Bloodstrike to release debut – In Death We Rot

Bloodstrike - In Death We Rot (2015)

Inspired by the buzzing Boss pedals of the Swedish death metal scene (and even featuring a cover of a track by Grave), Bloodstrike from Colorado has announced that their full length debut In Death We Rot will be released to the public on September 25th. Samples suggest a fairly basic, hardcore punk inflected recording that might come in handy at house parties. The band released the following press statement:

Combining the putrid licks & groove of early 90s Stockholm with the dark and cryptic delivery of early 90s death metal in the Midwestern United States, Denver, Colorado’s Bloodstrike are showing us what it means to truly redefine darkness with their first full length LP. GraveEntombedDismember with a smattering of Bolt Thrower and early Obituary are all present here, so If you are searching for an old school sound in 2015, Bloodstrike is the answer.

After a head spinning (and splattering) demo in 2014, the quintet of metal veterans (having spent time in Silencer, Moth, and Havok to name a few) will not stop until the piles of rotten bodies their brand of death metal harvests, blot out the sun. If you prefer the ominous and rawer end of the death metal spectrum rather than what many of today’s studio wiz kids have to offer than look no further, Bloodstrike will be the best addition to your hall of suffering!!

Holly Wedel | Vocals
Jeff Alexis | Guitars
Joe Piker | Guitars
Rhiannon Wisniewski | Bass

Ryan Alexander Bloom | Drums

Artwork courtesy of the legendary Mark Riddick
“Soulless” written by Grave & released by Century Media Records 1994.

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2 thoughts on “Bloodstrike to release debut – In Death We Rot

  1. Anthony says:

    A Denver band, huh? I’ve not heard of them before. I’ll have to check them out. We do have some pretty good old school European-style death metal bands in Denver.

    Blood Incantation – This one is probably my personal favorite. They’ve got bits and pieces of Incantation’s dirges and pinch harmonics, Autopsy’s winding melodies, and even Demilich’s riff jigsaws, but they do their own original thing with it.

    Spectral Voice – Heavily texture-based doomy death metal comparable to Eternal Darkness or early Crypt of Kerberos demos. I know that a lot of people here are into Blaspherian and War Master. If you can appreciate the style of those bands (very basic and primitive on the surface, but also pure and free of bullshit with riffs that unfold in a logical way), you’d probably get a kick out of Spectral Voice’s demos.

    Crypticus – I’ve been a fan since 2008’s They Called Me Mad!, which I heard in 2009-ish, and while their other material doesn’t quite reach the heights of that sophomore effort, it’s generally all quite worth listening to. Picture vaugely Swedish death metal riffs put together in weird backwards and sideways inverted directions like Demilich, and you have a reasonable facsimile of what Crypticus sounds like. They Called Me Mad! (brilliant album title by the way) actually got me to listen to newer death metal for the first time in years, and while caverncore and retrodeath have generally been a bit of a disappointment, Crypticus still gets frequent spins from me.

    1. Poser Patrol says:

      Blood Incantation is pretty neat. They call to mind death metal Darkthrone (ie the debut and Goatlord) with their odd but still tonal riffs. A ton of other influences in their too. Thanks for sharing dude.

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