Actual Death Metal Band Booked to Play Maryland Deathfest 2016

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Incantation have replaced Australian beer metal stalwarts Deströyer 666 at Maryland Crustfest 2016. The social justice warrior-ran parking lot sludge fest has attempted to branch out into the hipster, Coachella festival mainstream in recent years, abandoning its death metal roots and highlighting the divide between metal and the mainstream’s attempts to co-opt it. A band such as Arghoslent would present the perfect compromise between melodic speed metal catchiness and underground credibility to please both crowds. Hopefully, the Sludgefest organizers will not find out that Craig Pillard was once in Incantation.

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34 thoughts on “Actual Death Metal Band Booked to Play Maryland Deathfest 2016”

  1. I blew my head off like Per Ohlin says:

    Arghoslent4Deathfest needs to be a hashtag on Twitter.

    1. LostInTheANUS says:

      Since Gelal Necrosodomy plays in GBK too I think we should get GBK to play as well.

  2. vOddy says:

    Arghoslent made an impression on me the first time I heard them. It was exciting music, no doubt about it.
    However, my appreciation for it did not deepen with time as much as I would have hoped. Arghoslent is pretty good, but not awe inspiring.

  3. morbideathscream says:

    Arghoslent should be added to mdf, but the leftist sjw shitheads won’t have it. 90% of the soundstage bands would throw a hissy fit and abruptly drop off the bill. Grand belial’s key has been added to hells headbash. Hopefully they don’t cave in to sjw pressure. That fest doesn’t have the influx of gay stoner sludge bands and overly leftist crust punk bands so maybe there’s a chance everything will go accordingly.

    Nothing wrong with the early outputs from Destroyer 666, it’s shitty that they dropped off, but Incantation is obviously a more than worthy replacement. I plan on being there.

    1. HHF is a survivalist label and has quite a number of politically “objectionable” bands (Including Antichrist Kramer’s projects or Evil Incarnate among others), they never seem to bow to SJW pressure. One of the few labels which deserves utmost support.

      1. morbideathscream says:

        I fucking love Evil Incarnate. They’re awesome in the same way bands like Acheron and Nunslaughter are, very simplistic, but very effective and powerful. Good ol’ satanic Nazi’s hahaha. I went up to Samhain black metal fest in SC to see them, but they fucking cancelled last second.

        Hails to Antichrist Kramer and Satanic Skinhead productions as well. I know them and HHR have co-released a couple of Inquisition albums.

  4. OliveFox says:

    They live in Richmond, so all things considered, not a far drive to Baltimore.

    Deathfest has sucked for a while. Once they started letting hardcore bands, like Dillinger Escape Plan, play it was all downhill.

    The good part is, a lot of smaller clubs and independent promoters will often get lesser known bands who had no shot of getting on the main bill to play during that week since a lot of metal-heads are traveling for longer than the fest. So, if you go and get sick of it after a day, check around and talk to people (or use the internet) and see if anything on the fringes is a better use of your time and money.

    1. OliveFox says:

      For instance, I believe ABSU and PROFANATICA are booked in Baltimore on May 26th, but not as a part of the fest.

      1. AzureMurakumo says:

        The Absu/Profanatica show on May 25th is the official pre-fest show. It’s being put on by the same promoters behind the main festival.

        As for MDF as a whole, I’ll agree that the lineup this year is really underwhelming, especially considering that the lineups for the last two or three incarnations of the festival have had some amazing bands perform, even among all the mediocrity. This year I’ll just be going to the Edison lot on Sunday to see Satan, Incantation, and Demolition Hammer. Every other band’s time slot is just more time to eat or shop around the merch tents.

        1. morbideathscream says:

          Hey, you forgot exciter, impaled Nazarene, nuclear assault, venom, repulsion, nocturnal graves, desaster, discharge and mystifyer. Maybe angelcorpse will an play an OFC song, samael will be interesting I know they’re playing ceremony in it’s entirety, but I much prefer the albums that came before it. Mayhem playing de mysteries, I’m not gonna miss that one.

          1. There might be decent sets but you never know who won’t sound like total shit. A couple of years ago a drunk God Macabre was the only band with good sound in the parking lot while War Master, Bolzer, Diocletian, Incantation, and Immolation had crystal clear sets inside.

            1. morbideathscream says:

              Rams head has superior sound to Edison lot, no doubt. Asphyx also had a great set inside that year. That’s true, you never know which bands are gonna have shitty sound or simply have weak performances. For example, Coroner was a major disappointment at mdf 2011.

          2. AzureMurakumo says:

            I should clarify; There are plenty of other good, even great bands playing this year. However, there’s not enough wheat among the chaff most days for it to be worth it. Take Edison lot friday for example. Seeing Mayhem play DMDS in its entirety sounds awesome but the rest of the bands that day don’t interest me. I don’t care about Samael’s third album and Sinister is only going to play like 3 songs from their first 3 albums, so why bother? I’m not paying another $68 for another Edison lot ticket plus the cost of more nights at a hotel JUST to see Mayhem. Furthermore, I saw Mayhem on their last tour and they played half of DMDS on that tour anyway.

            Same goes for pretty much every other venue on every other day. I’ve seen Repulsion before, Discharge is tantalizing but Saturday soundstage is sold out already, none of the Rams Head bands appeal to me at all (Angelcorpse and Mystifier are the best they’ve got? Really? Those two bands are B-tier at best.), and while I’d LIKE to see bands such as Nuclear Assault, Impaled Nazarene, and Exciter, I’m not DYING to see any of them. I’d consider Saturday Edison lot if they kicked off one of the shit bands, say Demonical or Hail of Bullets, and replaced them with a better band.

        2. OliveFox says:

          Oh, well color me stupid, thought it was like some offshoot thing. Sucks I am gonna miss Profanatica, have no clue what to expect from them live. I imagine Absu would be a class act.

          There always have good bands out of the many mediocre ones every year at the fest, but I think even a great performance loses its impact because of the quantity of acts and the quality of the majority of attendees.

          I also just really loath festivals, so, perhaps my bias is showing through.

          1. Ara says:

            Absu live is over-the-top tongue-in-cheek. If you want your metal serious I highly doubt you would enjoy their set. A fun watch and musically it’s cool but it is borderline parody.

            1. Proscriptor on acid is fun.

      2. morbideathscream says:

        Have my tickets for that. Plan on attending. I’ll laugh if that’s one of the highlights of the fest. Saw absu in 2009, profanatica will be interesting.

    2. How is Dillinger Escape plan a hardcore band?

      1. vOddy says:

        They obviously don’t belong in the same category as, for example, Cro-Mags.
        People around here just don’t know where to put them, and don’t want to put them in metal, because they lack the spirit and the narrative progression of death metal

      2. mathcore : hardcore :: techdeaf : death metal

      3. OliveFox says:

        Did I say Hardcore? I meant, bad.

  5. Shawn Wright says:

    you can fuckin’ bet me and my bros will be there to regulate anyone we think is a nazi…expect to get knocked out and get your dick forcibly sucked

    1. vOddy says:

      Lol, blast from the past here. The impersonating and trolling continues. (Past in this case being like one year ago).

    2. Grand Wizard Anselmo says:

      Walk on home boy

      1. Ventor says:

        Mr.Shawn Wright is doing violent bodily harm & sexual assault threats ONLINE in plain view. Either he is extremely dumb or he is using a fake name. But he is already been reported to the Baltimore Police Department for these virulent threats to be done at a public event. By the way it is not possible to find a “Nazi” since 1946, when the Nazi Party ceased to exist after the loss and end of WWII.

        1. There are many current national socialist movements.

          1. Ventor says:

            I agree there are movements with similar dogmas, but far from the actual Nazis. But to counter that, it is simply crazy to use violence & sexual predatory, making online threats… A fest is about music and party, not aggressive attacks an law breaking.

            1. vOddy says:

              This is not the real Shawn Wright, lol

  6. steve says:

    Actually this is a unique fest location, and the lineup is great with many Thrash cult names, as well as blackness and death among others. People should appreciate the open air city atmosphere, a fest lke that location is nowhere to be experienced in Europe, Euro fests are usually in a field, middle of nowhere and a lot more strict. The feel of inner city dwelling and metal is very cool, and the added venues are extra experience. I do not understand how underground fans will complain about…sound. I thought the raw it is the better. Good mix and all. Not all can be “true”. People should see the mega euro fests: there are a lot more posers there. Support MDF. Do not seek only negatives.

    1. Anthony says:

      $5.00 has been deposited in your PayPal account by Maryland Deathfest Inc.

  7. Mythic Imagination says:

    I think good metal as a whole needs to remove itself from these fests. If those of us who are dedicated to true metal don’t support those that want to censor us and those who impose their narratives on us then perhaps the weekenders and those with nothing to say will move on to something more apt for parasitism. Then only the true artists with something to say will be left and we will be better off for it.

    1. vOddy says:

      Ignoring your bully doesn’t make him go away.

      There’s a lot of shitty metal and pseudo metal because it sells. Obviously not to us, but to some people. There’s nothing that we can do about that, except

      1: make good music ourselves
      2: Buy good music
      3: Spread the good music to others

      1. Mythic Imagination says:

        I’m not advocating for merely ignoring them, just for setting ourselves apart, divorcing ourselves from mainstream fests and mags. A self regulating group devoted to quality, who are vocal against established narratives that don’t have a place in metal. To set ourselves apart basically,not simply to ignore, we will be a contrarian force,

        Your points above are good but they go hand in hand with what I propose.

        1. vOddy says:

          That would create two groups:

          The old mainstream group, which would continue to act as they act now,
          and the new group.
          I am completely in favour of this. Historically, metal has thrived when it is cut off from the rest of society, in the early death metal tape trading underground, and in the Norwegian circle of black metal.

          If we could have such an environment again, our chances would be greater.
          But who is going to live in a house with like 5 other dudes, in some forest or suburb? You’d have to relocate and quit your job, unless you worked from home as a programmer or web designer.

          For this reason, I believe more in a loner, like Varg Vikernes, making good music alone, than in a group. This is unfortunate, since a group of talented and (somewhat, with variation) like minded musicians can create more quality music than only one person. They can start a movement.

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