22 thoughts on “Cavalera Release “Morbid Visions” From Re-Recorded Morbid Visions

  1. It doth naught play peer ov a meaningful thing for woeful lack of surest swing says:

    That rhythmic rigidity is something that ruins a ton of bands once they’ve matured, in my opinion. A deal breaker even when the music has the riffs and guts, on par with weak vocals.

    1. It tends to suggest a mechanical outlook and desire to boil down the release to pure pop thrills, which kills the dynamics of the journey that a good song expresses.

      1. Strength and Anger says:

        Worst examples are probably the rerecordings by Burzum and Absurd. The whole point of their classic output is organic, feral, idiosyncratic movement. I never truly thought a song could be so utterly ruined just by the way it’s played, but From the Depths of Darkness and Der fünfzehnjährige Krieg sure proved me wrong.

        1. pope Benedict - from Hell says:

          you mean “pure poop thrills”? well this is it….dreck…..

        2. the truth says:

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            1. madeline skibitska says:

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  2. yolnadna bobanda says:

    It sounds perfectly fine. Quit being such a pussy. Beneath The Remains is better anyway.

    1. Captain Obvious And The Remains says:

      The original is perfect. I’ll never listen to this again.

      1. Some of those early albums are always going to have pure chaotic atmosphere, like the first Bathory, Hellhammer EP, solid 1985 Slayer bootlegs, Consvming Impvlse, and early Morbid Angel.

        1. pretty much all I listen to as far as extreme metal goes

          1. It avoids the pain of the newer material, which is excruciatingly boring and pacifistic.

    2. I find both Morbid Visions/Bestial Devastation and Beneath the Remains indispensable, although other Sepultura albums are less relevant and anything after Arise is a hard skip.

  3. Adriansaurus says:

    No chicks in metal

    Unless bottomless

    Jessica alba war metal rap!!!!!

  4. Cynical says:

    On one hand, I like being able to hear this with the guitars in tune. On the other hand, I dislike how this recording emphasizes the rhythm section of drums + vocals, while neglecting the actual lead melodic instrument of the “rhythm” guitar too much.

    1. shidnygxidkrist says:

      So they made the Bud Light version of old Sepultura, basically half rap at this point and the rest coming off an Exhorder or Meshuggah album.

  5. LostInTheANUS says:

    Review the new Metallica pls thank u

  6. Svmmoned says:

    Modern tone and chugginess is inferior to darker and more dynamic sound of the originals, which were so tense and fluid. While I also like original vocals more, here they at least sound interesting, as if Cavalera wanted to emphasize the influence which Celtic Frost had on Sepultura a bit more.

    1. Interesting point. I always favor them bringing out the Bathory and Hellhammer influences, as well as perhaps the lurking Sodom influence (grandfather of Blasphemy and Sarcofago, no doubt).

  7. shitness says:

    The shitty production on the original worked better, and I don’t even like shitty production (although not overly clean production either)…

    1. I tend to agree. Nice stochastic resonance there. I tend to be production-agnostic because there are so many releases with excellent production that are actually awful, and a number of quality releases with bad production (which freaks out their creators in middle age). Ironically, there are also millions of releases with terrible production and terrible quality.

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