Dead Congregation Pull Out of California Deathfest 2017

Greek death metal band Dead Congregation pulled out of California Deathfest 2017, which is being held later this month in Oakland, California.

Regarding California Deathfest:
We regret to announce that due to an unforeseen event that prevents one of us to make the trip to the USA, we’re forced to cancel our appearance on California Deathfest. We and the organizers exhausted all possible solutions to avoid our cancellation but unfortunately nothing can be done at this point. Sincere apologies to our fans who looked forward to seeing us perform and to Ryan and Evan of CDF for giving them such short notice on this. Hopefully we’ll be back on US soil in the near future and reward our amazing American fanbase.

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14 thoughts on “Dead Congregation Pull Out of California Deathfest 2017”

  1. Jennifer Tilly says:

    Is this death metal or speed metal ?

    Solstice – Solstice

  2. Meme says:

    Dude I’m fucking crushed. Dead Congregation is one of the best bands playing this style out there at the moment, I hope they can return when they get this shit sorted

  3. Danyal Muraat says:

    Yeah, these guys are awesome. By the grace of Allah they shall get another chance to tour the united states

  4. Nuclear Whore says:

    Hi people, Oscar from Cenotaph (Mx) seems to be in need of help You can make a donation by buying Cenotaph records!

    Checking this info… ->

    Nice previous article, before the earthquake:

    Come on, Cenotaph is a Dark Legioned artist! :D

  5. Gorgowocoa says:

    Daniel, what in the donkey shit is going on over there?? start moderating the comments again so we can continue vomiting forth our daily vitriol ! ! !

  6. Cuckelberryfinn says:

    Moderation is for fags. Welcome to the real world.

  7. Trish Styro says:

    What this band has is some faculty with melody, a close study of classic metal and a formula. They apply it consistently and with impressive facility but it never comes together. It would be perfectly acceptable to sound the same and feel the same if you actually manage something good, but unfortunately it doesn’t happen. They tease you by almost sounding like something worthwhile, especially at the by-now cliche long form melodies that transition into speed metal chugging, and I think this is what fools people here about this band.

  8. Alexis says:

    Wow, this was unexpected. I highly recommended everyone have a listen. An invigorating live set at times songs better than the originals.

    1. Gorgowocoa says:

      Seconded! this recording is phenomenally good

      1. Gorgowocoa says:

        Daniel you fucking 1-dimensional chimpanzee get your shit together, have a listen and give it a proper site review

  9. The Sleeping Tyrant says:

    New Morbid Angel tune:

    It’s decent, I guess.

    1. David Vincent's furry boots says:

      No, it’s shit.

  10. Larry says:

    In May I left my home in Austin, TX, to spend the summer working on organic farms in the US Northwest in exchange for room and board. During my 4 months traveling and living I used a daily combo of death metal CDs and hallucinogenic amphetamines to achieve micro-re-centering on a variable continuum.

    I was able to work very diligently on the farms, and the farm owners loved hanging out with me and the quality of the work I did. I visited many friends and a few family members as well. In all this time, nobody EVER suspected that I was on anything, because there were no outward signs. I think it’s because I never took more than 30 mg of each chemical in a 4 hour period. If I was on a farm, I would dose before breakfast and that would give me steady, mellow energy for the 4 to 7 hours of work required. I usually didn’t redose when at farms, except if I was sharing it with other travelers/workers. I found Morbid Angel is pretty gay for working drug affected on farms to be honest. When I was on the road and had a long distance to cover, I’d dose before breakfast and then once again in the early afternoon. It never affected my driving except to make me a bit more alert and attentive. It made the beauty of the world seem much more apparent and brilliant, which was the real payoff.

  11. I'm black says:

    Yep me too Larry

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