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Asphyx announced their upcoming album, Incoming Death, will be released September 30th on Century Media Records. Vocalist Martin Van Drunen said the record would be the “best Asphyx album ever”:

Four and a half years after the release of “Deathhammer” we finally managed to finish its long awaited successor. It will be out on September the 30th, as always on our beloved label Century Media. Expect 11 unmerciful battering tracks in the typical ASPHYX death/doom style, but also the most varied ASPHYX material up to date without losing our rawness, brutality and heaviness. The album will be entitled “Incoming Death”. And like “Deathhammer”, it’s a phrase that doesn’t really exist, but refers to what entrenched soldiers cry out when under severe artillery fire. Thus “Incoming Death” implies another relentless bombardment of monstrous ASPHYX death/doom metal!

Recorded on different locations throughout 2016 and once more mixed and mastered by the mighty Dan “The Man” Swanö. Serious ear bleedings guaranteed! It’s also our first record also featuring “Husky” on drums, who is now with us for already two and a half years molesting the pig skins with the absolute perfect ASPHYX attitude, passion, pride and mayhem. We are very proud of this best ASPHYX album ever! And knowing our dedicated fans worldwide, they will be proud of us as well! Soon we will hit the stages on every continent to do what we do best; Intense, loud, sweaty, filthy and ruthless live performances!

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11 thoughts on “Asphyx Announce Incoming Death

  1. Can you survive the blitzkrieg says:

    Good, they are so fucking solid live, one of the best. No shit talking doubt, death hammer, past the song, was not a bad album, a row of decent news on this site, good.

    1. OliveFox says:

      I’ve always wanted to see them live. Hopefully the new album gives them an excuse to tour the states.

  2. Nuclear Whore says:

    I like Asphyx but I wish they had a dirtier sound, “Death the brutal way” had some killer tracks, but the sound, too clear for me. Haven’t checked “Deathhammer”.

    The reissues do sound different from the originals? I have three Asphyx records, all reissues, and…

  3. Rainer Weikusat says:


  4. Speaking of classic bands.
    Basically, this album is to the power metal genre as Emperor’s “In The Nightside Eclipse” is to the 2nd wave of black metal.

    Nightmare – Cosmovision

  5. Anonymous says:

    “best Asphyx album ever”

    Come on Martin, you know you can never top The Rack.

  6. discodjango says:

    The reunion happened without Eric Daniels, “Deathhammer” was created without Wannes Gubbels, and Bob Bagchus has left the band. One could argue that this is not Asphyx anymore.

  7. OliveFox says:

    Ick. Swano did the production? Is that the reason I don’t care about the last few ASPHYX records?

    Would still like to see them live though.

    1. Altarboys in the 'Hood of Madness says:

      Can y’all tell what t-shirts they’re wearing?
      2nd from the left looks like COFFINS.

      1. Nuclear Whore says:

        Yep, it’s Coffins, but neither do I know the rest

        1. Blackout says:

          Far right is Rotten Casket, with what looks like the art from their new album.

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