Asphyx Launches “The Nameless Elite” From Necroceros

A new Asphyx track sounding roughly like a hybrid between The Rack and late-model Bolt Thrower, “The Nameless Elite” runs long with a riff pair and a quick break and detour before returning to the classic death metal cadenced groove.

This allows Asphyx to avoid the bulk of what makes up “modern” death metal, while capturing the musical flow of metal made for a more distracted audience in an age of media over-saturation. The half-whispered, half-shrieked vocals seem to nod toward metalcore and black metal without sounding like either.

As history changes around us, musical trends will shift, and Asphyx has positioned themselves with the blasting, foot-stomping energy of the old and the MTV-styled short high-contrast narrative of the new, giving us a pivot point from which to appreciate both ingredients.

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8 thoughts on “Asphyx Launches “The Nameless Elite” From Necroceros

  1. Fckk Godl says:

    It does sound a bit like Bolt Thrower (IV Crusade and For Victory) but I always found Asphyx somewhat basic and boring, like a try hard version of Incantation, Obituary or Autopsy. This song is ok though.
    Also, new Sewer needs reviewing I remember this site praising Skarnage last year…

  2. STGeezus says:

    Maaaaan why didn’t the tank shoot or trample something/someone?
    Why have one just to pose??
    Anyways, happy new year ya fuckers.
    Let’s kill 2021

  3. I made that same main riff in the chorus in the early 1990s says:

    Decent song, looking forward to the album

  4. Hambone says:

    Review the latest Mongrel’s Cross album!

  5. LordKrumb says:

    I quite like the nod to Bolt Thrower, but this is a pretty boring and predictable track which shrivels up in embarrassment when compared with “Embrace the Death”, “The Rack”, “Last One on Earth”, “Asphyx” or indeed Bolt Thrower’s “…For Victory”. The track at least needed a dramatic guitar solo or two to help elevate it.

    I’m curious to know why news of banal gateway death metal like this is being covered on DMU, but no articles about of the imminent Mefitis second album release? Two preview tracks have already been unveiled:

    The DMU site seems to be almost dormant of late. Will there be a “Best Underground Metal of 2020” article? Admittedly, I can only think of a small handful of notable releases:

  6. Steve says:

    As much Asphyx as possible in all record stores globally starting immediately.
    That is THE LAW.

  7. Hagel says:

    There was a band called Uranium 235 that released a demo in 1995 called Total Extermination which is amazing.
    This is not one of those mediocre “hidden gems” that’s actually just mediocre. This is mighty. Amazing. On the level of Immortal. And Immortal is my favourite band.
    Speaking of Immortal, its style is like a child of Immortal and Sammath. It’s holocaust metal.

    Listen to it and add it to the Dark Legions Archive. At the very least listen to it for your own enjoyment. You will not be disappointed, I would bet my life on it, that is how certain I am.

    1. Svmmoned says:

      Uranium 235 is well known and appreciated around here and was often mentioned in the past, especially by one of the former editors. That it still doesn’t have its own review seems to be more of an oversight than anything else.

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