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Grindcore requires some magic to pull off convincingly in the first place, but it’s doubly hard because 95% of grindcore bands confuse music and message in importance. Grindcore is music first, message second. When the message comes first, grindcore becomes an incoherent advertising campaign, not art.

Assück’s strength is that they do not let the messages of the songs (which are often from a leftist angle) eclipse the power of their music. The music is the most important thing here. The first album from Florida’s purveyors of supreme grindcore is also their definitive work.

Few are capable of mastering a distinct fusion of styles, fewer still are able to take that fusion and lay it out coherently. Assück are one of those few. Hardcore, crust, death metal, thrash, and grindcore all register as present here riff­wise. Riffcraft is dissonant, harsh, constantly shifting in tempo (sometimes irrespective of the drums), and at times even catchy. There’s a sort of looseness to the playing that sometimes reminds of jazz improvisation, but not nearly as random.

Though a cliché, this album does evoke an aura of “organized chaos.” Assück are also masters of building and releasing tension, not just in songs but throughout the whole album. There are three distinct climaxes, one being “Feasts of War,” the next being the last section of “Civilization Comes, Civilization Goes,” and the third being the final track.

Assück know precisely how much material to pack into an album, as the album maintains its exertion of power throughout the fifteen minute run time. Anticapital is in the upper echelon of grindcore and deserves the highest recommendations.

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7 thoughts on “Assück – Anticapital

  1. Surprised says:

    Never thought I would see this band on this site. I always thought it would be the Necro Salvation 7″ if it ever happened. Glad this album is on here.

    1. Mike Alexander says:

      Interesting, why that particular 7″?

      Assück is a quality grindcore band. One of my personal favorites but also a favorite of many grindcore fans. As a big fan of the genre I aim to review and expose the best – after all that’s part of what this site is about.

      Glad you enjoyed the review.


        aRE bands like Righteous Pigs, and Unseen Terror any good??

      2. says:

        Question to writer: are there any good D-beat bands worth recommending? Is the old Nuclear Blast release from Dischange called Seeing Feeling Bleeding a high point of the genre? (its the only one I own that I like) Also have bands like Nasum or Rotten Sound released anything worthwhile at some point?

        1. Mike Alexander says:

          SERIOUS QUESTIONER – I enjoy Unseen Terror’s “Peel Sessions” release more than “Human Error”, as the former feels a bit more savage. I wouldn’t recommend them to non-fans, but for fans of grindcore they’re among the better choices. Righteous Pigs is solid overall; again in the same category of not recommended to non-fans.

          2¢ – Honestly, outside of Discharge and Disfear, not really. Personally I enjoy MG-15 and Disclose from time to time, but those are bands I wouldn’t endorse here for the most part, though each does a slightly different take on the style. Seek either out if interested in that subgenre. As for Nasum, they’ve never been too great. I guess if you’re keen on checking them out, try the first album and work your way backwards. The first album and material before it are decent enough; the later material gets far too groove-centered and basic. Rotten Sound is better, but still places too little emphasis on actual grinding. I am not familiar with their early discography much; having only heard more recent works like “Exit” which while compelling and energetic can tend to fizzle out halfway through. Not really worth the time.

  2. EDS says:

    I may not be the writer, but from one reader/commenter to another I shall provide a little feedback on Nasum and Rotten Sound. Nasum’s golden era was ’97-2000. Starting with the World in Turmoil EP and ending with Human 2.0. Inhale/Exhale from ’98 is their pinnacle material and a personal favorite grind album of mine. Rotten Sound won’t get much love from this site as they come off as a second rate Assuck mixed with Nasum. The drumming of Kai Hahto (Cartilage, Wings, Vomiturition fame) does not match the guitars/bass/song writing as he is just too good. Overall they have a lot of death metal influence, but are not skilled songwriters and with just enough hipster attitude seeping through, it seems their message comes first and not the music.

  3. Count Ringworm says:

    Allow me to reiterate:

    Shame they don’t have a proper entry on this site considering Assück is better than a considerable number of bands listed in the grindcore section.

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