Blasphemy Licenses “Initiation Of Confliction” War Metal Starter Guitar Kit

As a recognized founder of the war metal genre, the band Blasphemy represents martial conflict and infinite blasphemy. Now it may be the progenitor of future generations of war metal through its latest offering, a war metal starter guitar kit named “Initiation of Confliction” that includes all the necessities for creating a war metal project band.



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Profanatica – Altar of the Virgin Whore (2018)

Following the peak of John Gelso’s manic laughter melodic sensibility on Thy Kingdom Cum, Profanatica entered artistic decline by releasing the excuse-to-tour Curling Flame of Blasphemy where the riffs were merely those of Disgusting Blasphemy Against God in a lull given a slight boost in populist consonance for the purpose of pleasing crowds. The G.G. Allin of black metal Paul Ledney sounded tired and uninspired which was reflected by the shark-jumping biker bar promotional pictures which were included in the booklet of the album. With Altar of the Virgin Whore we find Profanatica once again selling an excuse to tour only this time it is said plainly.



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These Musicians May Be Executed When Sweden Institutes Sharia Law

Sweden is lost.

With an unstoppable invasion of Muslim migrants and a judicial system that refuses to prosecute their crimes, the nation’s progressive government leaders have definitively surrendered the future of Sweden into a Muslim majority.  It will only be a matter of time until a revolution occurs similar to that of Iran in 1979, when the country’s republic is overthrown and replaced by an Islamic theocracy and hijabs are forced on the women of Sweden.  It’s a reality that Swedes had better accept sooner than later as it has already happened to many other less willing nations within the last century.

Under Sharia law, there are harsh penalties for blasphemy, witchcraft, female indecency (exposing your body/not wearing a veil in public) and devil worship- ranging from a life in prison (with the press declaring you committed suicide) to public execution.  There will be no mercy shown for those who profaned/denied the image of God whether the act occurred during or after the new rule of law was instituted.  Therefore, any and all Swedish bands with such lyrical content will be quickly and efficiently strung up en masse when the new government arrives.

And if all this sounds crazy to you, just read the tale of Iranian metal band Confess and the horrors its musicians have been forced to endure.  After recording the lyrically harmless In Pursuit of Dreams (of which song titles include “Did You Get My Last Massage?” and “What Doesn’t Kill You Make You Exhausted!”), the band’s vocalist Nikan Kosravi were thrown into prison, forced in solitary confinement, and denied bail for almost a month.  The kid’s parents had to sell their houss and pay $30,000 for him to be released, and he faced the punishment of death by hanging for the crime of blasphemy.  He eventually hired a human trafficker to smuggle him out of the country to escape a 6 year prison sentence!

FYI Those are Saudi Arabian women being hanged, for all of you hijab-wearing feminists out there

But all the while brainless beta-cuck musicians existing in a Gothenburg liberal bubble like Tomas Lindberg of At the Gates will be decrying nationalism and populism as the horrifying bogyman that threatens their world.  They will cheer the eventual institution of Islamic government as “the end of a tyrannical Christian reign” and will not even notice the militants sneak up behind them until the bag is thrown over their heads.  Some of their fans will cry and throw tantrums and in retaliation be beaten in the streets, but they will ultimately do nothing as their Swedish death metal heroes are hanged by the neck right before their very eyes.

If you have ever played in a Swedish death or black metal band, you’d better get the hell out of the country before the day of Sharia comes (I’m giving it less than ten years).  And if you’re in a band on the below list, I am not kidding you: you are going to die!!!  To the rest of the world, prepare yourself, because it is likely only a matter of time before the musicians of following bands will likely be executed in front of a liberal metal world that was too dumb and too feminine to stand up to what is happening:



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Death Of War Metal Imminent!

For years, Nuclear War Now!’s forum has been the haven for life dropout D&D neckbeards searching for some form of friendship and community. But according to website tracking metrics, the site has seen a massive decline in it’s traffic over the past 6 months.  While viewership of metal sites can rise and fall unpredictably on metal sites, the above statistic should frighten anyone who cares about keeping their site relevant.  Sites with active forums should be doing much better than your the average blog-style metal site, so the numbers above show an unforgivable descent into irrelevancy.

But given that the site is predominantly frequented by war metal fans that have no regard for actual music, the crash in interest also proves something far bigger:  war metal, as a sub genre, is in its last days.



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Unholy Blasphemy

Rise, and desecrate.

You were born in a time when all things acclaimed were in fact lies.

The reality of life was hidden behind products designed to allay fears.

The future revealed itself as emptiness or worse, false substance.

Daily Fred Nietzsche:

Mankind surely does not represent an evolution toward a better or stronger or higher level, as progress is now understood. This “progress” is merely a modern idea, which is to say, a false idea. The European of today, in his essential worth, falls far below the European of the Renaissance; the process of evolution does not necessarily mean elevation, enhancement, strengthening.

True enough, it succeeds in isolated and individual cases in various parts of the earth and under the most widely different cultures, and in these cases a higher type certainly manifests itself; something which, compared to mankind in the mass, appears as a sort of superman. Such happy strokes of high success have always been possible, and will remain possible, perhaps, for all time to come. Even whole races, tribes and nations may occasionally represent such lucky accidents.

You were born without a hope. You have no future. In fact, nothing has a future.

The only response must be to burn it all down, reduce to zero, and then rebuild.


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Night Shift War Metal Crossover Love

A “War Metal Maniac” calling himself “Nokturnal Thrall to 7-11, Glutinous Devourer of Transmogrified Phallus” submitted a story of an encounter of his to Death Metal Underground in light of Gorgowocoa’s recent revelations of disgusting degeneracy.



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Coincidence? I Think Not.

Metal has two basic ideas: death worship and crowd control.

The first involves the notion that death is necessary not just to purge the weak, but to give meaning to life, and that by opposing it, we are fooled into retreating into an illusory human-only world formed of self and social group, and that by doing so we self-destruct, instead of discovering the beauty of darkness and the excellence within power that are necessary to understanding existence.

The second addresses the nature of humanity: any good idea is taken by the crowd, dumbed down to the point where they can digest it, and then destroyed because the adulterated version is weak since it lacks whatever made the idea good. This cycle persists throughout human history, and even in our interpersonal relationships; we are talking monkeys with car keys forever striving for clarity and realism.

Blasphemy is our only salvation, because what most of us think is true is always a lie.

Death worship means, more than an appreciation of death itself, a delight in the joys of humanity itself. Death is where we become powerless; perhaps we should be powerless in other areas, because our choices reflect the desires of the human body, and not the inner self of who we actually are, or who we might become, if we were brave and followed the path laid out for us by the demands of life itself.

Consider the nature of the phrase “holy asshole.” It suggests a unity between what is least entrenched in life, and its most basic biological reality. In this phrase, naturalism and idealism are joined; the biological and Darwinistic find unity with the sacred and reverent. It is transcendence itself.

Luckily, art shows us this unity:

Narrator: All of you stick your hands into the holy asshole and when it lights up you’ll have found the one.1

If paired with:

Rip the sacred flesh
Sodomize the holy asshole2

Coincidence? I think not.

Emptiness and destruction are with us always. The path of the cakravartin belongs to those who can make the darkness serve the light, or perhaps the meta-light, which is the state of existence itself, a somethingness always striving to overcome nothingness and make meaning out of the vastest of voids and most depleted of empty spaces.

Metal is more than music. It is a philosophy of life: how to accept imperfection, and through it, realize that perfection is a human perfection, and that what we perpetually need is a constant struggle for imposing beauty through darkness, instead of fleeing what is dark to what appears to be light, only later discovering that it was illusion.

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