Dayton Shooter Was Failed Goregrind Vocalist, Antifa Member

As the nation mourns the deaths of 9 people killed in the Dayton, Ohio shooting on Sunday more information about 24 year old shooter Connor Betts is surfacing based on his newly unearthed Twitter profile. While mainstream media outlets such as the Daily Beast have falsely reported that Betts had no links to extremist ideology, the account contains tweets that profess the gunman’s support of socialism, Satanism, and “Antifascism.”  

Furthermore, Death Metal Underground can exclusively report confirmation that Betts was the vocalist of a failed goregrind band called “Menstrual Munchies.” Given the grindcore scene’s connection with far left wing ideology, and the adoration many metal journalists from Brooklyn Vegan, MetalSucks, and other popular sites have expressed for Antifa (in many cases being Antifa members themselves), it is safe to infer that the many popular heavy metal websites of today are most responsible for the radicalization of heavy metal’s first mass-murderer musician.

While the Bandcamp and Facebook accounts for Menstrual Munchies have been disabled, several videos remain on YouTube and Facebook at the time of this writing. Connor Betts  clearly appears (identifiable by the tattoo on his left arm) in a live video posted to the Facebook Event page for one of the band’s 2018 concerts. In the video, Betts dons a dress and a mask commonly worn by Antifa members. The band’s sound is similar to fellow “Antifascist grind” band NeckBeard Deathcamp, who — like Betts — display an extreme Left wing ideology and advocate for violence and killing of “Nazis,” “incels,” and law abiding civilians who happen to hold right-of-center political views. The two bands appear to have been friends, with the latter possibly influencing the former as Connor Betts had followed the band on Twitter and retweeted them on occasion.

“Antifascism,” communism, and other radical left wing ideologies have been increasingly promoted within the metal community since about 2013, when a number of popular metal journalists began gushing over the antics of Antifa and even started promoting their violence. This affection culminated in an Antifa-themed concert dubbed “Black Flags Over Brooklyn” which was booked by Teen Vogue journalist Kim Kelly in January of 2019 and featured a bill full of artists who have called for violence against civilians with right wing political views. Kelly herself is openly an Antifa member and has been retweeted by Dayton shooter (as seen in the tweets below).

Despite the extreme agenda, nearly every left wing indie metal site rushed to glorify this event, including MetalSucks, Metal Injection, and Invisible Oranges. Furthermore, several mainstream music outlets also gave glowing press to the concert including Rolling Stone, Vice Magazine, Brooklyn Vegan, and Kerrang Magazine.

Now it appears that all of these journalists and media outlets have blood on their hands, as their support for extremist Antifa’s Terrorism has likely contributed to the radicalization of Connor Betts and potentially many others. Connor’s language, as indicated by numerous Tweets, has been similar to that of many of the aforementioned journalists and the bands they promote. Betts has called to “Kill every Fascist” and retweeted a number of tweets advocating right wingers to be burglarized and physically assaulted. This confirms that Betts was indeed radicalized by extremist left wing rhetoric that implies America is a “fascist nation” and must be displaced by socialism/communism for any justice to exist. And because of activist/social justice warrior journalists, this rhetoric is has become dominant within the underground metal community that was likely the only place that Betts likely found any sense of community or belonging.

Dayton Shooter Connor Betts performing with his Antifa band Menstrual Munchies

It’s worth noting that the nine murders committed by Betts in last weekend’s atrocity have made him the first mass murderer in the history of heavy metal musicians, and possibly the first among underground metal fans (some the school shooters of the 90s favored alternative rock/mainstream metal hybrids such as Marilyn Mason). While the mainstream media may attempt to infer radicalization from metal’s infamously violent lyrics and admittedly isolated community, it’s important to note that in the 50 year history of heavy metal (and 30 year history of extreme metal) no atrocity of this magnitude has ever been committed. It is not “death metal,” “black metal,” or “goregrind” that has most radicalized and desensitized Betts, but the extremist ideology of a fairly the new metal micro genre known as “Antifascist metal” which is also sometimes called “Red Anarchist Black Metal.”  While black metal in particular has likely influenced a great number of crimes, none have produced an incident as horrific or as high in fatalities as Connor’s barbaric onslaught of Antifa terrorism. As for the music itself, psychological studies have indicated that heavy metal is actually beneficial to mental health. Therefore it was not the music, but an ideology that only recently permeated the music, that has contributed to the Dayton Shooter’s aggression and isolation.

It is therefore important that the aforementioned metal media outlets come clean about Connor Betts’s radicalization and indoctrination into Antifa extremism before the mainstream media ties it to the greater metal community as a whole, as we have seen in the past with the rare incidents perpetrated by heavy metal fans. It would be unfair to the greater legions of almost unanimously peaceful heavy metal lovers their beloved music to be blamed for what has been clearly the work of a small but vocal group of left extremists.

While Antifa is already classified as a domestic terrorist group in New Jersey, it frequently gains the sympathy of many mainstream news outlets and politicians such as CNN and Democrat Senator Tim Kaine (whose son has been arrested committing violence as a member of Antifa). However recent months have seen other politicians such as Ted Cruz and Matt Gaetz introduce and support legislator calling for the terrorist classification of the group. President Donald Trump announced in a Tweet last week that his administration would consider this classification. We can only hope that the confirmation of Connor Betts as a member Antifa member will lead to the appropriate understanding of the organization’s horrific violence and disgusting ideology.

Antifa journalist Kim Kelly was one of many left wing extremists retweeted by Betts

Below are more of the Tweets from Dayton Shooter Connor Betts, whose account has been deactivated at the time of this writing:

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46 thoughts on “Dayton Shooter Was Failed Goregrind Vocalist, Antifa Member”

  1. Death Enforcement says:

    So its become a game of who gets the highest kill count now. Ideologies are intensifying instead of doing the opposite. This can only end in one way.

    1. Everyone wants to get the top score (currently held by Anders Breivik at 77 or Tim McVeigh at 186, depending on how much bombing you accept as part of your spree shooting):

  2. seth putnam says:

    suicidal killing sprees are gay

  3. Psychic Psych Toad says:

    Did he fail at Antifa too?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Nobody. And I mean NOBODY who is an antifascist holds the kind of misogynist views that whack job did. He was not part of any active collective and was never part of ANY work in the meatspace. This article is full of speculation and shade throwing.

    1. Fuck you commies says:

      Shut the fuck up antifa is pure scum

    2. RDS says:

      Most Antifascists men will physically beat women if they have the wrong opinions.

      Remember that pro life woman who got roundhouse kicked in the head? The assault on the infowars girl?

      This behavior is lock and step with Antifa ways

      1. Justice an Equality for Y'all says:

        Well you can’t say that they are hypocrites.

    3. so in other words, he wasn’t Real Communism?????

    4. Jet hero Tull says:

      Fuck off! You have a trash ass ideology that encourages violence against anyone who disagrees. Terrorist Antifa cells must be uprooted and tossed into the trash bin of history where it belongs! Fuck off commies!

    5. Antifa specialize in beating up 15-year-old girls who are not on the Right, as happened several times, but most notably at an American Renaissance conference. They found some girl who was in the same hotel and beat her into disfigurement, then only later found out that they had the wrong person. Did they donate to her hospital bills? Did they apologize? No, they went out and scored more heroin.

      Antifa — like all other Leftists — are untermenschen fit only for the wood chipper.

      1. Anonymoose says:

        Totally believe you, but Google returns nothing. Got an article about that?

        1. That was years ago, and those articles are almost certainly vanished due to link rot. I am not certain that it was an American Renaissance conference, either, but it was a similar organization. It happened in a hotel, and apparently this girl made the mistake of being white in the wrong area despite being completely unconnected to the nationalist conference. I wish I could remember more.

  5. Flying Kites says:

    Information wants to be free!

  6. Lalalala says:

    Who cares about the political views of mass shooters? This very same weekend another guy killed even more people to make a typically right wing statement. Can that be used as some kind of argument against his views?

  7. SAW DOM ME says:

    So, a right wing numbskull in El paso and a left wing one in Dayton. Media shit-flinging begins….

    1. And we have a new contender…

      Police then say the man walked into the Walmart: Neighborhood Market where he grabbed a cart and began pushing it around the store. Police say the man was recording himself walking through the store via a cell phone.

      The store manager at the Neighborhood Market pulled a fire alarm, urging people to escape the store.

      Police say the man then made his way out an emergency exit where a firefighter held the man at gunpoint. At that moment Springfield Police arrived on scene and detained the man.

      This follows the Southern California carving:

      The violence appeared to be random and the only known motives seem to be “robbery, hate, homicide,” Garden Grove police Lt. Carl Whitney said at a news conference.

      “We know this guy was full of anger and he harmed a lot of people tonight,” he said.

      The suspect and all the victims were Hispanic, he added.

      “To the young gentlemen up front… we are Hispanic!”

  8. Yehova lover says:

    So DeathMetalUnderground now stands for the “communal religion” of christianity and smite those who do not “fear god’s wrath” ? Go back to fox news, you boomer.

    1. yahweh in the electric chair says:

      The ol’ Insane Clown Posse trick! We were Christian all along!

    2. Theology Desecration says:

      nah that’s just [Jesus Christ’s] larper shtick i wouldn’t put much weight on it or attribute that to the other site writers who are all mostly entitled to their own opinions

    3. Don't Forget to Turn the Other Cheeks says:

      All peeps be created equal under God, ya hear!?

      1. They can be equal before God, but not in real life.

  9. ayy lmao says:

    This article is trash.
    First, antifa exists in exactly the same way as alt right does. You’re a member if you retweet the correct spicy meme, like a Marx or a frog. Every one of these fanatical twitter warriors is prepared to kill with power (and die! die!) for their ideology, which btw is expressed by the edgiest tweet a member has made at some point.
    Second, the real thing these recent happenings are distracting you from is the Epstein case, who he was connected to, and how he actually made his fortune.

  10. retard jesus says:

    even CNN is acknowledging the dude was into far left shit (and anime!!)

    but wait, how is that his social media accounts are being shut down so quickly? who is doing that? have you ever tried to get a dead relative’s Facebook page shut down? the require authentication via death certificate by policy

    pretty darn sketchy. just a matter of time til we find out even weirder stuff like his dad worked as a psychiatrist or for Washington, or connor was on antidepressants or fucking his sister. shit maybe he just hated the name connor, I sympathize

  11. GGALLIN1776 says:

    I’ve been saying it for years but nobody listens, round up all the antifa/blm/femicommie terrorist scum & drop a napalm canister on the crud pile.

    1. Let’s face it: if all Leftists died tomorrow, nothing would be lost.

      1. g-tard reeeeeesus says:

        you can’t mean that because you’ve built an entire career around lefties as the bogeyman so you’d be out of work, lol

        so you actually mean “nothing of value”, not just “nothing”

        but such could be said for jews/christians so what then. see it just keeps going. everyone who likes to play internet fascist warrior is exactly the type to be lined up in front of the ditches if they got their wish

        shoehorning your flaccid kleboldian fantasies into metal discussion is embarrassing

        1. If all Leftists vanished tomorrow, I’d go on to write more about music, religion, philosophy, and aesthetics.

          There is much to do.

    2. In the future of humanity, if it survives, a Great Purge is coming.

      It will not be expressly political, but will simply remove broken and defective people.

      That will most likely include all or all but a few Leftists.

  12. mentror says:

    I think a few days ago before attacks ιt was heard that antifa they would be declared as terrorist groups…..
    so simple.

  13. Adolfchad says:

    Nazi rule.

    Antifa are homos and dikes who cant get laid.

    1. caught in a nazi mosh says:

      DEATHMETAL can be ambiguous but not nazi in a real sense it is nothing to do with real METAL fuck nazipedofags

      1. Death metal is neither Nazi nor anti-Nazi.

        As a realist/structuralist genre, it has some overlap with Nazism, but more with the Ancient Ways.

        You know, honor, loyalty, heritage, eugenics, hierarchy, caste, transcendental idealism, sodomizing the weak, etc.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Gotta love how all these dumb fucking Americans think any form of leftism equals “antifa terrorism” or “communism”, and how they also think communism is Satan for that matter, and that, due to the fact that retarded extremists exist, all people who identify as leftists should be executed. How the fuck does someone reach that conclusion? Do they have the mind of a child?
    They’re literally acting the exact same way as the “libtards” they hate so much, who are way too quick to call anyone that is so much as center-right “fascist racist Nazi scum” because they disagree on a few political opinions, and who firmly believe that the world would be better off without any right winger alive.
    Also, true feminism has nothing to do with the current extreme violent ideology that unfortunately calls itself “feminism” but you dumbfucks lack the mental capacity to understand that the world isn’t black and white.
    How hard is it to understand that retards exist on every side of an argument? No “side” is perfect, and to assume your side is the only right one while you ignore the many retards that make you look bad (the same thing that happens to your opponents by the way) is incredibly immature and shows that you lack critical thinking and an open mind, and that you’re an egotist prick who thinks he’s incapable of being wrong. American politics are fucked. You idiots are being manipulated by the ones who run your country, regardless of their political party, and most of you haven’t even realized it. Your right and left fight over petty and stupid shit while the big companies get rich with shitty products because you give them publicity they do not deserve, and politicians keep your asses distracted so that you forget serious acts of corruption. You ignore all the accusations made against those who are on your side but will gladly take any opportunity to accuse your ideological enemies of the same. You ignore all apolitical problems and issues in your society or turn them into a political argument, making matters worse and ruining your country even more by creating more unnecessary tensions between left and right. You’re all fucked cucks. Stop blaming communism, feminism, fascism, racism, socialism, Christianity, atheism, etc. for your country’s collective retardation.

    1. Have you even read anything from the website before jumping around on that little tirade.

    2. yahweh in the electric chair says:

      This guy is partially right; the shooter was transparently Zionist. That is the group to blame, if you must blame any. He insisted on taking revenge for oppressed Jews, foremost.

      1. White People Cucked says:

        You’re so stupid it’s nauseating. Jews are responsible for a Gentile manlet? Kill yourself.

  15. Massive Cunt says:

    My, how the DLA has fallen. It’s become a pathetic shadow of its former self, engaged in the insipid ‘culure war’ fought between basement-dwelling losers on the internet. Grinding out banal op-eds like this whenever one of the said basment-dwellers finds Pornhub is down and picks up a gun. I guess the DLA succumbed to the anti-elitist crowd, and wallows in the useless chattering of society’s left/right drones, now.

    I’ll take the old DLA that taught me the importance of elitism and disregarding what is beneath me, thanks.

    1. Devil Magick says:

      Yeah but nothing is really beneath you, you’re just a delusional cracker.

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