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  1. :( says:

    The coolest thing Arch Enemy did was reuse the riff from Torn Apart by Carnage to start off their first album. Everything after that reused and watered down riff is just more stuff from the “sold out” bin…

    About still being an underground release… Throughout their entire career the “metal media” (magazines, tv, etc.) have constantly played this band and others like In Flames and Children Of Bodom as being the “next big thing” or “original”. The songs posted here have some good guitar playing, but that’s it. The tracks posted sound like a mash-up between Yngwie, Megadeth, and Machine Head/Nevermore style “aggro/modern metal” – not much of a far cry from their later stuff, except more congested (the Death/And Justice For All syndrome – too much repetition and similarity between parts). In all fairness, I haven’t heard the whole album.

    1. discodjango says:

      The opening riffs of “Bury Me An Angel” and “Torn Apart” are indeed very similar. I never noticed that.

    2. Daniel says:

      I second this. In Flames were better than these guys but still weren’t doing with the romantic guitar leads that earlier Swedish bands such as Dismember, Uncanny, and early Therion and At the Gates hadn’t done better and more intelligently. In Flames just stuck them in shitty radio-friendly pop songs.

      Basically instead of friends serving you a delicious meal that ends wih a fresh-baked flavorful cake from a bakery on your birthday, you’re just eating shelf-stable, partially-hydrogenated supermarket icing from the jar with a spoon. That’s In Flames. Archenemy is this but you’re crying alone as you just contracted HIV from a probably transsexual blonde hooker.

      1. I’m not even sure what the last paragraph means, haha.

        1. Daniel says:

          A metaphor for what the later Gothenburg bands did with the lead riffing style (and riffs too) from the earlier Swedeath bands and how they didn’t even do a particularly good job of it either. A song like “On Frozen Fields” from Dismember’s Massive Shitting Capacity (How misleading was that cover?) is much better done than most Gothenburg tracks.

  2. discodjango says:

    “Stigmata” could have been a good album. I think its main problem is not that it emulates the past but the crude songwriting. The verse-chorus formula is badly executed, too often the two simply don’t fit together. Patrick Mameli once said that he is influenced by pop music and you can hear that in his albums: he has an understanding of how to build tension between verse and chorus while not damaging the continuity of the song. “Stigmata” remains the best Arch Enemy album, but Carcass have done better on “Heartwork” and the even more hated “Surgical Steel”.

  3. Daniel says:

    I actually find Swansong slightly less offensive than this. Swansong has some riffs and is so bad I can laugh at it for a song and a half before getting bored by it’s awfulness. Early Archenemy had those seven minute VCV songs and try hard Pantera tough guy posturing vocals which means I can’t even finish a single track before turning it off.

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