The emasculated remnants of America’s Antifa are at it again!  Now mostly regulated to a handful of stay-at-home activists, the boys at Antifa made enough calls to frighten a Manhattan art gallery into canceling a Taake show scheduled for next month.  While they likely believed Taake to be a weird performance artist after seeing pictures from that time Hoest’s host broke through his pants, the trust fund kids running (le) poisson rogue (not a typo, they’re apparently too cool for capital letters) were probably scared off by that time Taake wore a swastika in Germany.  Or perhaps someone just showed them those legendary dick pics.

In either case, it’s a hilarious situation for Metalsucks, who once hosted Taake tour and recently issued a long apology article (I’ll spare you great misery by not linked to it).  How long before Antifa shuts down Metalsucks shows and leads a public boycott of the webzine?  I know you’re thinking “hey man, Metalsucks is founded by Jews, so they can’t be nazis!” to which I’ll point to the time Antifa shut down Woe in Germany for playing with a neonazi band despite at least half the band being Jewish.  Yes, Antifa once kicked Jews out of Germany…. that reminds me of someone…. what was his name again?

In any case, the left always eats itself, and we can look forward to these communist-lites wrecking havok on their allies in the near future.  And although I’ve already linked to this video above, I seriously can’t get enough of this:

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  1. Drink Your Milk, Eat Your Vitamins says:

    a crowd of female and feminized male ANTIFA thugs beaten back by a couple of pretty old men.

  2. this post gave my autism autism says:


    Let’s face it: if a band like Graveland (a goofy nerdy harmless Polish nationalist band whose lyrics pretty much only concerned Wotanist LARPing and crying about mean ol’ Christianity for 20 years) is problematic & right wing enough to get a reputation as one of one of “the” hardline NSBM bands, then the NS tag can be stretched to almost any black metal band. Horna stuck up for the edgelords in Peste Noire, so watch antifa protest them eventually. Nokturnal Mortum apologized for being bad goys, but you can’t take back thought crime, they’re eternally problematic. Mayhem has a racist drummer, why not protest their shows too? Let every black metal band that isn’t full of open anarchist homosexuals get called NS. Let NS completely lose its meaning.

    This is what needs to happen to wake up black metal’s largely soft suburban consumer base to the reality of marxist thought control & economic censorship. People only care when it involves their little hobby.

    1. Gladius et Scutum says:

      This is already happening. Nazi and racist as epithets are becoming blase. I do find it interesting that there are literally scores of actual NSBM bands with close ties to actual skinhead/nazi gangs but the antifa types don’t do or say shit about them. It is exactly because Graveland et. al are basically harmless that they get shit from the antifa cowards.

  3. HELL V.666 says:

    stupid rich children!!
    good video, I have been happy the day!!

    1. HELL V.666 says:

      In my country, we watched cowboy movies, and we learned to kill, three of a punch with those movies, hahahahaha !!
      Antifa, hahahaha, come here, my cat kill you !!

  4. HELL V.666 says:

    today’s youth saw brokeback mountain, haaahahaha!!

  5. Gladius et Scutum says:

    Has there ever been a case of nazi’s shutting down an NSBM band for not being nazi enough? In my experience the extreme right is a lot less interested in political purity tests. Hell, I knew a mexican that was in a white power gang.

    Also, that video is mislabeled; as far as Samoans go, that guy is rather small.

    1. this post gave my autism autism says:

      Vaginal Jesus was dropped by their label when they found out Seth Putnam isn’t a “real white nationalist.” Other than that I don’t think so. Most “nazi” shows are actually pan-nationalist shows where you can rep any country or any little intersection of right wing politics as long as you’re not saying anything any-white or screaming about how Israel rocks.

      The left is much more insecure about open dialogue & tolerating ideological differences because left wing ideas pretty much instantly get logically disassembled if they’re not protected by echo chambers. This is why their theories are dreamed up in universities, not among the hoi polloi.

      1. this post gave my autism autism says:


      2. CharnelDeity says:

        2nd paragraph is pretty spot on. As the old saying goes: “He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches.”

  6. Dispirited says:

    “It is our mission to create a safe space for everyone in our community and this show does not meet that standard.”

    “ok ok – so this blackmetal band TAAKE – we booked them without knowing they had a pretty ummm poopy past with hate imagery – apparently it was done in the past and purely shock value for their show – they have apologized multiple times in interviews, etc.. what do i do?”

    So this is the new breed of castrated cowards…
    They shouldn’t book music concerts, they should book Disney on Ice shows for slow children, that should be safe.

    1. Gladius et Scutum says:

      An utterly asinine mission statement. How does one even begin to catalogue the safety needs of group? A single individual cannot even guarantee his own safety, how is it even remotely conceivable that one would be able to assure the safety of a group or ‘community?’ It is a recipe either for totalitarianism or utter inaction due to overwhelming contradictory inputs.

      1. Dispirited says:

        Soon they’ll ban mosh pits, headbanging, queues, dimmed lights, certain sound frequencies… bands will play with micro amps. Standing up at concerts will be banned, everyone will be seated. Drinking will be monitored and controlled in order to reduce the incidence as well as toxicity of beer farts.

  7. Negrew says:

    lol does this have something to do with why MetalCucks turned off all the comments for their articles?

  8. Shantavious Rosenberg-O'Malley says:

    Nigga Taake gay

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