Antifascist and Communist Terrorists Threaten Marduk Tour

Antifascist and Communists have vowed to commit terrorists acts in protest of Swedish war metal (formerly black metal) band Marduk touring the US for the first time in years. The idiotic communist manlets are accusing Marduk of being a “crypto-fascist” band. They will not stop harassing the band, their fans, and concertgoers until all of them are sent to gulags (where work will set them free) or have hollow-point bullets shot into the back of their skulls in the bowels of police stations.

Oakland communist thugs Anti-Fascist Action Bay Area threatened the Marduk tour stop in Oakland in revenge for right-wing commentators making fun of the recent gay underground techno warehouse party fire. Another motive was Milo Yiaannopoulis’s failed attempt to speak at leftist bastion University of California at Berkeley that was attacked by antifa terrorists:

Smash Fascism Austin is also threatening to attack the Austin, Texas date of Marduk’s tour:

The Marxists are attacking metal’s sacrosanct world of war imagery, including that of the Third Reich, as famously collected by Lemmy from Motorhead and Jeff Hanneman of Slayer. Are the reds going to attack Manowar as fascist Aryan Italian warriors, Quorthon as racist, and Iron Maiden and Bolt Thrower as British imperialists? What about Mayhem‘s Wehrmacht battle flags in their rehearsal room? Are the Marxists going to dig up Sid Vicious and sodomize his corpse for wearing a swastika shirt on television forty years ago? Imagine all the diseases they could contract from junkie necro sodomy and lust.

Marduk – Opus Nocturne:

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86 thoughts on “Antifascist and Communist Terrorists Threaten Marduk Tour”

  1. OliveFox says:

    Useless protest. Useless band. Meanwhile useful folks go about their day, unimpressed.

    1. Antifa are mostly unemployable.

      1. Mael says:

        92% live with mommy and daddy. Most have never been laid… So sad!

        Nice to see Elegy Records get some free publicity here- one of USBM’s best record labels since ’96!

        1. Karl Liebnicht says:

          Well, just to inform you, I consider myself a militant anarchist, having participated in numerous black Bloc actions, and I just recently completed my doctorate in neuropharmacology, so the blanket statement that anti-fascists are “unemployable” or live with their parents is quite incorrect…BTW, are you making these baseless claims because you’re butthurt? Usually people resort to personal attacks (which do nothing to refute the person’s argument, by the way) when they’re not smart enough to attack k their arguments, they take a shortcut to thinking and attack the messenger instead of the message. Why does everyone here even care that people are protesting? It doesn’t effect your lives in any way, and while we are on the topic of Marduk, let’s just all be adults and admit that they glorify the Third Reich and Nazis, and to claim that they’re anything other than pro-nazi is just nieve….which is behavior I’d expect of a 12 year old white boy, but not grown men. So, if Marduk glorifies Nazis and fascism, then they really shouldn’t complain about individuals using “Nazi tactics” (I put that in quotations because the author of this article’s use of words like “terrorist” and “Nazi” is just laughable and does nothing more than demonstrate his complete lack of historical and political understanding as well as his complete lack of professionalism). In the end I think it’s pretty funny that a bunch of you are complaining on the internet and sitting on your asses, while you try and make fun of anti-fascists and say they are not “manly” enough when they are the ones actually out on the streets and willing to engage in a street fight, and you guys are just sitting behind a computer…seems like the ones who lack bravery and commitment are not the anti-fascists

          1. When do Anti-fa ever show up to protest Mayhem or RAC/oi shows? Fucking never. Antifa are mostly communist manlets wanting a free lunch so they try shit other than holding signs at the LARPer shows as actual skinheads would beat them up.

          2. Rainer Weikusat says:

            You might want to update your generic rant a little: The Oakland police was talked into putting pressure on the venue management to cancel the event on the grounds that “public firebombing” was imminent and a threat to “public safety”. These underhand tactics had to be resorted to as the venue staff apparently couldn’t be ‘convinced’ to refuse to work and didn’t take the threats seriously, either.

            That you’re parodying the name of a German SPD MP who got murdered by right-wingers in 1918 for your “we all know the Germans are all Nazis!” tirade is particularly disgusting.

            1. Rainer Weikusat says:

              Should have been 1919.

          3. Sodomized They Sqweak says:

            When was the last time you heard someone shouting ” Marduk is Great ” and then blowing up himself in dime public place and killing everyone around him ?
            Antifa is just clearly clueless….

            They way Incantation name was linked also shows how weak and illogical is the argument overall…
            Any Real Metalhead knows the imagery of Nazi is used just to create an atmosphere of Evil.
            Its Art… doest ANTIFA has any real or hard evidence linking Marduk to Any Neo Nazi movement ?
            Do they incite or influence anyone to become involved in any Neo Nazi movement during the show, in their music or lyrics ?

          4. Mary says:

            Proof that even complete idiots can enrol in a doctorate.

          5. some guy says:

            good troll.

      2. Maarat the beaner says:

        Just like your wetback family then

        1. Kvädare says:

          Did Maarat steal your wife? You seem mad

    2. Phil says:

      First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Socialist.

      Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

      Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Jew.

      Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

      1. White Man's Power says:

        You ever stop to think that they came after Jews for a reason? Or do you prefer to take the 5 year old’s “dey’s bad we good” approach to History?

        1. Lol @ your power says:

          You sound fat

        2. canadaspaceman says:

          most of the whuite world has been brainwashed to believe the jewish version hiswtiory books, unless they had parents that were IN Europe and experienced it, and they get different versions, which are more truthful.
          Weird, how so many non-whites distrust jews more than the white race, but since the non-whites were not indoctrinated like us, they can see through the bullshit more easily.
          Any wonder Hitler is loved so much in Japan, a racially separate / homogenous society?

          1. canadaspaceman says:

            ugh, typos. my apologies.

      2. Bacon Nader says:

        Well, that is what you get for being a kike.

  2. Misanthrope says:

    This is it “HESSIANS”! Antifa have declared war! If you plan on going to the Marduk gig, then prepare accordingly. I suspect however that Antifa will shut down the gig and much whining will ensue.

  3. matters says:

    You’ve got to remember that these groups are against your very existence! Sadly it seems that the law and courts are on their side. My recommendation would be to STUDY and UNDERSTAND self-defense laws in your state. Research both prosecuting and defense attorneys that handle self-defense cases. Don’t be a victim!

    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

      These ‘groups’ are – first and foremost – about self-promotion. That’s why they grasping at whatever straws they can (such as concerts of bands thematically focussed on WWII) in order to drum up something that justifies a public ‘demonstration’. The irony of

      In times of “alt-right” white supremacists attacking artist spaces in Oakland and elsewhere, […] We ask everyone […] to demand Oakland Metro to cancel the show and in the event that the venue refuses, come together as a community to shut it down.

      would be exquisite if this wasn’t so serious: Why precisely are you different from the “alt-right” white supremacists, dear ‘concerned’ individuals?

      One can also only wonder about how poorly educated these people apparently are: Warschau is the German name for the capital of Poland (Warsaw) and it wasn’t “the site of a Nazi concentration camp”. There was a large, Jewish ghetto there whose inhabitants became famous for an (ultimatively failed) 1943 uprising against deportations to death camps and a (also unsucessful) general Polish uprising in 1944. And “Frontschwein” is German army slang for an infrantry soldier at the front.

      Or how adeptly they’re constructing their own, alternative facts: If someone arrested the guy who wrote this pamphlet now, that would be ‘before he could self-immolate to protest against the sun rising in the morning’ but probably not because he or she ever planned to. Likewise, Vikernes and his wife being arrested because someone claimed an e-mail address Anders Breikvik reportedly sent something to was Vikernes’ and being released with all charges dropped after half a week happened before they carried out any attacks. And also before they self-immolated to protest against the sun sinking in the evening, for that matter (more on that:

      A good way to deal with that would be to show up early and in numbers for either gig and prevent anything from happening close to the venue by occuping this space. This would also demonstrate public support for the event. There might be a fairly small, personal risk involved here. Any form of “now, dear Percevals, is the time you can pick the hot chestnuts out of the fire for us” would seal the fate of the show all the more quickly.

      NB: I realize talking on the internet doesn’t help. But I’m a few thousand miles distant from either location.

      1. Kvädare says:

        Good post, though it could have used more brevity.
        Interesting facts.

  4. Uncle Boyd says:

    I hope Marduk doesn’t release a groveling statement proclaiming their support for inclusiveness and Israel. Bending the knee never works.

    1. The Real Right says:

      Because support for Israel and inclusivity really go hand in hand these days. Gimme a break. You might try the Daily Stormer and keep on hoping for a National Socialist, collectivist utopia.

      1. Neues Gestapo says:

        National Socialism would be pretty cool even without the socialism.

        1. canadaspaceman says:

          yes, it is called Christian Identity or White Power

          1. Make Genocide Great Again says:

            What does Christianity, or its (lack of) identity have to do with nationalism of any kind?

            1. canadaspaceman says:

              Hitler understood that Christ was white and that his teachings had changed/saved his ancestors from being simply only warriors. Hitler also understood the racial/mental/spiritual difference between Christ(+ followers) and the jews of that time (actually mostly Edomites).
              While Adolph did not know everything that Christian Identity teachers/students know today, he was smart enough to know the white race was chose and jews of the 20th century were still demonspawn scum pigs sons of Cain and a cursed race.

              Being only a “nationalist” to many is the same as being a patriot to your country, but what good is that, when your country also contains your racial enemies?
              Being a Nationalist (with a capital “N”) is different as it encompasses the notion of the land and its people are one, blood and soil, what has always belonged together, which can be seen even in fantasy movies like Excalibur.

              Lately I laugh more than get angry at youtube comments that ‘ the white man stole the land from the redman in America and Canada’, as there is proof that whites lived on North America for thousands of years before and that the “redman” (ie.Indians) must have massacred them.
              Good thing they were too stupid to destroy the whites’ skeletons and grave mounds and anything with ogham.
              This notion of North America does not belong to white folks is by the same idiots that like the flooding of Europe and Britain with non-whites, yet complain when white corporations buy up land in third world countries and scorch the earth to make grazing land for cattle, because indigent bipeds are being pushed further away from their surroundings and into city slums.
              Seems like a give and take situation.

              1. Make Genocide Great Again says:

                That was more of a rhetorical question, but I will accept your answer. As for patriots, they only worship symbols and fail to grasp anything that is real. Kinda like christians wanting to live on in the afterlife, where everything is the same old thing, only “better”.

  5. GGALLIN1776 says:

    There’s a petition on the white house website to declare antifa a terrorist organization, everyone should go sign it.

    If you watch bill zeebub’s “black metal – the music of satan”, marduk says that they aren’t afraid of antifa…hopefully they still feel up to smashing some commie heads.

      1. canadaspaceman says:

        they want an email and a physical address at that petition?
        and what if the petition is hacked?
        what if the administration dissolves and we have new soviets coming door to door across all of North America some day?
        yeah, many of us don’t care, as we would love confronting the traitors, but what if we are not home and innocent family members (non-political) are hurt?

  6. Maarat the beaner says:

    Even more drivel from that dumb spic Maarat. One thing Trump might get right is kicking your burrito-smelly ass over the border, you mongo

  7. Pablood88 says:

    Marduk is not a War Metal band and they talk about WWII the same way slayer do.
    Incantation has nothing to do with far right politics.
    Antifa are pieces of shit.

  8. nigstomper88 says:

    First they nazi bands get attacked.

    Then the apolitical bands that even mention WWII in their lyrics get attacked.

    Eventually you get attacked for not just listening to rap and left-wing vaporwave artists.

    Ironically this is one of the benchmarks of fascism: inventing a societal bogeyman and expanding the definition to fit anyone you don’t like.

  9. Phil says:

    I wonder if these morons protested “The Pianist” because it also featured subjugation of the Jews and Slavs in WW2.

    Do they protest Euronymous Bosch exhibitions? Lots of violence and hatred in each of those pieces.

    Is The Iliad on their banned list? That book is a glorification of war and of violent racism against Turks.

    Life is grim. Art is dark. Antifa are in a war against reality.

    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

      Is The Iliad on their banned list? That book is a glorification of war and of violent racism against Turks.

      The Iliad was written a time long before any Turks appeared in Asia Minor. The events described there supposedly took place in the last quarter of the 2nd millenium BC. Originally, the Turks were invaders from central Asia and they didn’t show up in Anatolia until the beginning of the 2nd millenium AD (1068).

      For some idiotic reason, Greece tried to reconquer a large part of this area when the Ottoman empire ceased to be after WWI. After initial successes, this ended in a resounding defeat and – in line with the Wilson theory of “peoples” as entities, both parties agreed on a mutual, ethnic cleansing removing Turks from Greece and Greeks from Anatolia.

      1. in line with the Wilson theory of “peoples” as entities

        I always liked this one.

        Similar to “corporate personhood,” that thing that clueless Leftists yab on about neurotically.

        One might also compare to the Chesterton/Scruton idea of the present as a contract between past and future.

        1. Rainer Weikusat says:

          The idea that Constantinople is a Turkish city called Istanbul and that the Acheans invaded the homeland of the Turks because it can’t have been something else – thanks to Greece and Turkey settling this dispute in favor of ethnic purity over historic continuity and the interests of the people who were living in the respective places – hurts more.

        2. Phil says:

          I believe Edmund Burke came up with that notion in his idea of the social contract.

      2. Phil says:

        The error was deliberate.

        1. Rainer Weikusat says:

          Deliberately written nonsense isn’t any less nonsense. In ‘classic’ times, Greek writers (reportedly) classified all people as either ‘Greeks’ or ‘Barbarians’. That’s obviously at odds with the notion of everyone being equal to everyone else and ‘making something up’ is thus not really necessary. Plus, they should certainly also qualify as ‘dead white guys’ (we refuse to be bothered with because they’re dead and white, regardless of what they did or didn’t do).

          1. Phil says:

            You need to suss out parody a little better.

            1. Rainer Weikusat says:

              I’m not parodying you’re parody.

              1. Rainer Weikusat says:

                Also, didn’t I just write something about “Fun! Fun! Fun! Ha! Ha! Ha!” (all the world is a joke!!)?

  10. Anthony says:

    The only reason to protest this band is that they’re boring as shit. Even Panzer Division Marduk is about as fascist as an Indiana Jones movie.

    1. Kvädare says:

      I still want to protect them from SJW aggression.

      1. Lol says:

        You sound like a virgin

  11. Killya says:

    We are sitting here, in Poland, and we are laughing so hard and so loud about this situation. C’mon guys, we have XXI century, don’t behave like in Middle Ages.
    Anyway, respect ourselves and our choices. Music ist’n just for searching ideologies in it.

  12. Uncle Boyd says:

    I hope Morgan still has B.War’s number, they’ll need some muscle on this tour.

  13. Necronomeconomist says:

    Prozak, ya gotta call your boy Daniel Maarat back home. The sensationalism of his writing besmirches the DMU reputation, man.

    “Antifascist and Communists have vowed to commit terrorists acts in protest…”

    May I ask where you find this vow?

    “They will not stop harassing the band, their fans, and concertgoers until all of them are sent to gulags (where work will set them free) or have hollow-point bullets shot into the back of their skulls in the bowels of police stations.”

    Daniel, you really wrote that…?
    I can’t tell if you think this will propagandise anybody, or if you are actually that paranoid. Either way, it’s too blunt-force. Get some subtlety and class, if not just calm the fuck down.

    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

      “They will not stop harassing the band, their fans, and concertgoers until all of them are sent to gulags (where work will set them free) or have hollow-point bullets shot into the back of their skulls in the bowels of police stations.”

      Daniel, you really wrote that…?
      I can’t tell if you think this will propagandise anybody, or if you are actually that paranoid.

      I have some nagging doubts about the genuineness of these two texts because they’re so completely over-the-top silly. OTOH, I’ve also encountered people in the past who were convinced (or claimed to be convinced) that drive-by shooting of smokers would be a legitmate self-defence measure and I wouldn’t want to find out what people who wrote such texts and meant them to be taken seriously would consider appropriate punishment for “enemies of mankind” had they the power to make such descisions. ‘Correction camps’ with not entirely ‘friendly’ living conditions certainly don’t seem improbable.

        1. Rainer Weikusat says:

          Philosophically, I’m more in favour of machine-gun the idiots (it’s a technical civilization, isn’t it?) but while this would be simple and fun and of great, educational value, it’s neither a realistic nor a practical approach for arranging one’s everyday affairs.

          One could also argue it amounted to admitting inability of handling the world without being conquered by it.

          Another nice and bloodthirsty idea would be to execute the jerk-of-the-week in a public place by using some sort of guillotine to hack his legs of at the knees. That’s going to kill as effectively as beheading but the winner and his audience had some more time enjoying the experience.

  14. Necronomeconomist says:

    Nevertheless, this is stupid:
    “It’s worth mentioning that Incantation … has a previous association with white supremacists. Incantation previously featured a neo-Nazi vocalist Craig Pillard…”

    It would be better-worded as, “It’s NOT worth mentioning that Incantation has a previous association with white supremacists, because it is MERELY an association; Craig Pillard was on the first 3 of their 10 LPs, no later than 22 years ago.”

    I’m madd anti-Nazi, but heaping that shit on top of the Marduk shit is just unfair to Incantation. I wish they would issue a statement: “Fuck guys, we’re really sorry that our singer from 22 years ago went on to make Nazi music; not only do we deserve to die, but our legendary albums are invalidated!”

    Motherfuckers are irrational, be it AntiFa OR Daniel Maarat.

  15. 1349 says:

    Time to prove you can practise what you preach, hessian.
    Civil war is coming.

    1. True, I think.

      Lock ‘n’ load.

      1. Kvädare says:

        You’re too optimistic. I wish that you were right, but there will be no glorious revolution, no direct conflict, only a gradual decline in quality which people will accept.

  16. Steimeyer_Garcia says:

    Antifa is another hand from the political correctness, and it is a hand from leftists and those good boys and girls.
    Sorry, but Metal is not for guys with this way of thinking…
    Antifas and political correctness: GET THE FUCK OUT of Metal scene.

    Get lost, idiots!

    1. Misanthrope says:

      Actually, they will come regardless of whatever verbal threats you spew out. They will use force to achieve their aims. So they will make you get lost and shut down the Marduk gig. You’ll probably have to get lost instead of them.

      1. Rainer Weikusat says:

        This depends on the people attending. Incantation and Marduk (proper order restored) ought to be good enough for a few hundred at least. And ‘a few hundred people’ who don’t feel like getting pushed around are difficult to overcome.

  17. Beware if these disgusting communists, all they want is World Atheism, and I hope you guys are willing to stand up against them for WHAT IS RIGHT. I’m glad you’re exposing this NWO Globalist filth.

    1. Necro Eroticologist says:

      Shut up, BOY; your trolling hasn’t caught on. Be grateful to get this, one of infinitesimally few responses.

      Lock ‘N’ load.

  18. Nudist Bodybuilding Cosmonaut says:

    ANTIFA are to the 21st century what Satanic-panic shilling TV preachers were to the 20th century, obsessively combing through art and music looking for imaginary witches to burn. Pretty soon they’ll start playing metal albums backwards to try and find HIDDEN MICROAGGRESSIONS.

    1. Vino Contrail says:

      And those, in turn, are to the 22nd century what the Hispanic-tan gin swilling cosmonauts of the 21st centaur was called.

  19. alexander brian ferus says:

    i hate these people trying to stop metal shows!!! i was at the Marduk show and craig pillard was coolest guy around ! he’s not a Nazi !! hes just a metalhead that plays for incantation! by the way im not a racist my best friend chris logan is a metalhead a African American and he went!!ps stop harrising bands you know nothing about

    1. Vino Contrail says:

      Shut up BOY, Craig Pillard is NOT in Incantation – he WAS 25 years ago.
      You didn’t meet him, shut UPP.

  20. Collin says:

    I don’t think Marduk is explicitly Nazi or something. Their music is all about war. The Nazis fucked a lot of shit up and killed a lot of people, and their tanks were terrifying. Seems like good imagery for ripping black metal to me. Marduk rules. So relentless, just like the Nazis were. Not like I am a sympathizer or anything. It’s just brutal imagery, and supposed to invoke unpleasant feelings. Should Marduk change their covers to pretty daisies?

    1. canadaspaceman says:

      Nazis also killed commies and saved a lot of Slavic folk, while Russian Jews were murdering, raping, and torturing, but somehow the history books and movies have it reversed.

      1. Morbideathscream says:

        Of course because the history books of recent times are written by jews. Hollywood is run by the jews so it will be no different when it comes to movies. The numbers of the holocaust are greatly exaggerated, it was nowhere near 6 million. They use that to instill infinite white guilt.

  21. apollon says:


  22. SNAP says:

    I love Marduk because they are a cute hot sexy band of black metal dudes from Sweden who play really great black metal songs with the best sounding music vocals and their latest vocalist is really attractive without that scary stage corpse paint. I like them a lot for those reasons and i never thought of political repercussions. It didn’t occur to me to have some political reason to have a problem with them. They are just a cool like great sounding black metal band from Sweden!!! All over the world are really cool black metal bands with artwork lyrics imagery etc. that makes many people who are nerdy X-tians etc. some reason some dumb excuse not to like them!!! Are you boring nerds gonna protest every upcoming black metal show then? Well, are you??? Ha! Ha! you guys really blow!!!

  23. snap says:

    My response is awaiting moderation? Well I printed it up while it still said my response is awaiting moderation! I notice it’s missing now! I printed it up before you could make it disappear! So what do you think about that! F U !!!


  24. snap says:

    What happened? It appeared again but still says awaiting moderation, how weird! Whatever! Anyways I wanna go to the show. Lots of hot sexy cool dudes attend black metal shows so why should I stay home?I saw Marduk live twice already when there was no mention in the past about any protests about anything, so there!!!

  25. PPK says:

    So did anyone attend this event? Did the communist agitators do anything?

    1. Jake graves says:

      Shut the fuck up I’ll smash your ur fuckinh head with a rock, no mask, bare face and show you a fucking nerd.

      1. Is this Thing On says:

        Go out and perpetrate violence on an actual commie or anarcho crustie at a metal show, instead of wasting time posting idle threats you will never follow through on, to a person you will never meet, nimrod

  26. Is this Thing On says:

    Ha ha ha, seeing you keyboard warriors rant
    and rave
    about “beating up antifascists” aren’t going to do shit. They know metal fans are complete and utter impotent dorks, this is the same reason bands get banned from fests,Colin from Conflict can menace an entire crowd with a knife,Graveland can be banished and their fans can be beaten and assaulted. Metal as a whole has rolled over like a beaten dog and shown it’s soft underside in the appropriate submissive gesture. Metal is no longer the music of the warrior. While antifa takes to the street, the aspie fags of the metal world take to Facebook and message boards

    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

      Groups of people assaulting individuals for suspected, political transgressions is not exactly something to be proud of. From the perspective of the individual, minor differences such as ‘the blackmasks and not the blackshirts’ matter very little. The end result it the same.

    2. canadaspaceman says:

      you just made a statement to get every metal head, and every relative of theirs into action ..
      so far you been lucky, because nobody with important “family” has been drawn in, but it is just a matter of time.
      When the fatal mistake an “antifa” makes by killing somebody connected to a family/gang, then I don’t doubt a LOT of support will swell from hidden sources.
      A lot of people want to do the right thing, just like when the cops ask, but will not, unless with community support. Citizens overall have been made complacent but when these they attack family members…

    3. canadaspaceman says:

      wow, I just realized… and am being hopeful I guess…
      the morons that have been causing these anarchist/commie/RAC problems…
      the “gov’t” has been for them provoking them this entire time.
      If you all stand your ground and do nothing illegal against these fags, eventually the new regime will clean it up.
      I’d like to see any of these morons attempting to talk politics to a buck nigger before he rapes them.

  27. SS Div says:

    In the interest of individuals that can take some action

    1. Wrong article man.

      1. SS Div says:

        Feel free to post it in the right place. I dont visit this site too often, but since I found her contact details you should put an article/post up with her details.

        1. Wrong article and wrong person too. Communist Dancev doesn’t have a PHD in anything.

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