyrical themes: Anglo-Saxon heritage, Paganism, Pride, Landscapes)

From her first paragraph: ” The spectres of a proud and bloody past make their voices heard on “The Ghost of Heritage,” a blackened paean to the band members’ collective ancestry. Wreathed in atmosphere and richened by primordial chants, the album somberly forges ahead at a glacial pace, then suddenly, without warning, plunges headfirst into a raging storm of pagan fury as bloodthirsty as the warriors whose virtues it extols. Hail Heritage. Hail Winterfylleth. ”

Apparently she doesn’t have a problem with people being proud and sticking to their heritage? How do people have unique heritages without borders?


Here she praises ORDER FROM CHAOS (who also went on to become Angelcorpse. Pete Helmkamp – originating member of both bands – also wrote “the Conqueror Manifesto” and is known for his RIGHT views.

For reference if you are unfamiliar with Pete, here is an interview with him you will likely enjoy. He knew what was about to happen to this country, quite prophetic actually!!


A quote from this interview with Pete:

“Do you think they pose any actual real threat to economic and social stability in the US?

“From what I do know, they haven’t got a chance in hell. I don’t think any real social change will take place in the US without a major upheaval – civil war, foreign war, major economic collapse. And I really see Fundamental Christianity as the answer offered to ‘restore freedom and democracy’. Centrists will swing Right, Leftists will be jailed, and we’ll have the good ole US of A back… Give them 25 years. 25 more years of decay, urban violence, racial tensions, and declining quality of living. Just like Hitler and the Nazis, they will seem like a good choice, or at least the lesser of evils.”

-This is the views of the bands KK used to openly ENDORSE!!!


Blogger, interests: neofolk, European fok, southern rock, outlaw country

– anyone who is somewhat knowledgable music knows what “neofolk” is all about. Why does she also praise European folk?
– same with “outlaw country” and “southern rock” – just do a simple image search for “outlaw country” and “southern rock” and enjoy all the confederate flags that are a part of the genres aesthetic of the genres!


Here she gives a link to Vasaeleth (who had artwork done by the legendary ANTICHRIST KRAMER)

Also links up KERASPHORUS (another Pete Helmkamp band)


Here she praises black metal bands MGLA and Clandestine Blaze (both onpro-NATIONALISMrecord label Northern Heritage Records)

“My good friends Craven Idol will be releasing their debut EP EtherealAltars on Hammer of Hate/Vengeful Atakkk – black/thrash supremacy! Speaking of the London scene, my mates Scythian (warlike black/thrash) will be releasing a split 7″ with Greek horde Kawir in the coming months”



Remember that time Phil from Cobalt had a raw black metal project with Mike from Loss and IT FUCKING RULED? Me too.”

Here she praises COBALT, whose Phil McSorely came under much fire for starting his black metal project Recleuse, which he launched by calling out all the “faggots” in the black metal scene.


This post has all sorts of goodies:

Just because Cobalt rule live and touring with them was awesome.”

–   Here we fine out that she TOURED with Cobalt apparently, hahahaha. Wonder what sorts of things she heard Phil say backstage and was ok with?

Sacryphyx is dead good lo-fi death/thrash with more melody than you’d expect. Kinda Arghoslenty, but with the added bonus of being racism-free (I think).”

Apparently, she is familiar with Arghoslent enough to use them as a frame of reference, and didn’t mind praising hte band for sounding like them, even though they might not be racist”

How often has she listened to Arghoslent? She owns Burzum – it’s no stretch to think she proudly owns some Arghoslent as well!

Iron Bonehead never disappoint, and that new Bolzer joint is absofuckinglutely essential.”

Here she praises BOLZER, who has Swastika tattoos. KK conveniently shrugged this off with this interview of Bolzer here:


Wearing Morbid Angel shirt.


Here she praises pro-NATIONALISM band Peste Noire


More praise of PESTE NOIRE as releasing one of her favorite albums in 2007


More praise of bands such as PESTE NOIRE, Diocletian, Cobalt, Destroyer 666 and Marduk

That’s all for now. But as you can see, this is quite the motherload. Hell, Just ONE of these things in particular is enough to cause all her clueless minions to light up the torches and go out and lynch anyone that disagrees with them!!!

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19 thoughts on “A typical leftist with double standards”

  1. Lee says:

    Just stuck to reviewing music please.

  2. NWN War Metal Tranny Rapist says:

    Look at the shoulders, hands, and Doom status bar mug. Now, is this Kim Kelly a female? All evidence suggests we’re dealing with one sick fuck cultural subverter shemale! To my brethren in the Conqueror hoodie crew legions I proclaim sodomize the shemale! No trannies shall be spared! Rape!

  3. Flying Kites says:

    Kelly should not stop speaking to her parent’s just yet. She needs to connect to her crabclaw past.

    1. Some Kind Of Lobster says:

      The house claw will rise again!

  4. butfuckked without any effort says:

    I hate Kim Kelly, but Peste Noire are not a racist/NS band. Famine calls himself some sort of conservative anarchist, he gives lipservice to blacks in interviews and the band even has rap influences these days. An old demo with the word “aryan” in the title is not a useful gauge for what is and isn’t NS in black metal.

    Calling neofolk fascist just because it uses fascist aesthetics is SJW thinking. Douglas Pearce lists fucking Marx as one of his favorite authors.

    She did, however, promote some legitimately racist/NS stuff. She’s a trend-hopper with no genuine principles, like all women in metal.

  5. Mister Syre says:

    What’s all this nonsense for, exactly? Can’t you guys wash you dirty laudry privately?

  6. Kim Kelly is neither liberal, nor progressive, nor centrist. I beleive those areas cover the power points of the actual left wing in theory and practice. She is not liberal, because she does not beleive in any such freedom of choice, speech, behavior or lifestyle but adherence to strict societal rules, however said society shifts in its lucrative narrative. If there is popularity, she is there. If NS is in, that is her, if ANTIFA is in, that is her. Courage demands conviction despite whatever societal shift occurs. The noble are hidebound to their honour- she is neither noble nor honourable but here is the demonstrable history of slime. She is not progressive, because her voice is exclusively lent to the allocation of bourgeoisie art, in concentrations of transient bourgeoisie geographic. Show me a person who has a real job other than writing for Brooklyn Vegan and Metalsucks (notwithstanding the integrity of legitimate, independent upstart journalists), and I will show you a person whose labor and sweat cannot afford the likes of “Grim Kim.” Perhaps Centrist is close, but fencehopper is more like it, so,that ship has sailed. Left wing people can and always have partaken in Metal successfully under the ethos of via-a-vis. Agathocles, Napalm Death, Carcass, Protector, have long standing histories of being outspoken, colliding their politics into Metal. Additionally, spattetings of Left ideology appear in Nuclear Assualt, Cro-Mags and so on but do not subsume the music. Perhaps some can interpret the lyrics of Suffocation, Dead Congregation and so forth as having hidden left wing ideology.

    My own history with Communism, as a Communist, both professional and otherwise has always delivered the largely unpopular vote, yet my conviction is all that is required to wade through the nonsense. In addition, my polemic against racial jargon landed me a “ban” in a super secret ANUS group once. Here I stand, wholly unlike the character in question, neither sharing camaraderie nor kind review of her. She’s a bad politician, likes bad music – shit, even her checkered past with right wing bands details a poor (very poor) frame of reference indeed. She’s a substandard writer also, possessed of no real intellectual or revolutionary girth.

    In my private life, I have patched over more long standing Commies than her peurile complaints and culture of tattletaling has done.

    I would like to see my political wing represented by a suitable, intelligent, cultured vanguard. Not this.

    1. D.A.R.G. says:

      Good points, and thank you for sharing your experience in this respect.

      I think the right-wing orientation that is prevalent along these parts doesn’t allow the “community” / “collective” of DMU/ANUS completely escape the ideological tribalism typical of membership-based-on-opinion groups:
      1) If you consider that ideology to make sense, or hold that kind of thought, then you are garbage and I hate your guts.
      2) If you consider my ideology to make sense, or hold my kind of thought, then you must be smart and you are welcome to interact with us.

      For 1), they become blind to any possible value based on their ideological bias. For 2), they huddle around in the comments section or in forums or chat groups, gossiping, talking about people who do act, or doing the general keyboard warrior thing.

      What DMU needs is not more “rightists” or “alt-righters” or pseudo-pagans.
      What DMU needs is people who are willing to crush mediocrity without pity, have the will to excel on all three planes (spiritual, mental and physical), so that first-hand understanding can be gained of both what an individual person is / is not, and what an ideology/philosophy actually is.

      There are good non-ideological reasons to accept and reject Right and Left ideologies. Especially the fact that their membership is based on saying and following, rather than on what you actually do.

      If these people want to genuinely know THe WEST, what they need is to devote time to studying Socratic and pre-Socratic Greek thought and myth.
      Even better, start connecting with that on a genuine level by acting Stoically for an ideal beyond modern un-civilization (not Stoically at the office), by striving for an Aristotelian Middle/Balanced Way, by pondering on the different meanings and applications of the Myth of the Cave in relation to their understanding of reality every single day.
      Leave aside the Babylonian Talmudic influence that resulted in Christianity.

      Go back to the roots.
      Worship Nature not the invisible “God”.
      Know the individual and accept them based on their demeanor and actions, not based on what they say they believe in.

      1. butfuckked without any effort says:

        “We don’t need […] pseudo-pagans.”

        “Worship Nature not the invisible “God”.”

        pick one.

        1. D.A.R.G. says:

          not genuine; pretended

          From the entry for the definitinion of ‘pseudo’ in the online Collins Dictionary.

  7. Reduced Without Any Effort says:

    Congratulations, Brett, on posting every single junk article (three in a row!) this site has had since Vahdias took over as editor within a single day. You must be proud. You need to either post substantively about metal music or make another site for this shit instead of dumping all the junk that’s too shitty for Amerika on DMU.

    1. D.A.R.G. says:

      Actually, I made the decision to post the article in trying not to break too abruptly with recent publishing policy.

      Brett simply advices and lets us decide; from that point on we may sometimes make decisions that are less than optimal. We are trying to learn from this transition time.

      We are still having a debate on whether this kind of article will still be featured on the website, at least while those of us with a more transcendent outlook are involved.

  8. C.B. says:

    This is pathetic. What is gained from posting this? Everyone already knows she’s a fake with no real convictions who will gladly side with whatever is trending and likely to advance her career, as is common in all walks of life. By posting this, you only make your site look petty and like you all enjoy punching down. What’s next, picking on retards or people with physical handicaps? We get it, she’s a liar. Then again, “Brett” isn’t exactly all that he claims to be, but most of us don’t care since we enjoy reading his writings on Metal. This site is supposed to be non-political — or at least that’s what was written a few weeks back after the dork from Huffington Post’s silly DDoS ended — so who gives a shit if Kim Kelly is a “Real Lefist” or a Jew-hating white supremacist?

    1. D.A.R.G. says:

      Please double check your claims before stating things publicly.

      First of all, this article was not written or posted by Brett Stevens.
      It was sent to us by a contributor, and I decided to post it in the interest in seeking some continuity with past narrative despite my great misgivings and opposition to this kind of post.

      Second, pray do tell what, in your opinion, does Brett Stevens claim to be, and when and where did you read / hear him actually, explicitly claim these things unequivocally?

      Could it be that you are conjecturing a lot of personal details about people simply from sparse sayings and attitudes? Editors on this website have also had a problem of talking gossip and conjecturing nonsense about artists that deserve respect simply because this artist stood in opposition to all that made these individuals feel safe and comforted in their civilized, domesticated lives. So be careful not letting your weakness and ideological bias show by slandering someone.

      1. C.B. says:

        I didn’t say “Brett” posted it, so I don’t know why you’re getting so upset about that. You seem very touchy in general.

        Re: what “Brett” claimed to be explicitly that he isn’t, well, I suppose the fact that he claims to be named “Brett Stevens” in general and uses a pic that isn’t him as his online avatar, when everyone knows his name is Chris and rather than a blue-eyed, dirty-blond-haired ubermensch he’s a curly-haired semitic-featured frumpy pothead noted for fashioning a bong out of an old Mac. But as I said, I don’t care about that because I enjoy reading his writings about Heavy Metal. No one wants to read this trash on a site that’s supposed to be dedicated to Metal.

        Who have I slandered? What the fuck are you talking about?

        1. D.A.R.G. says:

          If calling you out on your careless spewing of falsehoods is being “touchy”, then sure, that I am.

          Slander means to bear false witness.

          1. Using a pen-name hardly counts as claiming something you are not. The general use of pseudonyms is widespread and is seldom meant to properly pretend to be someone else; rather it is used in part for privacy, in part for artistry and reference.

          2. I do not think he ever claimed to be a blue-eyed, dirty-blonde ubermensch. The picture is funny and is obviously not meant to be him. But please do point us in the direction of the writing or recording, or time and place where he claims to be that in actuality, and not just in your deluded mind.

          Since none of this counts as “claiming something to be something he is not”, and you have indeed accused him of “claiming something to be something he is not”, then you have, in fact slandered him.

          What’s next? Calling me an “autist” for having the keenness to pull appart your semblance of an intelligent argument, and not tolerating your disrespectful keyboard warrior demeanor?

  9. C.B. says:

    LOL, you are incredibly melodramatic.

    1. D.A.R.G. says:

      Yeah, I am:

      “By posting this, you only make your site look petty and like you all enjoy punching down. What’s next, picking on retards or people with physical handicaps? ”

      “Who have I slandered? What the fuck are you talking about?”

  10. Falsehammer says:

    I understand that ideology and values are important guys, but fuck c’mon the Identity politics are ruining the site. At the very least you guys should make a separate section for this type of shit because frankly nobody gives a fuck we get it, the left is shit.

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