A.V. Club Editor David Anthony Posts Metal Hit List

Social justice warrior hipster scumbag David Anthony of communist multimedia shill website The A.V. Club (owned by The Onion) thinks that heavy metal has a Nazi problem. David Anthony is a bitchy, neurotic pinko throwing a fit that certain musicians who want to kill everyone as all humans are damn, dirty apes are not particularly fond of the concept of arbitrarily protected classes of people. The AV Club think that mildly successful and average death metal band Disma should be publicly hanged, drawn, and quartered in front of all of the proletariat as former Incantation frontman Craig Pillard released a National Socialist themed techno album over a decade ago. Nobody is spared from David Anthony’s hit list. Joining Pillard in the AV Club’s metal pogrom are Inquisition, AbsurdLemmy from Motorhead, Slayer (especially Tom Araya), Varg Vikernes, Deafheaven, Antichrist Kramer, Lord Mantis, and No Colours Records. Anthony also cited two quotes from Mayhem drummer Hellhammer‘s interview in Until the Light Takes Us as of course closet case David Anthony does not listen to black metal and only watched the movie. The only relatively unknown dirt he dug up was Lord Mantis fucking a transvestite but that was from a Vice interview he probably bookmarked due to the graphic description of a casual homosexual encounter.

The A.V. Club is another leftist newspeak rag trying to push a socialist agenda onto media figures who refuse to chant hymns to socialism from little red books. The A.V. Club is no different from Vice Noisey, Buzzfeed, Reddit, Jeff Bezos’ The Washington Post, and MetalSucks. Audio/Visual Pravda previously got Burzum merchandise pulled from Wal-Mart’s online store as Varg (along with the other Norwegian originators) is vehemently opposed to everything they stand for. Such publications and communists will not stop calling for mob violence until all of their political enemies’ necks are in guillotines or they’re digging graves in the permafrost for themselves.

David Anthony claims that metalcore labels Southern Lord and Profound Lore are some of the most progressive and innovative in “metal” today despite almost exclusively releasing hard rock, post-hardcore, sludge, and death/black ‘n’ roll for a hipster audience sucking the dripping, pierced members of fat blowhards like Kim Kelly and Neil Jameson. David Anthony as a communist was surprised to learn that even crappy labels are profit-seeking enterprises and want to make money and that metal heads simply do not give one ounce of shit about Anthony’s political agenda. He should shut his trap or open one of an industrial oven or building furnace and:

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47 thoughts on “A.V. Club Editor David Anthony Posts Metal Hit List”

  1. Marc Defranco says:

    Sick of shit like this. If the majority of a form of music (black metal) has members with views you hate or ties you don’t like, or you can’t use your small brain to separate art from artist then don’t infect the music just fucking understand you’re a shit head, and you don’t get it. Go back to your fucking indie bands already. They’re already refusing to listen to most of the great bands because they can’t listen to anything they don’t politically agree with or have done something “controversial” in the past (So by going with their standards no Darkthrone, Graveland, Emperor, and so on) and the shit bands they push are a waste. They’re scenester scum completely ok with bands attacking Christianity but not Judaism or Islam? Completely weak minded hypocrites. Southern lord and profound lore suck ass

    1. Marc Defranco says:

      Also A.M.S.G. has a split with Arrogance and they’re on profound lore so by their dumb ass logic pl is now off limits

    2. They’re already refusing to listen to most of the great bands

      This tells you all you need to know about SJWs in metal.

  2. Kvädare says:

    The nazis don’t like the SJW’s, and the SJW’s don’t like the nazis. Both may create metal, because metal is an open arena. May the better faction show its supremacy by making superior music inspired by its values.
    Unfortunately for the SJW’s, the nazis have been and still are beating them. So they have to take it to censorship, since Burzum is still better than any SJW band.

    As expected, an ideology with only negative values and no positive ones can not inspire good music.

    1. They also suffer obscured mental clarity. This is why all of their music sounds like droning punk with dramatic but repetitive vocals. Hipster black metal is basically The Gits plus The Abyss.

      1. Rainer Weikusat says:

        The key to this is in observing how this guy switches seamlessly from “brutally murdering millions of people” to “I also disapprove of comics depicting she-male bondage/ bdsm porn” and back without even noticing that this is a seriously odd change of topic: This is a sophisticatedly talking animal not in the habit of spending a lot of thought on what he’s actually talking about and his overarchingly important sex life always asserts itself quickly.

        And what kind of art could such people possibly produce?

        1. Tru Art Connoisseur says:

          Shit smears on a canvas of the highest quality.

    2. Rainer Weikusat says:

      You probably shouldn’t refer to Vikernes as Nazi just because someone who likes to pose as “fighting Nazis” seeks to stick this label on whoever he actually dares to ‘fight’.

  3. exploding drummer says:

    Who gives a crap what some cross-legged metro faggot has to say about metal? It’s a liberal echo chamber of the same poorly researched shit again and again.

    I’m sure the bulk of the readership here don’t frequent the av club and couldn’t possibly care less. Stick to the metal, not the pussies that don’t get it.

    There’s zero reason to offer them the attention they crave by linking to their illiterate propaganda.

    Thank you.

    1. The world does not care what you want. What you tolerate, you get more of. This is not a bourgeois shopping expedition.

      1. exploding drummer says:

        Oh, no… the world does care. All it takes to be heard is to be the greaseless wheel with the urge to create a platform for your complaints. There’s always someone to align themselves to your bitchfest regardless of how asinine the scenario.

        Don’t fool yourself. An entire generation thrives on outrage culture. That doesn’t mean tolerance, it means don’t feed the troll by sending hits their way.

        I guess the bourgeois shopping expedition starts when I hunt fancy artisan pipe tobacco, craft beer that tastes like a rank hippie’s asshole and obsess over SJW douchebag non metalhead opinions like they possibly matter.

    2. kek says:

      Also should have used archive.is, don’t give them clicks

    3. Nuclear Whore says:


    4. gorewhore says:

      I dont know…this article and my subsequent surfing of the AV site and a few other links from their site have just today introduced me to a bunch of glorious, hateful noise. These idiots have nothing to say so their criticisms just amount to free press for stuff I’ll bet I’ll like. Bring on the information. You don’t have to read it, bitch.

  4. bznzmtl says:

    “Joining Pillard in the AV Club’s metal pogrom are Inquisition, Absurd, Lemmy from Motorhead, Slayer (especially Tom Araya), Varg Vikernes, DEAFHEAVEN, Antichrist Kramer, Lord Mantis, and No Colours Records.”

    I’m confused. I thought Deafheaven were the enemy. Now it turns out that Deafheaven are being persecuted just like me.

    Then again, at one point I was so foolish as to believe that victim mentality was unmetal…..

    1. nigstomper88 says:

      This is how cultural marxism works.

      First whitey is the enemy, then white gays are the enemy, then “you know what? Asians are too privileged too” and Asians are the enemy, then… etc.

      An ideology that treats victimhood as a virtue has to constantly expand its definition of “the oppressor.” This is why sjws are doomed, they always eat each other alive at the end of the day.

      1. Kvädare says:

        They can’t create, only destroy

    2. GGALLIN1776 says:

      Stop being gay & playing victim.

    3. Astronaut Bread says:

      DEAFHEAVEN sucks shit whether or not their hipster fan base has abandoned them. Get it together.

  5. Svmmoned says:

    You got wrong narration here. The real case with all of those accused of nazism is that they saw certain direction, evident harm – things that are now expressed in capital letters by various beige futures or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMQkV5cTuoY – and tried to inspire and support their people through art.

    1. Syphilis says:

      Leftist propaganda has become so absurd that it has even crossed the line of (unintentional?) self-parody. I don`t even know what to call it at this point.

      1. Kvädare says:

        Poe’s law

  6. exploding drummer says:

    Metal doesn’t have a Nazi problem. It has a clueless left leaning journalist problem.

  7. GGALLIN1776 says:

    Hang that faggot by his sweatpants & light his faggot pug on fire.

  8. Goat Egg says:

    Kill, kill ALL these cunts.

  9. cornrose says:

    Wouldn’t know this guy from my ass. Can’t waste time on these fux. Hope he gets cancer of the dick

  10. cornrose says:

    Fucking poseur

  11. Parasite says:

    I heard a rumour there is about 6 million SJWs worldwide…..so who’s gonna preheat the oven?

  12. Cynical says:

    If I was the leader of a neo-nazi group, I’d be bankrolling the fuck out of Antifa and hipster media outlets like this. I’ve never seen as much pro-nazi sympathy in the local metal scene as I have in the last few months. Seige mentality can bring groups together…

  13. Change Of Seas says:

    Idea: is there any way that deaathmetal.org could create a registry of SJW bands for us all to piss on and boycott? If we could strangle any label that signs an SJW band, we could basically cut their balls off.

    1. Slagle says:

      Anything promoted or given positive press by metalsucks or metalinjection would be a good place to start. However, most of the bands either sight reviews are new rehashes of soulless Core material none of us would be likely to listen to at any rate. I used to frequent these sights until a comment about Axl Rosenburg’s position of pro-SJW showed up in an article about Destroyer 666, a comment that contained a link to this sight. I have found the music reviews are more suited to my tastes here, and so are the people. I would be glad to help make this list with you, if you have some good ideas about precisely how to catalogue them.

      1. Change Of Seas says:

        I’m willing. My idea for cataloging them is a bit non-linear. We begin with a blog, “SJW Metal Registry” or something like that (the Holocaust jokes make themselves here). We catalog all the bands we know, and have some way that people can submit new entries, which we can then vet for purity and designate as verboten to law-abiding metalheads. Boycotting labels may be a bit much, but boycotting shows is easy if you’re making a choice about which show to attend. Can pressure venues that way, too.

        (Also, we could call it “The Gas Chamber” for extra reeeee)

  14. Night Booger says:

    This guy is a massive faggot, just look at his picture. I would start laughing at him if I saw him buying cruelty free grapefruits at where ever, he most certainly could not take a punch even from the weakest Orc Master fan with an expensive sword he can barely lift over his head.

  15. fuck_norgay says:

    I agree with this faggot on Varg.

    He should be killed for recording his shitty, uninspiring, uninspired “music” with a potato and for being a retarded larper who keeps whining about “muh ancient culture and sheeeiiit” that consist of nothing but uncivilized shit eating savages chimping out in a frozen wasteland all day long and who got fucked in the ass by every civilization during their time.

    1. InconvenientHistoricalFacts says:

      Scandinavians were militarily successful. Pagan vikings conquered and ruled parts of Christian Britain for a long time, and a king named Charles the Bald even had to buy them off with a huge ransom to make them leave him alone.
      Goths emerged from the Swedish island Gotland to conquer and rule Spain until Mohammedans took over, and to be the first to defeat and sack Rome.

      Culturally, they produced a slew of notable texts, like the Icelandic sagas and the edda, which continued to be studied by Icelandic skalds even after Christianization, because they were such a good case study of the craft.

      After the Scandinavians became Christian, there was the Swedish empire which was a major power between 1611 and 1718.
      The Scandinavians got shit on by Germany during world war 2, but so did lots of other countries. Germany was a major power at that time.

  16. Rainer Weikusat says:

    As of now (2017/03/07 12:00 UK time), the AV club still has an unaddressed “playing fast and lose with the truth” problem. Compare

    Unfortunately, Lord Mantis had released the infamous Death Mask, an album featuring controversial cover art
    that was labeled as transphobic. When confronted about it in interviews, Fell shrugged it off by saying he sees all people as “laughing, eating, smoking, dick sucking, cum loving, piss-in-the-mouth monkeys.”

    The actual statement of Fell, as linked to by this piece of substandard sermonizing, is

    The art work wasn’t meant to offend it was made to be a portrait of myself destructiveness as well as my minds eye view of my humanity and sexuality. The last album also featured a transgendered Christ on it and its been a theme in our cover art through out the bands existence. Im not always the best with words and come off a bit crass and insensitive to some people but I have no problems or prejudices with any race, gender (cis, trans or otherwise) or sexual orientation.

    “I myself am a jew and work at a gay bar in Boystown Chicago and also was in a relationship with a transgendered woman

    One can also only wonder how this detour about “legal sexual preferences some people consider unpleasant” managed to land in an article that claims to be about “Nazis” and “the holocaust”, a rather more serious matter.

  17. Svmmoned says:

    Lord Mantis is an example of how people are using elaborate narrations just to avoid pointing finger to this or that protected group – by clinging to something supposedly scarier but universal/basic which really doesn’t mean shit and translate only to apathy.

  18. Fuccboi Executioner says:

    Someone rescue the poor dog before he has sex with it to show off his liberal progressive values!

    1. Astronaut Bread says:

      The dog is a collaborator and must be punished.

    2. GGALLIN1776 says:

      I bet he plays “guess how many legos i can stuff in my butt” with that dog.

  19. Sodominator says:

    Someones gonna be working overtime.

  20. Mike "Ride the Lightning" Pence says:

    What the fuck is Burzum merchandise doing on the shelves of Wal-mart? I’m glad this is happening; this is just the kick in the ass that metal needs.

  21. NH says:

    Rather listen to music that didn’t kill as many people as Communism and didn’t create a Holocaust of art like Liberal Democracy.

    Being a Nazi in this game = guilt for escaping the Shit Pop Art you are supposed to be mesmerized by. Don’t be bullied back into this guys vapid ideal marketplace. Terrible artists, lifeless goals, satire and irony is a strategy to demean the best. Apparently we should all live off of Coachella poop.

  22. Duh says:

    I don’t understand you people.. (glad about that) – you shroud yourself in this juvenile negativity – promote this hard right bigotry as much as humanly possible – reveling in dark, taboo, graphic fetishism.. tough guy rhetoric … etc… either because your eternal trolls, or because you actually do hate anybody who doesn’t prescribe to your very, very, very limited belief system – but then you cry victim whenever somebody outside of your bubble points this out. How dare they pigeon hole us like this! US! Look at this guy- here’s a photo of him he’s wearing a blue t-shirt! and he has a small dog! sitting on a gay couch! absolute proof that he is ignorant of our true selves!
    Do whatever you like for all most people care – it’s all a small, small bubble of kids – but for goodness sake, have the conviction to stand by your beliefs – just admit your racists and take the beating, argue your beliefs with them, or ignore them. Can you actually focus on the music of extreme metal rather than all this winjing about every “hipster” you come across on these websites you hate so much (but seem to be frequenting). For goodness sake- there are not enough extreme metal news sites around as it is- but to come to this site most of the time seems like a complete waste of time.. pictures or animals fucking and shitting- peoples shit – “hipsters” stories.. and sometimes some limited news about actual metal bands. Why not contact bands to get news- actually try and help out a bit. These bands are struggling enough as it is without you guys painting yourselves (AND THEM BY DEFAULT) as complete twits.
    It is possible to like real extreme metal and not be racist, homophobic etc, etc.. not because we are gay or ignorant or whathever you like to think – but because we just like the music.
    Yes inquisition, mayhem and absurd are eternal dickheads- I like their music – feel indifferent about them as people (they don’t really offer much to like- do they!?) – but yes, they are dickheads. get over it and focus on All the extreme music out there. Or continue being dickheads- hell, it’s your site.

    1. Astronaut Bread says:

      Went to Winjing once. Good chicken.

      Also you’re super cool and not gay.

    2. gorewhore says:

      You made your point at “I don’t understand”.

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