Deiphago accused of violent assault


Aggressive war metal band Deiphago are rumored to be violent in other ways, too: Curt Johnson’s (Iron Force, Mutant Supremacy) girlfriend Natalia alleges that Sidalpa of Deiphago punched her in the face when she went backstage to get a beer from the beers left there for the bands.

Johnson relates:

I wasn’t present at the time but I guess Natalia was backstage and went for a beer from one of the bins and sidalpa from deiphago punched her in the face and knocked her out. I was watching inquisition and came out right before they finished and saw her face, apparently they left right after the shit happened.

Some observers have noted that Natalia was not approved to go backstage, and the beers there may have been for the bands only and not girlfriends. The full story has yet to emerge, and apparently there is no police report.

The problem with situations like this — as we saw with the Duke Lacrosse case, the Columbia rape case, and other false accusations — is that jumping to conclusions and forming a lynch mob to destroy someone based solely on one person’s accusation is a terrible idea that will lead to misery. There is a reason we have police, courts and law and use those to objectively (as much as possible) determine guilt and innocence, instead of taking one person’s word as fact and using it to ruin the life of another.


As you can see, the usual forces are ready to jump to conclusions and are getting excited for a righteous justification for destroying someone else. The revenge-instinct of the herd is strong in them. Sadly, others who should know better are making the same mistake (I was unfriended by this person shortly after the exchange you see here):


This statement shows the mentality of the mob:

they are going to the police to try to press charges. if you’re the type who is going to defend a guy who punched a gal in the face for grabbing a beer, then fled the club…you need to unfriend me now

The technique used above is to attempt to say that demanding a fair trial before kicking off the lynch mob and defending the accused are the same thing, when in fact nothing in his defense was said. All that was said was: we should figure out the actual facts before firing up the lynch mob.

No proof has been established yet other than (1) a photo of a woman who could have received those injuries in any number of ways and (2) a story from Mr. Johnson. Those are not by themselves proof, and the lack of a police report is puzzling, since at least around here, the cops are pretty excited to investigate assaults. Pattison wants you to believe that anyone who demands a fair trial is in fact defending this guy against unproven accusations. By all means bring him to trial, if you have the evidence, but do not accuse me of “defending” him when what I am asking for is actual facts and not gossip, rumors and hearsay.

While apparently this kind of anti-factual commentary is the normal on the internet, it is also the norm among people who burn witches, lynch black people, stone heretics and bully non-conformists. It is the logic of the herd and the angry, defensive, spiteful and resentful animal inside of every human being. It is the low point of our species, not its moral height as these over-excited and angry people want you to believe.



We’ll post more as the story develops, including the crucial questions: (1) are the facts true as reported by Natalia and those who claim to be witnesses? (2) are the injuries from the assault, or from impact with the floor or another object, and were they self-inflicted? (3) was a police report filed, since people with a strong case tend to file police reports, while people with weak cases tend to go to the internet for revenge as a means of hitting back at the other guy, not establishing justice?

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42 thoughts on “Deiphago accused of violent assault”



    Do you think this kind of lynch mob mentality, eagerness to destroy someone’s life, is by default built in the human condition, or is it a recent knee-jerk reaction common of Western societies?

    1. I think it’s in-built to humanity, but until recently it was suppressed in Western societies. Hierarchy suppresses it by giving us examples of people at the top who do not behave that way; that is how it works in the military and corporate world at least. It seems to me that all the bad in humanity, evil if you will, comes from the tendency of individual people to revert to their simian origins and then use fancy language to justify that incontinence.

      1. Concerned Citizen says:

        This society gives women who would hang out with war metal bands leeway to behave unruly (alcoholism, loud yelling, psychologically manipulating the social group toward infighting as some mundane scheme for money) without consequence.

    2. Viranesir says:

      it is just a punch you pussy

      1. Robert says:

        Nothing to do with this topic but can you take 10″ in your mouth? I’m willing to go to the UK or Turkey or whatever the hell you stay for your mouth skills.

  2. Chad Davis says:

    “It is just a punch you pussy”

    Cool man. Bring that attitude on down to sunny RVA and we’ll discuss this thought. If this is the mentality of the Black Metal movement now, that’s sad as fuck.

    1. Jocko Hetero says:

      This has BEEN the attitude of black metal/death metal/jock metal/rap hop/juggalo core/hXc poop punk/techno since the dawn of the internet. What I want people to do is post their addresses and dick pics. You guys sound like you can sauce a mean bunghole with all that social commentary. I just talked to Vijay Prozak and he’s down to film for his upcoming documentary “SJW VS RIFF INTELLECTUALISM”.

      Tuffest peenis sucky sukky

  3. loud clown says:

    and as if the “type who is going to defend a guy who punched a gal in the face” is an overly abundant type of person.

    Sure, I see that type of person every day. They’re everywhere in modern society (rolling my eyes very hard)

    1. loud clown says:

      ^ sarcasm btw

  4. Daniel Maarat says:

    Don’t steal, ask first kids. In some cultures, you would get punched in the face for sending food back to the kitchen yet alone taking it.

    1. …And ancient cultures cut off hands for those caught stealing…

  5. whatever says:

    youre a fucking idiot. posting one side is not journalistic. you clearly are in favor of someone hitting a woman because she went for a beer. That is totally gnarly dude. rock on and get a lyfe.


    1. @ whatever says:

      Internet fag detected. This Little Napoleon thinks that people should not be allowed to disagree with him. Throws a childish tantrum and walks away with indignation, how dare people not think like me, what is this world coming to?

  6. Poop Jones says:

    Total support to Deiphago. I’ll fight anyone who disagrees. Fuck all of you pussies.

    1. Lvcjac says:

      Totally agree with you. On top of that they learned why the rest of the world hates the U.S. The women here can’t take a punch.

  7. Viranesir says:

    Call me a Turkish barbarian but people punching each other ain’t a big deal

  8. Scarlet oharry says:

    So, the fact that this man punched this woman in the face causing damage doesn’t matter? We need to wait to find out the full extent of why until we get angry? Get fucked, asshat.

    1. Poop Jones says:

      You’re a sheltered white liberal pussy. Go attend some more black lives matter rallies so you can pretend you’re fighting the good fight you mewling faggot.

    2. interwhut says:

      “We need to wait to find out the full extent of why until we get angry?”
      We need to wait to find out *what actually happened* until we get angry.

  9. hellfukker says:

    Nice to see that he’s not posturing as a violent war metal dude at least. Someone steals beer and gets decked, I don’t see the problem. Long hair dudes and women can look the same, maybe he knew she was chick maybe not, all I know is that the bands rips and they’ll continue to have my support.

    1. Lvcjac says:

      Saw the picture posted on this article. Looks like a dude to me.

      1. Concerned Citizen says:

        Looks like a guy from Sadistic Intent.

  10. anti says:

    Curt Johnston dates a beer stealing tranny. Nothing to see here.

  11. SatanicWhoreBlaster says:

    The outrage is hilarious , considering the music/message behind most of the bands playing . Hail Satan and War , but don’t punch some ugly bitch in the face , that’s like , totally not cool dude . Whats the bet she was a loud mouth annoying cunt stealing beer , but hey “I’m a chick, so you can’t hit me !” Fuck off , just cause you’ve got tits doesn’t mean you can’t be put in your place . I say punch more women , its fucking funny . Hail Satan you queers !!!!

    1. Viranesir says:

      You deserve a free album, take a pick from:

  12. BreadGod says:

    I bet you the metal press is going to use the unsubstantiated rumors and hearsay spread by Curt Johnston as proof that there’s rampant misogyny in the metal scene. Who cares if there’s no real evidence to prove that metal has a misogyny problem? Who cares if the allegations against Deiphago turn out to be false? The narrative trumps all!

  13. JM says:

    I agree with hellfukker! Fuck I wouldn’t mind Deiphago beating me up :) She got bea up because she is a big poser .

    1. Whatever she did, and whatever they did, the point is that we need to (1) find all the evidence and (2) make a reasoned conclusion, not run defamation/character assassination campaigns across the internet. For this reason, I make no statements regarding her character or that of the band.

      This is, by the way, what people off the internet consider normal and reasonable. It is only on the SJW- and basement-dweller-infested digital world that mass neurosis is considered a positive development. SJWs are horrible; we do not want to become a mirror image of them from the other side.

      Food for thought.

  14. jesus says:

    Amazingly well written article.I agree with it 110%. Kin Kelly is a well known journo troll who hates men. She will always be the first to speak her opinion without facts. I support deiphago forever.

  15. Scott says:

    Damn Brett,

    I mean, how dare you ask for evidence? Who the fuck you think you are man? Only nazis ask for proof and stupid shit like that!

  16. Poser Patrol says:

    Agree 100% with Brett but man, all of you pussies in the comments preening and posturing as tough guys saying its ok to hit a woman unprovoked seriously need to face me in one on one, man to man, cock to cock combat so I can teach you a little something about honor and respect. I get it, your daddy probably didn’t teach you how to behave like a man because he was too busy drinking miller lite and slapping around mommy. But in the end there are no excuses for European men comporting themselves like hip-hop stars and NFL players. Prepare for the long, hard cock of chivalry.

    1. SatanicWhoreBlaster says:

      I won’t face you in a battle , but my dad will . He once beat up 20 women at once while drunk on Miller Light . He’s also a well renowned internet tough guy like yourself , and has been in over 2000 internet comment section battles and won them all . Name the time and the place , and he will get the first available flight to the USA .

      1. Poser Patrol says:

        I’m not sure your daddy can leave the country, what with that outstanding warrant for missing child support payments. Maybe I should come to you?

  17. Jeff says:

    Seen and met Deiphago a few times and doesn’t seem like something that anyone of the them would actually do. Maybe It could be just a subconscious biased towards them, but there plenty stories in the past exactly like this where Woman/Man post picture of there injury and say “this person did this to me” and a little more than half turn out to be over exaggerated or just 100% false. I’m no supporter of violent acts towards women, but I need more to a story that “I walked back there to grab a beer and he punched me” is there something you’re not telling us? Something you may have said or done to maybe provoke this? or maybe its all fake and just a PR stunt since good or bad PR is still PR. From the sounds of it there was alcohol involved so how do we not know how intoxicated she was and what she might of actually done her self. If you ever been to metal shows you will know how many people are getting intoxicated and how some can not handle there alcohol. All those dumb-ass kunts can jump to conclusions, but until I see proof (Statements from witness and staff and even video) I am not going to go demonize a band because one persons accusation who possibly might be in the wrong because of mis-remembering one beer fueled night.

  18. I like Mutant Supremacy.
    I want to see the police report, otherwise Brett and are right in showing this is all biased;
    looks like this is really about a person who did something wrong or was in the wrong place/wrong time, and will not admit it.

  19. Unitary Goatphago says:

    I have video evidence!


  20. harry larry says:

    fact of the matter is, we’re not dealing with some little princess here. not even a woman. this rancid bitch is the equivalent of a drunken man. fuck her, she got exactly what she deserved. deiphago are my new favorite band.

  21. canadaspaceman says:

    An incident report was filed and the victim declined to press charges.

    why not ? why would she refuse to press charges after making a big stink about “the incident” ? ? ?
    3 hrs ago
    On behalf of Hells Headbangers, the Agora and all of the bands who played Hells Headbash, we’d like to thank everyone for attending the festival and making it a great success! For the most part everything ran smoothly and we already have ideas on how to improve the experience for 2016. Please continue to use this page to post your pictures, videos and feedback! A DVD archiving the madness will certainly occur but give us ‘til spring to get it together!

    In regards to the Deiphago incident, rest assured that Hells Headbangers, the Agora and everyone else involved in bringing you this event are very upset and disappointed. There is NO excuse to justify Sidapa’s action – he fucked up hard. An incident report was filed and the victim declined to press charges. Although the new Deiphago LP is due to arrive soon, this incident will undoubtedly have a negative impact on its’ sale and the bands reputation has permanently been scarred. Such a shame! Further ramifications will be dealt with internally.

    Once again, we are truly grateful for everyone’s support and are eager to reveal announcements regarding Part 3! See you next time!

  22. canadaspaceman says:


  23. Black Hatred says:

    Fuck it Liberal cunt fuck off. This story is too one sided, nowadays women can win in anything even though they are the one who are guilty. I only can agree that “culture difference” is the reason this conflict occurred.

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