Death Official Merchandise Acknowledges Soft Pink Side of Chuck Schuldiner

As if to acknowledge that Chuck Schuldiner died of AIDS on Valentine’s Day, the official merchandisers for Death have introduced a new line of Death merchandise featuring pink and kittens.

Longtime observers note that this is a case of a brand paying too much attention to a niche audience, namely Redditors, who are hipsters and therefore contrarians, and contrarians like doing whatever does not work in order to prove how important and independent of reality they are.

After all, “cool” in the antihero sense has always meant a detachment from reality and an impassive staredown of the consequences, like 1950s rock-n-roll hoodlums wearing leather jackets, smoking cigarettes, wearing sunglasses at night, and otherwise rejecting any type of normal behavior.

These paralleled the Bohemians of the 1500s who dressed like gypsies, had sex outside of marriage, drank too much wine and absinthe, and lived in squalor to show that they were not conformist products of the system. Contrarians do the absurd in order to make themselves seem more socially important.

Any sane person would note that the Death brand relies on death metal and its strongest representatives are the early albums, therefore merchandising should serve that image and promote death metal. However, the metal audience online has been from the fruit and soy crowd, so the marketing has changed.

Instead we get the official merch which pitches to the Reddit audience which wants to make death metal contrarian too, so it can be trendy, sensitive, harmless, and ironic instead of an actual artistic movement.

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93 thoughts on “Death Official Merchandise Acknowledges Soft Pink Side of Chuck Schuldiner”

  1. Klainmain91 _ says:

    Human is the only one of them that leaves me lightly positive. Debut is brainless aping, next two as vapid as the boring speed metal around them. Just the fact that they stuck with “everyone else does it”, throughout their span is telling of both their brainlessness and insipid psyche. Very useful at betraying fake metalheads & scenesters in there only for socializing.

    1. Crionics says:

      SBG is brainless aping of what exactly? Considering those songs were around in some form from ’84 onwards. I don’t even listen to Death but this brand of revisionism is as bad as the hero worship.

      1. Klainmain91 _ says:

        Every extreme underground band, many in the garage/demo level + hooks to make it catchy. I consider their earliest demo too, they were one among many in similar styles & intent in the wake of Motorhead/Venom/Metallica. Chuck took the path of the more marketable of all these, which means he made it simple for those who can’t go further than that. Noisy music, violent lyrics, scary vocals, they didn’t mean shit to normies in themselves, they’ve been watching it in movies & tv since childhood anyway, they just avoid anything they deem might hurt their social life, plus it was well understood cash wise that what averts one will attract the other. Howling blackmen & drags did that since the sixties and before. As for music’s extremes, hardcore was there earlier & further even.

        1. Increasingly I see Motörhead as much more important than Venom. Combine Motörhead with Iron Maiden, toss in some Mercyful Fate, then build it in the Discharge model and you essentially have death metal.

          1. Another way to track this is through lyrical themes:

            • Black Sabbath: Satan is bad and evil, and he is manipulating humans to do bad things.
            • Iron Maiden: Satan is evil and kind of exciting.
            • Motörhead: Satan is ridiculous like all other religious stuff.
            • HxC: Satan is another symbol used to manipulate you.
            • Thrash: Satan is hilarious and used by Boomers to manipulate us. (Boomers die! x32)
            • Speed metal: Satan is about to take over through human weakness.
            • Slayer: Satan represents escape from the moral binary of Abrahamism, which is weaksauce.
            • Death metal: Satan is nature, Darwin, and paganism which appear when you reject Jewsus al-Christberg.
            • Black metal: Satan is our naturalistic and pagan spirit which must destroy Judeo-Christianity, liberalism, bourgeois normie complacency, cosmopolitanism, corporatism, and Islam.

            Combine the Motörhead view with the Iron Maiden view and you get roughly where death metal and black metal began.

            1. ayo says:

              our gods became your satan and satan became our god

            2. Satan says:

              • Glam metal: the Bible says do not fornicate, but that’s pretty much all we do.

              1. The cross-dressing was a big part here. More inversion, which unfortunately follows an English/French/Russian revolution narrative. But underneath it was a desire for some Nietzschean rejection of the Abrahamist idea of universality. “Everyone do the same method, and we end up at a moral Utopia!” — it’s like industrial society, but for souls.

                1. Satan says:

                  I’m sure Vince Neil agrees with you.

          2. Klainmain91 _ says:

            Venom were indead musically all Motorhead and none their own. What makes them pivotal was nailing the ambience they went for to serve their themes. Debut, garbage, but they do manage to get through that fiery guitar sound to accompany the title, I mean it does sound like the fires of Hell. Black Metal ’82 is the only time they got their shit together. They wanted a heavy, black, cavernous sound for their lyrical content and they managed it, in places, through the combined barrage of strong vocals, heavily buzzing guitars and pounding drums surrounded by an audible spacious darkness. I feel like I owe them their only time showing an ear for music, as well as the dude that recorded/mixed it. Bathory got rid of its rock ‘n’ blues and perfected its essence in The Return.. Essentially Venom did exactly what Discharge were doing at the very same moment, taking primarily Motorhead, also Sabbath and immediate post ’77 hardcore, with ambient/soundtrack etc. The former wanted a bestial, demonic feel (with r.n.r & blues..), the latter an industrial, apocalyptic, humanism vs machine struggle.

      2. Its origins were speed metal. There is a reason that those Mantas demos did not sell widely. Florida is where guys from New York and San Francisco retire to and then have kids with local hotties, bringing about Tampa death metal, which still has one foot in speed metal.

        But, I like it because the songs have the heavy metal anthemic nature and are distinct, where the next two albums were almost too systematic. Death probably peaked on Spiritual Healing, but added in a bit more musicality with Human, although they also snuck in more emo and that began the decline, sort of like how Slayer got emo on Seasons in the Abyss.

        1. SBG is the best death album and youre both fags says:

          Scream Bloody Gore is great for being simple without being simplistic, which is something Chuck never managed on his later albums.

          Brett is less of a fag because he appreciates the album but more of a fag because he’s Brett

    2. steaming hot takes says:

      Bullshit, death is a total riff fest and chuck took the band in whatever direction he wanted to. God youre so cringe

    3. I enjoy Human but never was able to go back and listen to Leprosy or Spiritual Healing without feeling something like what you observed. They are sort of obvious and the riffs are alarmingly similar in some cases. I still like Scream Bloody Gore but it is an occasional listen, mostly for “Zombie Ritual,” which is just a great anthemic heavy metal song with NYHC-style riffing.

      1. Klainmain91 _ says:

        Give some take some, same here. Human, Zombie Ritual as individual track. Their rest get me empty inside after one, one & a half song, they’re like, soulless. Compare to an apotheosis of a sonic manifestation of life that is I.N.R.I. that came out same year as Death’s first and you get the idea.

  2. Linda says:


    1. It is painful, but really not that much different from what the “progressive metal” bands have been shilling for the past dozen years as they have sold warmed-over 1970s jazz fusion merged with Fugazi riffs at double speed to a new generation of idiots pouring out of the suburbs. The metal audience now is like Zoomers, very confused both genetically and (consequently) intellectually.

      I enjoy Death, but only listen to Scream Bloody Gore these days. It captured the idea of Death: melodramatic speed metal at doom metal paces using themes from horror films. The Repulsion and Autopsy influences help a great deal. I enjoy Human because it crystallized what Death was trying to do with the subsequent two albums but was not yet musically alert enough to achieve, but after that individualistic ego took over and everything afterwards was pretty bad, although Sound of Perserverance had its moments.

      It was clear to me that after Human the core of Death, Chuck Schuldiner, wanted to be a jazz band, and then he sort of saw through jazz and just wanted to write old-fashioned heavy metal tunes. I see nothing wrong with that but in my view he should have ended Death after human and come up with a better band name than Control Denied, no matter how significant it is to the philosophies he had.

      Watching the Death documentary — who doesn’t love a good documentary? well, maybe not — it was clear that like many from Generation X poor Chuck Schuldiner was swamped in early life and family-of-origin (FOO) issues, which explains why he was a defensive personality who tried to explore inner space through outward actions (note: the actual process is the other way around, exploring outward space in order to understand inner actions) and therefore ended up getting AIDS and dying, which is why Chuck Schuldiner Died of AIDS and no one will talk about it.

      1. Pigdicksanwich says:

        He was also a massive faggot as you can tell from all the homosexuals that flock to rabidly gobble his probably small wormy penis, and he got AIDS from David Vincent who is immune to AIDS and even gets fat on all the pepper sauce leaking asshole he eats because the demonic chants and summoning actually worked.

  3. Putin's Hairy Scrotum says:

    Up next: Death Pride Month apparel, the proceeds from which will be donated to the AIDS charity of your choice.

    1. So these pink shirts are for Black History Month? What an odd thing to do.

  4. Anal Fistula says:

    Opeth and Pantera have done much for the gay commmunity also…

    1. Pantera is the soundtrack for bears everywhere. “Are you talking to me?”

  5. Iron Miaden chastity cages and Slayer pocket pussies: coming to a Walmart near you says:

    This is just plain old capitalism, what’s with the bitchin, ey!?

    1. pizza on earth says:

      yeah i thought we needed a way to identify betas anyway

      1. Gojira shirts identifies beta power bottoms.

    2. No, because the Reddit untermenschen who buy this were subsidized since before birth for political reasons. It turns out that mixing Eastern, Southern, Irish, Mediterranean, and Western Europeans produces soy slaves who crave rape.

  6. Pull the Buttplug says:

    Whoever buys this is a fag! Death blows cocks too!

  7. Brett made Schuldiner famous says:

    This site will do whatever it takes to take down Death, even if they like kittens. Mind you even the darkest among us like kittens (except Varg, he will strangle you if you like kittens).

    1. Varg has a point about kitties, however. If you let them outside, they kill off wildlife. People who let their cats outside are not thinking deeply enough into the issue, even if the luvvies overstate it (as they do with everything because they are dramatists, which means that they are by nature apocalyptic).

      1. cat expert says:

        cats are fucking disgusting creatures when they aren’t allowed outside. they leave fur everywhere and have the worse smelling piss and shit. and it is totally normal for a cat to barf on the floor or leave a turd in your shower. anyone who keeps their cats inside is a gross retard. a few cats wandering around in the country aren’t going to do make a dent in the ecosystem and the burbs are already sterilized so who cares what the cats do. they have maybe 2 or 3 blocks of territory if they’re an adventurous sort.

        1. I disagree on a few fronts, but the picture is complex.

          Many burbs are actually homes to a lot of wildlife, especially if there are trees, bushes, or green areas.

          If your cat is leaving a turd in your shower, it is protesting its treatment. Most people neglect their cats for 23 hours a day and then wonder why the cat shits on the floor. You are treating the poor furry fucker like one of those “airplants” they sell in Florida for people who cannot keep from killing regular plants (and then kill the airplants by watering them).

          A few cats? There are nearly 100m cats in America, basically the same number of people killed by Communism.

          The territory varies with the cat. Some are content with a yard; others will wander for miles. Because they are crepuscular hunters, they tend to advance a few blocks a day, perhaps, but can end up many miles away over weeks.

          As far as barfing on the floor, brush your cats daily. The barfing is hairballs or eating plants to get the hairballs out. In nature, the little furry fuckers eat mice, birds, and lizards nearly whole, and then vomit up the remains, which eject a lot of hair with the bones and other undigestible parts. Cats are naturally vomitous creatures for this reason.

          Regarding the worst smelling feces and urine, maybe this is true, but your average modern tard cleans the litter box once a week and consequently has a smell explosion. Clean it daily, pitch the turds and clumps, and you will be fine.

          Letting them outside means they just kill a few birds, lizards, toads, mice, and so on a day, which deprives other creatures of the prey they need.

          tl;dr people who let cats outside pick the turnips and cotton

          See also things you should not feed your pet.

          1. 666 pizzas says:

            i mean fuck having pets anyway, i dont know why people like turning their home into a doghouse/cat tree. if i had some land then sure, cats keep rodents under control and dogs have a few potential uses.

          2. Toxomarxosis says:

            Cats really are like commies when you think about it.

            1. AllThePrettySheep says:

              I don’t keep pets because I get too attached to them. I guess I’m just in Denial Of Life.

              1. Soft inside says:

                I get that.


    Hello Brett

    I believe Vijay Prozak once said that Bathory, Sodom, Celtic Frost and Sepultura beat Death to the punch in creating death metal. If that is true, would you care to expand a little bit into how these bands helped to create death metal before Chuck did?


    Serious Questioner

    1. Good morning SQ,

      I am glad you asked. As the FAQ details, 1982 was when Discharge streamlined and finalized hardcore, and the following year Slayer, Bathory, Hellhammer, Sodom, Sepultura, and Master launched (Sepultura may have taken another year; memory is hazy on that one). These bands wanted to make dark heavy metal like Mercyful Fate, Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Angel Witch, and WASP into something that used the Discharge, Cro-Mags, and Exploited format of mature hardcore, especially since hardcore quickly died a forgotten death and become emo thanks to the Minor Threat guys. We have the Slayer album from 1983 that mapped the technique, the Hellhammer demos from the following year that established the mood, the Bathory albums from those two years that captured the energy and aesthetics, and the Sodom works that figured out the drums and guitar layering. Sepultura may have been the closest to finalized with its 1984-1986 EPs but a number of bands were rising at that time including Morbid Angel and Massacra. By 1989, a number of maturing death metal works were headed to press, including early Deicide. Death came along later, basically making speed metal until just before its first album, but they had the name so they got feted and coddled. This is not to disregard their contribution but to point out that they were the crest of the wave not its base.

  9. A White Heterosexual says:

    Dear Brett,

    At your recommendation, I listened to Gorguts – Erosion of Sanity. I fail to see why the DMU chimps out over this album. It’s basically Suffocation worship, a lesser pastiche of Breeding the Spawn masked by two moody, acoustic interludes. What say you?

    A White Heterosexual

    1. Cynical says:

      I’m not Brett, but I do agree that Erosion of Sanity is the weakest of the first four Gorguts albums, and is the only one I don’t regularly revisit.

      1. I was disappointed in it when it came out, but over time came to appreciate it more. They left behind the dark doom-death atmosphere of the first, but then made up for it with an attempt to make technical metal that was not goofy soyfloppy stuff like their later output (oops) after From Wisdom to Hate.

        1. Tranny banger says:

          Only Considered Dead is real… but still feels like a weaker Suffo’. The second album started the decline, and the rest from that point is mostly depressing hipster cacophony that you don’t have to justify liking it, as that’s all fine because life is too short to care what another grown ass tranny does with her time.

          Immolation did this formula way better by simply not going overboard with the prog-wank – it’s properly done “alt-deathmetal”.

          P.S Talking about cats and the environment is some tough soy shit, especially for a metal site… not that it should come as a surprise these days. When there is no more room in the scene shemales will walk the earth.

          1. At this point, the Immolation I listen to is the second album.

            While I like Considered Dead, I enjoy The Erosion of Sanity and think it a mistake to try to cast this band as a Suffocation clone. They were closer to a melodic version of Floriday death metal; combine Obituary and Malevolent Creation with Coroner or Loudblast and you get close to Gorguts territory. However, I think they had their own take.

            1. AllThePrettySheep says:

              It’s an opinion that’s gained currency of late among younger listeners (about Erosion being a Suffo-clone i.e.). Helped along by white trash retards like J-Dawg no doubt. Erosion is a fucking vicious album with crucial contributions to death metal technique in the writing and riffing departments.

              1. At least they are talking about real death metal.

                I do not worry about clones; cloning is a method. If a band does something good with it, like Pathologist, they are good in my book.

              2. Tranny banger says:

                That’s exactly what I was doing, trolling The almighty Dawg, I’m glad somebody noticed… sort of.

                Might I add that the fucker has 5 cats so that makes it all even funnier.

                1. Bobby Peru says:

                  The Dawg isn’t completely useless, I found a few cool (but not necessarily “brilliant”) bands through him. I don’t expect everyone to have a cookie cutter taste in everything, as that would be communistic (and insane).

                  Crown ov Horns
                  Witch Vomit
                  Howling (US, Ohio)
                  In Aeternum
                  Decrepit (US, Ohio)
                  Embrace of Thorns
                  Infernal War (Pol)
                  Abominator (Aut)
                  Perdition Temple
                  Unholy Ghost
                  General Surgery


                  1. brassica oleracea says:

                    It’s hard to tune in for most of this stuff since the majority of these bands are of the calibre of the bands that opened for the great bands back in the late 1990s. General Surgery is not bad, for example, but it’s difficult for me to want to pick it up and listen to it (only vinyl).

                  2. Penis sobig4u says:

                    The only good band you mentioned was Decrepit, which Blaspherian is a clone of, the rest is OK, most of it is extremely gay. Death metal has such a puny weakling pussy fanbase now, shows used to intimidating now its like going to an ironic hipster gaybar.

              3. Cock mongler says:

                J dawg is alright. He has dedicated his life to (real) metal, which I respect, and has even made a living out of it. His site is one of the best places to look for metal cds, shirts, books, etc. He doesn’t seem like the smartest guy, but he’s also playing up things up for the camera. And, despite being semi literate, he’s smart enough to keep his body in good shape. I wish the average idiot was like j dawg.

                1. trad metal > death metal says:

                  Horval looks, talks and acts like the jock who thought metal was gay until he heard the black album. No self respecting death metal fan would call themselves “the dawg.” Him being a death metal connoisseur has to be some sort of Andy Kaufman level prank.

                  1. Since I am a video tard and fail to watch videos, has this fellow done anything to harm death metal?

                    1. trad metal > death metal says:

                      Well, he did say the first two At The Gates albums are boring and thinks Slaughter of the Soul is way better, whatever thats worth.

                    2. SOTS more fits the song form of classic heavy metal, where the first ATG is almost pure atmospheric experimentation. As a result, it is not as fast-moving as SOTS. I can grok this opinion but IMNSHO the decider is musical quality where the first ATG beats everything else. They never quite grew beyond the Iron Maiden and Queensryche fandom.

                    3. Slaughterlord says:

                      – owns a useful distro
                      – promotes plenty of underground death metal
                      – hates the pussification of metal culture and society in general
                      – promotes lifting weights, doesn’t lie about roid use
                      – some find him funny

                      – room-temperature IQ
                      – generally ignorant but not without a big mouth.
                      – no discernment because lacks mental and literal vocabulary or even curiosity.
                      – slap in the face to anyone who’s ever thought of or presented metal as a valid artform with its own musical, emotional, and intellectual nuance.

                      Sort of evens out huh? People appreciate his blunt presentation but there’s little to no substance if you dig deeper. But that’s what the public wants from “content” so meh.

                    4. I avoid YT whenever possible except for promo videos. It is just very hard for me to focus on video content generally. This is why the only movies I like are either crap or high-stimulus stuff like Alphaville and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Therefore, this is a different world to me.

                      But I think you put your finger on it here:

                      slap in the face to anyone who’s ever thought of or presented metal as a valid artform with its own musical, emotional, and intellectual nuance

                      People who dig this site are going to resent anything going along those lines, whether intentional or not.

                      However, I think the disconnect is really here:

                      But that’s what the public wants from “content” so meh.

                      To succeed on YouTube, you have to (in the immortal words of Jason Gortician) dumb it down.

                      This means that you cannot make Alphaville; you have to make something like Tucker and Dale Versus Evil (still a fun film, even though hipsters adopted it eventually).

                      If I did the kind of content I do here and on Amerika on YT, people would reply “lol faget” and the video would get 800 views.

                      To break even, you probably need more like 800k views.

                  2. mock congler says:

                    He calls himself J-dawg as a joke.

                  3. Dawg fan says:

                    The Dawg said he was fucking with people, and everyone knows the name is an intentional joke. He hates hiphop culture, and uses it ironically.

                    Jeez I thought you people were smart, but you’re just arrogant.

                    Pride goes before the fall.

                    1. I like him already. Hip-hop is the deathcore of Black music. Everyone should oppose it. You mean he uses the name ironically like “DJ Goat” had “DJ” in his name when mainstream hip-hop was fond of that term? Well how interesting.

                    2. trad > death says:

                      Ironic my balls. The guy is a retard.

                    3. who are you says:

                      if you like hip hop but hate deathcore

                  4. Cynical says:

                    And this right here is the reason people don’t like JDawg — they’re wimps threatened by anyone who has a bit of testosterone and masculinity, because it reminds them of “jocks”. These people should all go back to indie rock, where they’ll be much more comfortable.

                    1. trad > death says:

                      There’s a clear difference between testosterone and douchebag. Learn them and get gud faggot

                2. The Generation X audience wanted intelligent straightforward metalheads, but the Millennial+ audience wants moronic hipsters, so sometimes it makes sense to adopt that posture if one wants to be popular with that group.

                3. Attack All Anal Holes says:

                  He’s better than Radio Free Innsmouth ladyboy hyping garbage like Këkht Aräkh and calling Brett Stevens a hipster for paying respects to Coolio.

                  1. Dawg catcher says:

                    Here’s your “intelligent metal”: only bitches and money is real. Transcendental black metal is ultimate faggotry.

                    If you know anything else what life is about, tell us about it, and just watch it change the course of humanity… NOT.

                    Gnostic evolutionary infernalism (aka modern Christianity) is bullshit. Only ass is real.

                    1. Materialism versus symbolism, but so few recall naturalism.

          2. Freefall says:

            Brett is openly part hippie you know. Just like everyone who isn’t completely boring or annoying.

            1. Jarhead says:

              Hippies are boring and annoying and gay.

              1. Stretch Manbun Goes To War says:

                yeah the full on ones are but if you don’t know how to peace out then you’re probably a tightass which is gay too

                1. Anorectal Vaginoplasty says:

                  I’d rather take a thousand dicks in the ass than be an emo hipster like most of these YT fags

                  1. gone commando says:

                    that should help

        2. Cynical says:

          It’s a stretch to even call the post-From Wisdom to Hate stuff Gorguts, IMO, given that none of the classic members were still alive and they were all replaced with indie rock idiots who amplified all of Lemay’s worst traits while downplaying all of his strengths.

          1. Eric Giguere, Stephane Provencher, and Sylvain Marcoux are all deceased? That’s a massacre. In my view, the rest of the band contributed more than was recognized at the time.

            1. Cynical says:

              Steeve Hurdle and Steve MacDonald are both dead. Cloutier is still alive, but hasn’t done anything in music in 20 years.

              1. Weird how the support staff switched from Acadian to Anglo musicians.

                1. Salamander says:

                  Aren’t Acadians frogs from the maritime provinces? The Gorguts crew were all Quebecois as far as I know.

                  1. We should look at some leaf propaganda to begin our investigation:

                    In 1764, the British authorities allowed the Acadians to return in small isolated groups. They came back slowly, and they moved to various places in Nova Scotia and on Cape Breton Island. Others met in Newfoundland, the West Indies, France and even the Falkland Islands. About 3,000 Acadians settle in Louisiana, becoming our cousins the “Cajuns”.

  10. Skrewball says:

    Brett, did you attend a Skrew concert in the 90s? The crowd had 4 MacBong dead ringers. Even the vocalist had some MacBong in him.

  11. Capitalism is dead, long live merchandising says:

    The white kitten seems to be leading the others.

    Your reddit crowd might take that as evidence of racism and disown the band.

    “Death rides a pale kitten” maybe, hehe.

    The tshirt-makers did get the logo right, with the cross properly inverted. That’s got to count for something.

    1. Agreed. Turn the cross upside down!

      1. Thrash is better than Black or Death says:

        Oz was a great band.

  12. Funster says:

    Brett, is Gehenna’s second spell worth listening to?

    1. Carrot says:

      Not Brett, but yes.

  13. Catbelly says:

    Idk man a cool human long sleeve in that dark pink id rock that shit. Haters just can’t pull it off turkey neck mother fuckers

  14. Cats are great but if you were sinking in quicksand they would just sit there and watch you sink ….
    and DEATH stopped being cool with Spiritual Healing.

  15. uh you guys says:

    I think the soft pink side is his butthole

  16. Klainmain91 _ says:

    Just struck me. Slaughter (Can) is not on DLA.

  17. Crowat says:

    Just realized that reddit is one of the tags, lmaoo.

  18. Martin van Drunken says:

    Death had amazing riffs. The problem is when you begin to listen to other death metal bands, you begin to notice that every single song Chuck wrote minus a few exceptions has the exact same structure. Few riffs, solos, then repeat the riffs. This means once you have listened to half of the song you have really heard the entire song since it just repeats the first half. After realizing this it basically killed the relistening value of the Death catalogue to me.

    There are still some other bands that did this type of song structuring like Pestilence on Consuming Impulse, but Death literally has it on every single album.

    1. Not to mention that Death had basically five types of riffs that were very similar to each other.

  19. Thrash is better than Black or Death says:

    Therion’s first album is a banger.

  20. Breft says:

    Shit, I thought you guys were doing another parody before I clicked the link.

    I’ve noticed a trend online of the Christification of Chuck, which usually goes something like:
    -he invented death metal
    -Death were the greatest death metal band (Chuck nearly seemed like he disavowed it towards the end of his career)
    -he was the nicest, most sensitive and spiritual guy in all of death metal because he wore that stupid fuckin’ cat shirt in every interview – virtue signalling before it was cool (such a nice guy he couldn’t keep a lineup together for more than an album)

    I don’t hate Chuck, and I think Death put out a few great albums, but I think the overpraising of him after his passing is correlated with Death being the safe, socially acceptable, liberal, (and yes, Reddit- and Encylopedia Metallum-approved) death metal band.

    1. He found his audience, and now they have turned metal into indie-emo with fake riffs.

      But mostly, he gave metal entry to the new audience of post-1960s people. The kids growing up in the 1990s never knew anything except The System and its Ideology.

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