Communism, Terrorism Celebrated at Brooklyn Festival

A pro-communist festival took place in Brooklyn this past weekend as part of what appears to be a radical effort to indoctrinate heavy metal fans into an extremist political agenda.

Dubbed “Black Flags Over Brooklyn,” (a likely play on the book Black Flags: The Rise of ISIS), the festival was booked by an Antifa-Affiliated journalist from Vice magazine named Kim Kelly. Kelly is well known for publishing several articles on elaborate metal hoaxes and unverified rumors, including a fabricated story of an Iranian female musician and a debunked claim that a band from Minnesota was actually from China (the story was published without confirming with the musicians). The festival was endorsed by several far-left heavy metal publications whom Kelly has written for including MetalSucks, Invisible Oranges, and The Brooklyn Vegan.

The event was heavily promoted as an all-inclusive gathering to celebrate diversity, especially to oft-marginalized individuals of Jewish and Muslim faiths. However, the official flyers of the festival were riddled with satanic imagery that is offensive to members of both communities. One of the bands originally billed, Woe, was removed from a concert in Germany for their affiliation with extremist and pro-Fascist groups. It is unclear if this was the reason for Woe’s removal from this concert’s lineup. Despite the festival’s promotion of diversity and feminism, subsequent photos and reports have indicated that those in attendance were mostly white males.

The Antifa organization has been classified as a terrorist group by the state of New Jersey and is rumored to be funded by philanthropist billionaires. Vice Magazine has often been criticized for hiring journalists who are openly members of the group which may or not be due to Vice’s well documented history of hiring journalists at insufferably low salaries.  The festival was held at a building located 7 miles across the East River from the site of the infamous 9/11 attacks.

Over 2,961 Americans have been victims of domestic terrorism since September 11th, 2001.

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22 thoughts on “Communism, Terrorism Celebrated at Brooklyn Festival”

  1. Satania says:

    You should have seen the self-righteous article Kim Kelly wrote on Noisey one day before the festival was held where she tried to paint herself as some sort of messianic figure who was going to rid the metal scene of everyone who disagreed with her, or “nazis” as she calls them. By the way, Kim Kelly and the rest of the metal press greatly exaggerated the popularity of the bands that played at this festival. Hardly anyone knows who they are. Half of them aren’t even listed on Metal Archives. The ones that are listed either get torn apart in the reviews or have no reviews at all. And according to what I’ve heard, the only band that anyone was actually interested in seeing was Woe, and they dropped out. I highly doubt more than 300 people attended this shitty festival. Anti-fascist “metal” is fake as fuck and so is everyone who seriously enjoys it.

    1. canadaspaceman says:

      I recently heard that due to the USA gov’t “shutdown”, that many TSA gropers/idiots are not showing up for work because they aren’t being paid, and airline commuters are now traveling faster than they ever have in years to their destinations!
      The morons can call Donald Trump a nazi, an asshole,or whatever, but the word will spread how flying is easy again in the USA.
      That means MORE money spent again by tourists, so real workers and businessmen can breathe a little easier again.
      It is a good bet Trump will be re-elected, as these wacko Commies/International Socialists aren’t offering anything good.

    2. THE CLAW says:

      There are barely any pictures. The ones that do exist portray a room of about 20 people.

    3. Flying Kites says:

      Death is real and that truth will come to all and burn away their ignorance.

    4. Kim Kelly's enema says:

      Kim Kelly fucked her dog°

      Hey motherfuckers !! Malevolent Creation just released their new album and it’s already a death metal classic. Says my good ol buddies at BNR Metal Pages !

      1. Satania says:

        White girls fuck dogs.

        1. frigging in the rigging says:

          veganism=vaginism. black fags unite!

          1. Eidolon says:

            Isn’t ILDJARN vegan? What does a diet have to do with anything?

            1. Domicile Owner says:

              They’re “political vegans.”

            2. G.A.S.H. says:

              Ildjarn is also wacky, but for completely different reasons. This coming from someone who agrees with his more general points.

  2. Donkey Long says:

    THe pictures looks like only 30 people showed up cause the assholes holding mics in each band are way out in front of the stage, all the fucking pictures are like that, so the room won’t look so empty.

  3. Domicile Owner says:

    Re: Kim Kelly
    What a farcical, bloviating sack of protoplasm. These people don’t give a damn about metal music, they’re punks trying to proselytize their hipster vegan ways to confused teenagers. If past performance is anything to go by, the “woke” males sexually assault women.

  4. Eidolon says:

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with trying your hand at something, including accessing your network to lend support. In terms of political agenda, if the message lends to the art, then there’s a reasonable justification for collecting groups and cooperating many things to an end. There are some issues that can be used to accurately critique the event. Firstly, WOE was the only band I would want to see, and therein lies the biggest pitfall of this event in physical form: it was just a bunch of bands that nobody cares for. I would have glady seen: WOE, SANGUINE EAGLE, and MUTILATION RITES together as a three band event under the same name. They would have saved a lot of money by not having to fly bands in, because (if I remember) all of them are within driving distance. Secondly, the promoter would do well to perhaps make a shift in tactic. Rather than (it seems every so often), fanning the moral outrage of the public against some band, thus, creating a huge rift of antagonism between the metal crowd and her idea or movement, focus the mental energy on finding collocations of bands that have the potential to transmit a conviction via the medium of music. As it stands, I have no issue with her, but I think most bands she reviews (and now books), are just background noise. Black Metal is competitive, and Anarchism has a bad reputation, especially right now, so its an uphill battle. Round two could be better executed.

    1. Doug says:

      If they’d had IOK2BW on the bill I’d been there for sure!

  5. Salmon King says:

    Crab Claw Kelly is everything that is wrong with the world. Insecure, trite, untalented but mega deluded. If I could get away with it, I would stab her to death and leave her corpse in the sewer.

  6. FOAD says:

    The band scheduled to play 2nd to last on Saturday dropped and she didn’t even bother to update the event page to let people know. And from what I can tell no one noticed or cared, because no one went to hear these bands. They went to be seen and go score virtue points, period. Also this was a punk/hc fest CLEARLY, not a metal fest. Also apparently in Kim’s leftist utopia womyn aren’t allowed to play instruments, only do vocals.

    1. Hell Ravaging Psycho Molester says:

      ADORIOR: Jaded Lungs Melissa is actually a phenomenal METAL vocalist.
      As per ‘Birth Of Disease’below:

  7. Mutilate and kill korn support the band master and fuck Hawaiian pussy…

    snu questions?

  8. Svmmoned says:

    “DMU classics” fest when?

    1. bloodypulp says:

      Will anyone be selling smoking jackets or do I bring my own?

  9. Imperial Doom says:

    Vice just fired Kim Kelly, good riddance.

  10. The Reaper says:

    Kim Kelly just got axed from her job at Vice:

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