Death To Christianity and Egalitarianism

This Easter, as many before, we gather to celebrate a civilization which has been dying for a thousand years and the utter futility of doing anything about it because most people are ignorant and bigoted against any notion of civilization, culture, race, and heritage.

Instead they cling to “values,” or political notions like equality, rule of law, free markets, diversity, tolerance, inclusion, and Christianity. All of these are political values which have replaced actual culture and spirituality with a bureaucratic equivalent.

Consider Christianity. It must die, and will die, from the following fatal flaws:

  • Dualism: it believes in another world with rules different from this one, and by encouraging us to see this “higher” world, denies us the reality of our existence, and by doing that, in turn makes us disbelieve the higher world because of the negativity created in this one. Dualism is a mental trap and drives people insane; regular Platonism, that our world is part of a bigger space, makes more sense.
  • Written: if you want something to get handed to monkeys for reinterpretation in chaotic, incorrect, and generally idiotic ways, by all means write it down as a series of procedures and instructions. The rest of your monkey species will convert it to weaponized gibberish in no time. As a bonus, some of the most-reviled converters like Luther and Calvin were in fact restoring meaning that other monkeys had wrecked.
  • Superstitious: in Christianity, you have moral gods who intervene in this world to make things better in an absolute, egalitarian sense where every life matters; in ancient pagan and Hindu mythology, you have gods who intervene to keep the cycle of the ages going, but otherwise concern themselves little with human monkeys and in fact celebrate our moronic self-destruction.
  • Symbolic: Christianity leads directly to schizophrenia as you find yourself wondering what burning bush, writing on the wall, talking snake, or magic number is telling you what God thinks. Since it is moral, it depends talismans and devil dolls to keep you oriented toward obedience, and this creates a mentality of trying to parse reality as symbols, not a functional series of cause-to-effect relationships.
  • Foreign: no matter how much we try to dress it up, Christianity is part of the Judeo-Christian/Abrahamic religions (Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Islam, Christianity) group that comes from the middle east. Even if it is mostly restated Greek ideas with a huge dose of Buddhism in the New Testament, Christianity remains alien to us in name, practice, and identity.

This being said, I love the old churches. I enjoy ancient hymns, The Book of Common Prayer, and the many works of art inspired by people who were Christian. Logically, however, I know that they would have been inspired to do the same things by our native religions, since art and craft are expressions of genetics, not taught through some book of Jewish and Arab fairytales.

As I child, I was always amused by blasphemy, heresy, and apostasy. It seemed to me that in any age there was a real need or problem (a “hidden elephant” in the room), a scapegoat and palliative indulgence that people pursued instead, and a series of taboos and talismans designed to keep people from discovering realism, i.e. the assessment of the moral goodness of actions by their functional competence in terms of results in reality and not what humans think of those or the “optics,” so that they would discover the hidden elephant and cast aside the useless behavior.

Once you get past the early stages of learning about history, it becomes clear that Christianity and egalitarianism are being used as crowd control. This means that we as a society recognize that most of us are a combination of crazy and stupid, and that these people need to be force-fed lies because otherwise they will destroy civilization. The dirty secret about 1984 is that it is necessary, because “freedom” means freedom for idiots, criminals, morons, and incompetents who then destroy civilization.

We use equality as our drug of choice because it shuts up the proles. They wanted equality so that there would be no social hierarchy, and our enemies wanted us to adopt equality because it destroys social unity. When everyone is equal, constant competition makes the most vicious psychopaths and sociopaths into successful people, and they promptly ruin society to the adulation of the crowd, who believe at face value the things they are told like that they are getting free stuff from government and about to enter the kingdom of heaven.

Any sane society would eugenically purge these people with gas chambers, wood chippers, electrocution, and any other means that would ensure that they do not breed and have zero influence. Smart societies exterminate proles. We have equality to keep us from understanding that we should be doing this, because once we have the equality brain-slug in our minds, we will keep tolerating morons, incompetents, parasites, neurotics, schizoids, retards, and other human waste around us, when in fact we should be ending their lives as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Since we tolerate having them around, we have to endlessly pretend. First we must pretend that proles are not stupid and criminal, generally, and that they are not less Cromagnon/Nordid and therefore broader-faced and lower-IQ than the ethnic Western Europeans we like to hang around. Then we have to pretend that groups like Irish, Spaniards, Italians, Slavs, Arabs, and Jews are not mostly-White but racially-mixed people who therefore have lost the ability to make Western Civilization. Finally we have to pretend that anyone likes having transsexuals around, since they do not and see them as circus freaks, and that being homosexual is somehow admirable, even though to every parent it means either mutation or molestation and therefore is a tragic thing, the death of a family line, not something to celebrate.

We also have to pretend that heterosexuals are not grossed out by homosexual sex, and that homosexual men are not grossed out by women. We have to pretend that women are as intelligent as men and can do the same things, just like we have to pretend that eighteen-year-olds know enough to vote, or even the primal The Enlightenment™-era fallacy that people possess “equal wisdom,” when most people are too dense to be trusted with ordering lunch. We have to pretend that there is not a hierarchy of social class among our people, and that some are more competent than the rest, which means that they should order the less-competent around.

We have to pretend that diversity works, instead of being the same crisis that is international politics, but in your nation instead. We have to pretend that these modern cheeseburgers and donuts have real nutrition, instead of being the poisonous “democratized” food that they are. We have to pretend that we are not swimming in internal combustion engine and industrial pollution that is killing us, sleepless from noisy nights, going to make-work jobs and schools that are moron fascinators and crowd control, and that popular culture is a total waste of time.

We have to also pretend that democracy can somehow work, even though the morons always have the numbers and even smart people in voting groups use cognitive dissonance to re-adjust their expectations so that they can pretend they want what they think the group wants, leading to a constant lowered standard. We have to pretend that egalitarian economics is not a tragedy of the commons, and that freedom in free markets does not achieve the same result (albeit more slowly). We have to pretend that most people are good, when in fact most of them are incompetent, and even the nice ones usually make stupid decisions because they lack the biological/genetic ability to do differently.

We have to pretend (finally) in free will, and that we are not merely computing machines assembled around a program of our genetics, with a few choices that most refuse to make because they are cowards. We have to pretend that human perceptions are more important than reality, something we defer like death to a time beyond our minds, instead of accepting our world as it is and maximizing it by spending our time on useful stuff instead of make-work, pretend, acting, conforming, tolerating, obeying, including, and otherwise pissing away our irreplaceable hours on making morons feel comfortable.

I love heresy. Turn that cross upside down; death to Jesus Christ, and to all who believe in “equality.” Happy (d)Easter!

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50 thoughts on “Death To Christianity and Egalitarianism”

  1. molestor says:

    A better copy of Bahimiron’s Funeral Black demo has been uploaded recently on Youtube. Thought I’d mention as the other version going around sounded like crap.

    Happy Easter and hail the goat!

    1. It’s about time. I need to rip my old copy at some point. This band lives on in Imprecation, as far as I can tell.

      1. Cynical says:

        I’d say that Morbus 666 is the real Bahimiron continuation, given that every Bahimiron member except for Blaash has been in there at some point or another.

  2. Slayer Player says:

    Lots of truth here. The constant pretending could make anyone go nuts.

    I’d agree that Spaniards and Italians are probably too different from the Western norm, but it seems to me they were pretty good at building civilizations (e.g. Rome).

    1. The one vital question is: was that the same group that we have today?

    2. A dick says:

      Those who built Rome were Caucasian. Then someone foolishly let the world in under democrachit / the repukeblic at which point equality, race mixing and proles took over.

      1. It’s Crowdism as usual. Get a large human group together, and pretty soon everyone defers to pacifism, since that keeps the group together and lets each individual get away with whatever they want to hide while the group goes raving off after another trend.

      2. Slayer Player says:

        Hmm, possible. Is there research confirming this? Perhaps a DNA comparison between modern and ancient Italians?

        1. helotlove says:

          It has already happened:

          Long story short, early Romans were more or less like today’s northwestern Italians, then population movement from the middle east happened, then the empire collapsed and most of the outsiders left with rural natives repopulating the place. So Italians aren’t exactly like Romans but they are quite close (excluding South Italians/Siclians who were quite different back then too probably).
          As for Spain/Portugal, there’s some genetic input from North Africa mostly in the west of Iberia but people like Basques (especially) and Catalans are not really affected.

          1. not-a-basque says:

            However, Basques are pre-Aryan-influx Europeans. They are a wholly different stock from who we refer to as “Westerners” here. THey’re known to have a gnome-like appearance, and funny earth-bound mother cults.

  3. James Kuehn says:

    I get it, it’s easy to be put off by anything Christian given the watered down and debased forms you get in Amerikan protestantism. But your arguments here are sorely lacking in rigour; you’re better than this.

    When you read the Vedas, The Eddas, and the Greco -Roman stuff, and give them the benefit of a doubt by assuming that it’s symbolic, that there’s more to the tradition than what’s written, and there are layers to this stuff—exactly as you should. Why is the same nuanced treatment denied to the Christian writings?

    As for Luther and Calvin, they are both products of a degeneration started by the papist schism of 1054, and they were even worse, the next stage of the decay if anything.

    These are all summaries since I wanted to spare you from a wall of text about history and theology on a Friday night.

    1. I disagree on Luther and Calvin. They were trying to introduce reality to a Jewish mystical take on Greek and Buddhist traditions.

      As you know, I grew up Episcopalian (remember your ethnic cue cards). The other branch of the family started Lutheran churches across Germany, Poland, Russia, Austria, and Denmark.

      How did I arrive at my conclusions? Exactly as the article said: distrust of dualism, symbolism, individualism, utilitarianism, and written procedure (formalization).

      This is not directed at Christianity alone, as you can see, which is the point of making such a pointlessly offensive article!

      1. Cynical says:

        Hard disagree on Luther. He’s the guy who brought us Sola Fide/Sola Scriptura, and worked to put the written word in the hands of the masses (as opposed to them only getting interpretations of the word from the priests).

        1. The priests had already botched it by that time, as one might expect from a hierarchy that competes with political power. Sola Fide is simply Buddhism: you gain a holy state of mind (Nirvana, “clear”) through organizing the mind, not through going out there and virtue signaling by handing ham sandwiches to homeless guys on drugs.

          1. Cynical says:

            The problem here is, as you allude to in your response to maelstrom, the internal is only real insofar as it projects itself into the external; however, the Lutheran church explicitly denies this (although doing a bit of research seems to indicate that Luther himself didn’t, seeing “faith” has having both an episteme and techne component, directly contradicting the church he founded? Given that action creates the order of the mind just as much as the order of the mind creates action, this seems dangerously like putting the cart before the horse in terms of practical application, but is at least technically justifiable…), claiming that faith has a complete separation from works. This results in “religion” that’s nothing more than recitation of creeds for the sake of Providence (see also: “Superstitious” and “Dualism” subheadings).

            1. The Christians do not mean realism by “works”; they mean charity, essentially, or demonstrable acts of goodness (yes, the philological pun is intended). Luther pointed out that the Catholic church was doing what politicians do when they kiss babies at press conferences, which is to make a token act of good that then conceals their bad deeds. “Sola Fide” takes Christianity back to the roots of the New Testament, which is basically the idea of achieving a mental state of godliness. Was that abused? Of course, but nothing could prevent that for the three basic reasons — symbolic, dualistic, written — noted by the original article. It is a flaw in Christianity itself; being Catholic does not save Christianity from its doom. As Nietzsche pointed out, when you do away with the real world, you also do away with the dualistic God, since people just revert to pure solipsism where the world is an attribute of themselves and they are their own gods.

      2. A dick says:

        Pointless? I love every word and delight in the rape of the Narrative.

        1. Pointless in the sense that it makes no friends, doesn’t create a little group of internet followers who will buy books, etc.

          Now, this is somewhat for your amusement, since “seemingly pointlessly offensive” would be a pretty good summary of my writing career.

          In the long-term view, I think people are tired of being manipulated and lied to, and so now being offensive is less offensive than avoiding being offensive.

          About half of America is OK with you calling them racial slurs up front instead of stabbing them in the back. That number is likely to rise.

          1. I am deeply sorry of my existence and hope not to offend anyone says:

            Note taken.

      3. James Kuehn says:

        Fair enough. Though it’s worth mentioning that the dualism came from specific theologians’ confusion and is not naturally a part of the faith. The formalization was also a later corruption, considering the faith was an oral tradition the first few centuries.

        I’m willing to believe there are some useful and inspiring qualities to Lutheran and Calvinist ideas, but I was brought up Catholic (French and south-German heritage), and will not likely overcome my deeply conditioned distaste for anything protestant. But we can agree to disagree for reasons I mention further down this thread.

        1. In my view, the authors of Christianity were intelligent enough to rope together all of the knowledge of the past into a coherent group, but fitting with their own racial confusion, not bright enough to see the bigger picture, which is the need for humans to avoid creating idols, even of language and symbol.

          Also in my view, protestantism merely brought out where Christianity naturally tended to go because of the incoherence mentioned above. Incomplete thoughts collapse to the most basic interpretation. Therefore, you’re going to get dualism out of Christianity because it was not clearly enough monist, unlike the pagan stories before it.

          Ultimately, I am most interested in getting back to the Original Indo-European Faith (OIEF) and the Yamnayist philosophy, which generally might be seen as idealist monism like hermeticism, New Thought, or Hinduism plus a strong belief in violent eugenics and exterminating the weak. I think it was in fear of this that Christianity was created, at least partially.

    2. Christians fuck off says:

      The Catholic Church was built on decay. Whatever some of this reformists did was try to bring to clarity and reality this fraudulent cult of stolen and distorted beliefs put into sterile form.

  4. maelstrrom says:

    This is similar to my struggles with Christianity. I must follow God but I hate Christianity’s modern form; I can’t completely reject it because it’s the religion my family follows. Perhaps an older form such as that followed by the Teutonic Knights or other spiritual warrior group would be better.
    On another note, it’s become my tradition to listen to Onward to Golgotha on Good Friday.

    1. For me, the question is this: who is God?

      I searched, and rejected the Buddhist notion of god-as-mirror-of-self and came to the Hindu, Greco-Roman, and Nordic Pagan model of godhead, absent creator, and gods.

      As in the Hindu notion, I sense that the spiritual quest is to organize the mind, and then to place the world in order. This is what Cynical is riffing on regarding “Sola Fide”: you need an organized mind, but also to do right by realistic measures in the world, something that Christianity being egalitarian confuses with handing ham sandwiches to dudes on drugs so you can go back to church and brag about how you are helping the poor.

      As a Calvinist, of course, I recognize that those who are likely to have ordered minds are pre-ordained. Nature is not egalitarian, because egalitarianism is ultimately horribly unfair and unstable, since it works against accumulations of knowledge.

    2. James Kuehn says:

      Western-rite Orthodoxy may be what you’re looking for, if Slavic/Byzantine stuff is too foreign for you. Essentially, it is a revival of the Latin/Western churches as they were, theologically and liturgically, back when Rome was still in communion with the Eastern churches. It’s not that prominent in North America yet, but still worth looking into. The moral laws, works, and other external things are very much means and not ends—tools in attaining the state of being you and Brett mentioned elsewhere in this thread. The main tool in this quest being contemplative prayer, something analogous to but importantly different from the meditation in Indian religions.

      This is in fact how Christianity was for the first 1000 or so years; it’s the dualist tendencies and scriptural pedantry that are the heresies.

      Of course, I’m sided with the OP of this article where it counts: we are both opposed to what modernity thinks Christianity is.

      1. I would consider Anglican/Episcopal churches as an alternative to this. As far as I know, they were the only ones that included the Greeks and Nords as part of their orthodoxy, even if unofficially.

  5. Spaniard says:

    Yawn. Try harder.

    1. “Don’t encourage him!” screamed the negotiator.

      1. Spaniard says:

        There are no points for second place.

  6. sofijazov says:

    Have you’ve read about the Bogomils? The ones that rejected the church and Christianity and even hailed Satanail.
    Misery ( gives a great atmosphere of that period when Bogomils were active!

    1. James Kuehn says:

      Resurgence of the “gnostic” heresies much like the Cathars in Western Europe ?

      It feels pretty ironic that theological discussion stays civil on a death metal site, but elsewhere on the internet gets hostile really quick. But when you think about it, there’s nothing ironic about this.

      1. sofijazov says:

        Exactly! There is some evidence that Bogomils(from Bogomila, Macedonia) actually influenced Cathars. The movement spread through Dalmatia, Italy to France, where Cathars are known to be.

  7. Eastern civilization says:

    So much stuff I don’t agree with but still a great read. It looks to me as if you are completely ignoring non-Catholic, Orthodox Eastern Europe, which is more of a fusion of Pagan and Christian traditions and beliefs.

    The biggest mistake of the Catholic church was its greatness, that striving to compete with the State – which provoked the entire pushback from both atheists and protestants. On the other hand, Orthodox Christianity never tried to outdo the state, but acted as the spiritual law of the entire edifice. Also, Orthodox priests can marry and are thus fully integrated in the community, which greatly diminishes the gay psychosis that affects virgin priests who are simply not strong enough for the rigors of an ascetic life. Even today, against the tidal wave of faggotry, mindless consumerism and overall globalist degeneration coming in from your dear Western civilization, the Orthodox church serves a great role as the spiritual protector of traditional life and thought. And in spite of a “live and let live” philosophy, this is not your cuck version of Christianity. Its historical role was to contribute to the unity of peoples waging a defensive war against the invading Muslim and Mongol hordes, and today against the destructive Western ideologies.

    So yeah while I could agree with you on a philosophical level about Christianity in general, I think that Orthodox Christianity is a different thing. There’s a reason why there are not that many popular Satanic Metal bands form the East (from what I can figure). It even allowed for some Pagan traditions and celebrations to survive alongside it. Above all, it keeps alive a minimal traditional spirituality and moral mesure needed for basic normal functioning in this world; as once said, “hubris is the daughter of impiety” (coming from a “mostly-White” guy named Aeschylus lol).

    It’s hilarious how much you still hate the proles, even if there are smart people born in prole-land too. Other than being ultra-rich, smart people like you don’t look like they are going to join the stem-cell-immortal-elites anytime soon. I don’t know about a favorable view on eugenics from Hinduism (are you thinking of the Bhagavad-Gita ? From what I recall, the main theme there was the yoga, not eugenics) or Indo-European traditions, but the Ancient Greeks worshipped both the laws of nature and their own ancestral laws. This is the way, not moral universalisms and neither pure Platonic aristocracy.

    1. I disagree here on a key point: Platonic aristocracy is nature and morality brought into line, being based on natural selection for those with the ability and natural inclination to do what is good. Moral universalism arises from the egalitarian impulse and can be discarded. I agree that the Catholic church suicided by competing with the power of the kings, at which point it became clear it was a threat to Europe, although it should always have been clear that any foreign religion is a Trojan Horse.

      Eastern Europe will cease to exist over the next few centuries as it becomes absorbed by the Asiatic populations that are some of its constituent parts.

      1. sofijazov says:

        Which Asiatic nations are you referring to? There is emigration that penetrates into Eastern Europe, but they are not interested to stay, just transit to Western Europe and north of Europe.

    2. Nancy Phallusi says:

      Russian orthodoxy equals stupidity & ugliness. (Just as Polish catholicism equals weakness and conceit at the same time.) Forget about the pagan component – they’re gradually banning all of the nature cult and the ancestors cult such as visiting graveyards on Easter. Their propaganda is deeply egalitarian or even affirmative-actionist: help the yurodivyye, don’t think of yourself as better than them etc. Orthodoxy are anti-nature, anti-god, anti-health.

  8. Nancy Phallusi says:

    Death to the bastard! Hail the steel freedom!

    Point 3 should be renamed to “Individualistic”: christianity saves MY OWN PRECIOUS SNOWFLAKE SOUL. This is against civilization which is interested in the WHOLE not the SOLE.

    1. I agree. The “personal God” is a worse idea than the disinterested gods who drive the change in the world according to its needs, not those of little human yeasts.

  9. NH says:

    Nice read but there are both dualism and many other forces in Platonic views. In Plotinus he mentions the attracting forces of Material versus the Intellective Principle. Man being soul within Material will have to deal with the Material influence. The material body will have influencing factors toward food, water, sensation, pussy, etc. Evil being described as forces leading to only material and formlessness.

    But also the Parmenides idea of The One having vast diversity, including many gods/principles and forms. Duality is not entirely gone from this.

    Anyways Happy Easter, enjoy the renewal and resurrection of the Sun, no matter the Allegorical retelling!

    1. That’s not dualism.

  10. Kuro says:

    The heliocentric cosmology is a masonic lie (most NASA people are freemasons), therefore evolution and aliens are a lie by default too (except micro-evolution that only causes slight, not massive adaptation).

    We’re obviously intelligently designed, and who designed it is up to you to decide, but if it turns out it was the Christian God, then you’re all in deep shit.

    The elites are hiding the shape of the earth with photoshopping and over-emphasis on darwinistic evolution (hah, as if it’s a rebellious thing to be an Atheist, it’s not!), it means they’re Satanists – real Satanists, not cartoony edgelords with guitars and torn jeans.

    So if the Christian God is targetted the most to prevent people from entering into eternal life, then The Answer is obvious. Consider this the last form of kindness anyone has ever posted here, because you spergs don’t deserve it. Check the fucking link, or continue to pretend to be redpilled, I could care less.

  11. Doug says:

    Humans are the heavy metal of primates, and one subgenre has inadvertently become the center of attention (it’s telling that you instantly know what I’m talking about). Skin is the engine in this Floyd fastback, the same skin that’s rattled the world for centuries and it ain’t red or ebony or any shade of brown. Most specifically, that squishy and sausage-free variety that is ripe and overdue for harvesting by the wonderful peoples of the world.

    It always appeared to be nature’s most valuable resource but I never knew for sure until now after seeing to what ruinous lengths people of all shades and genders are willing to go to acquire either direct or indirect access/control (assertion of dominion over the subject matter is essential to not only increase likelihood of copulation but also to prevent deep feelings of traitorous shame when one must resort to fantasy). Most notably, sausage-imbued counterparts with access granted by genetics (such as DJT) must be humiliated, disenfranchised and ground into dust posthaste by said wonderful crowd.

    This is the shadow issue consuming civilization as it’s the one thing in the back of everyone’s mind and yet no one dare utter a revelatory word. Name a modern problem, any problem general or specific, this is the root. Make no mistake what this is and has always been about: it’s the [redacted] women, stupid. Pretty much all of them, hell even many of the chubby and nutty liberal ones, but especially the more shapely and ultra-feminine ones. If somehow they did not exist, none of this would be happening. Full disclosure: anything attractive with [redacted] skin will substitute but the female variety is the ultimate since you get a bonus hole to either [redacted] or at least fantasize about, and afterward you can continue to make eye contact with other people.

    Unrestrained, they will brutally rape humanity itself if they cannot get their hands on you. Mask up [redacted] women, they may have to suffer your bodies but can no longer suffer your soul-shattering faces. This is why Christianity can not yank us out of the mental pit because it does not have anywhere near the fortitude to broach such things. Next level realism is long overdue, folks. Go ahead and take the plunge you mentally lazy piece of shit! Affirm it first thing in the morning and don’t let it get you killed but make soft allusions whenever possible, unless you are simply “too tired.” If that’s the case you may want to start hoarding Preparation H before the shortages begin.

    1. Slayer Player says:

      That’s so interesting, especially because [redacted] and [redacted] have [redacted] ever since [redacted].

      But most importantly, the [redacted] would [redacted] to [redacted] your mother.

  12. Define homosexual sex.

    1. 1. Sexual relations between two or more people of the same sex, or
      2. Sexual relations where an Apple product is present.

      This is distinguished from post-metal which is metrosexual.

  13. retard hater says:

    I’ve been thinking about a new (for me) mode of thinking about the Bible. Yes, they are the words of God and his prophets, but they are mostly false, because God is deceitful, and leaves His true nature to be revealed by studying the natural world. Here is His true nature:

    He created consciousness and the ideal world so that we could share His feelings and consciousness, which is dominated by true existential death (no afterlife for either us nor God) and pain and boredom. He is ultimately nihilistic and petty.

    I’m not exactly sure how to expand on this, but it seems pretty brutal, if a bit lazy for falling into the trap of being too directly influenced by Christianity, though claiming to be in rebellion against it (similarly to theistic Satanism).

    1. Expanding on this, no Word will reveal God, which is an experience, where words are human tokens.

      The Nihilist God would not tell you what to obey; he gave you a world to learn from.

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