Black metal band Viranesir censored by Bandcamp


Black metal band Viranesir from Turkey is no stranger to controversy. As revealed in a recent interview, this band exists to provoke. While artistic license generally covers this, apparently Bandcamp did not feel the tolerance and banned the band from its site, deleting the band profile.

Although that in itself is irritating if not shocking (in 2015 AD, near the end of Western Civilization itself) the broader question is that, as bands become more dependent on the internet to connect with their audience, whether companies like Bandcamp, Reverbnation, SoundCloud and Google/YouTube have too much influence through their policy of censoring “offensive” information. The band released the following statement:

You may or may not noticed that Merdumgiriz Records artist Viranesir have been banned from the online music store Bandcamp last week without any notice or explanation. I inquired about it many times without any answer. Not that I did not guess why, but I needed an explanation at least for them to live up to their word of “Discover amazing music and directly support the artists who make it.” and at least respect all the money they made off from their cut from my Viranesir sales before they suddenly swiped all the music I had up there for which I was counting on them to represent on not only my own but my labels website and all social media accounts, which still I haven’t gotten around to replacing with another alternative online streaming service.

My name is Emir Togrul and I am from southern Turkey. Very conservative place, from which I broke out somehow. Now I live in London England and run a Guerilla Record Company called Merdumgiriz for which I hand-make all the releases and merchandise. I have artists from USA, Canada, Italy, Austria, Iceland to name a few. I refuse to expand the label because I am on a quest to prove that total independence in art is possible and that fine art is a craft… Hence I hand-make every single thing and encourage my artists to do so as well. I make a very modest living but I get through, and the satisfaction I get from this work is just orgasmic. I am a Satanist and a libertine, I live life asking questions and constantly walking the dark. There is a lot of darkness in the world and I walk those paths rather than pretending they are not there. In my 24 years of existence, I have come to many realizations mainly through art, which to me is the highest occult! The biggest realization was the fact that the more you explore the dark, the more you understand it and it ceases to become a problem. I think life can become a very beautiful experience for every living thing when they go on a quest to understand darkness rather than neglecting it into a cancer.

Viranesir was formed as one of my side projects to fuel my main bands YAYLA and BLLIIGGHHTTED. Over time it became a crazy project with crazy music and crazier subject matter! I have songs called ” Heil Hitler!”, “Armenian Genocide Is Amazing”, “Child Molesting Rapist Murderer”, “I Only Like Jews When They Kill Muslims”, “I Only Like Gays When They Scream Like The Opposite Sex As I Rape Them”. I am not a nazi, nor a homphobe. I am half Turkish half Armenian (not exactly Aryan now is it:), and bisexual (aka I proudly suck cock). Not to say I have never been offensive, I have been very offensive… The most offensive thing I have ever done was to put Hitler’s name on an album on the cover of which I appear in drag (neo-nazis must have got very offended by this, I apologize guys), and saying I Love Torturing Defenseless Creatures And Eating Them referring to what I enjoy everyday as a meat eater, or perhaps say Rats Flock Into The Temple referring to Muslims (need I say more). All I ever did was to pull these taboo subjects out of their untouchable contexts and open them up for discussion, because they are very stupid and personally through a sense of humor, better be opened up for discussion in my opinion. The idiots in bandcamp didn’t get it and banned me, big deal.

What if a band is really a fucking nazi or homophobic band?

I really feel sorry for them because they will be shut up. Oh yes, I feel sorry for Homophobic, Rapist, Supremacist, Seperatist musicians and all those people. How evil I must seem to some for feeling sorry for confused people trying to express themselves through art. And the ones shutting them up will not even give them an explanation as if it was the word of Allah that they be shut up. I was suicide bombed by Jihadists of bandcamp last week, I was there and no longer am without any explanation. All my presence wiped out. Suddenly and effectively I am completely gone. Who am I to break the word of their Allah with my art? who am I to question their divine law of “Political Correctness”.

You have not stopped abuse bandcamp, you just stopped someone expressing abuse. There will be no less racist, sexist, pedophile, abusive people in the world because of what you did, there will just be less people thinking about those subjects. I congratulate you! I will continue making Entartete Kunst, wether pieces of shit like you allow me to be on your website or not! Fascist SCUM!!!

Emir Togrul

In the meantime, you can route around this censorship by going to the label web site and exploring the material yourself. While Viranesir may not be at the top of your playlist, think to the future when some band you care about might be.


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12 thoughts on “Black metal band Viranesir censored by Bandcamp”

  1. OliveFox says:

    I don’t know what “Rapist Musicians” are, but they will be delighted to hear about their cocksucking, satanist, 24 year old free speech advocate I am certain.

    Anyhow, can’t you still buy Fanisk, Grand Belial’s Key and other NSBM stuff on Bandcamp? I don’t know how Bandcamp works, but it seems odd that they would single out this guy for over the top song titles.

    1. Viranesir says:

      I don’t think its the nazi stuff, I think its more my songs like:

      Kaos II: Set Fire To Poor People
      Kaos III: Armenian Genocide Is Amazing
      Kaos V: Serve Women
      Kaos VIII: Child Molesting Rapist Murderer
      Kaos IX: I Despise Niggers
      Kaos XI: I Raped Her Again and Again
      Kaos XII: Arab Filth
      Kaos XIII: Torture Faggots

      Its probably a SJW thing as they want me boycotted since “Raping Lesbians For Freedom” album, but I still do not know why though as they haven’t given me any sort of explanation yet.

      1. OliveFox says:

        Fair enough. But, I still find it confusing that you are censored whilst Anal Cunt albums are still available for purchase on Bandcamp. Is it a contract/money thing I wonder?

        Either way, your music should be available…I just can’t see the logic in censoring a specific band while many others with similar content are still kicking around. You must have hit a real chord with somebody over there.

        1. Viranesir says:

          That is the absurdity which tells us a lot about the world right now. Another the thing is, I am not even nazi or racist or any of that shit, even if I was, should I be shut up like this? what I was referring to with my comment regarding the lyrics is that I talk about

          a) armenian genocide: a classic favourite topic for anyone whoever wants to appear intellectual, if you are on the armenians side, you can win every award in the whole wide world no matter what your art is (by the way I am half armenian)
          b) misogyny: lesbian feminist sluts love to mingle with this
          c) pedophilia: still super wrong and taboo even if it is consentual, while shouting at children and imprisoning them in schools is not
          d) homophobia: you know how faggots need to be politically correct when they want to, but can be the most outrageously immoral pieces of shit when they want to

          etc. which are actually the stuff these SJW pieces of shit care more for than real problems like islam and shit like that which in my opinion should be combatted, especially through freedom of expression.

        2. Scott says:

          Fair enough. But, I still find it confusing that you are censored whilst Anal Cunt albums are still available for purchase on Bandcamp. Is it a contract/money thing I wonder?

          Even people and organizations that supposedly support free speech are spineless when it comes to criticisms directed at Islam. Probably a safety concern.

          1. Viranesir says:

            yeah could be actually… Maybe they got a threat from isis hahahah

      2. Poser Patrol says:

        I think pornogrind is a better suited genre for you.

        1. Viranesir says:

          I do not have a genre, all albums are very different from each other and some don’t even have guitars… I also do not know why Viranesir is tagged as a BM band when I don’t remember making any sort of songs that would fall under that genre under this name…

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