CIA agrees that later Deicide sucks, uses it to torture prisoners


As part of its enhanced interrogation of prisoners in the worldwide police action against terrorist guerrillas, the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been subjecting prisoners to abruptly-changing streams of loud music. The idea behind this interrogation is essentially to obliterate the prisoner’s mind with repetitive and offensive noise and make them pliable; how this is different from people voluntarily watching television and listening to radio remains to be studied.

Helpful journalists compiled a list of songs used by the CIA during torture. In addition to the predictably annoying like the Barney Theme or Meow Mix commercial, and the usual venality from pop divas, there’s Deicide with “Fuck Your God.” While that may seem like a nod to death metal, it’s actually the CIA confirming what we’ve all known for some time, which is that while early Deicide is amazing beyond words, later Deicide sucks and is horrible.

In fact, “Fuck Your God” in every way resembles what you imagine a television preacher from the 1950s would warn against. From the 40-IQ-point title to the pentatonic melodies and chromatic rhythm work without any phrasal significance, this song sounds like an angry rock ‘n’ roll band blaming an absent god for their failings between bouts of AA and parole hearings. Because we don’t want to torture you, dear readers and little profit centers that you are, we’ll leave you with the Deicide discography for thinking people.

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5 thoughts on “CIA agrees that later Deicide sucks, uses it to torture prisoners”

  1. veien says:

    That last paragraph in this article is fucking comedy gold!

  2. Finn the Human says:

    Entombed, and Unleashed come to mind. What’s this site’s take on later Unleashed?

    1. A reviewer is in a terrible position when he doesn’t want to damage a band’s present prospects, which consist of selling music to the larger audience that expects little but novelty, but also must communicate a break between the newer work and older work. Thus we keep talking about how cool the first two Unleashed discs are.

      1. lilim says:

        I see no problem with enjoying commercially-oriented music as entertainment (hell, as I type an Arsis track pops up in my random playlist) but that’s never been this site’s focus. If I want to go find music that appeals to my baser urges I know where to find it, same principle applies for pornography.

        But I come here to get a knowledgeable perspective on what’s most artistically significant in the world of metal music, so I appreciate that the site focuses on what you believe needs to be held up as sterling examples while leaving everything else up to personal taste and the realm of the subjective and mainstream press. I’d say it’s a common misconception that the Death Metal Underground is all negativity all the time, when really the site is celebrating art in a very positive way. I’m glad to see this echoed in your comment Brett.

        And as I finish out this comment, the random playlist churns on over to Hellhammer B|

  3. Blast interviews with the Hoffman brothers juxtaposed with Benton complaining about his divorce. That’s worse than torture.

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