SJW journalists “signal boosted” Deiphago accusations into news story


SJW journalist Kim Kelly was agitating on Twitter last night about the alleged assault by Sidalpa of Deiphago long before the story broke. Her goal, in her own words: to “signal boost” a Facebook accusation into a real news story, much like blatant use of accusations as fact in the Duke Lacrosse and Columbia rape scandals, in which the accused were ultimately vindicated after having their lives destroyed.


In addition, Kelly attacked me and tried to again rally her forces of white knights and neurotics into attacking me for daring to thwart her “signal boosting.” As usual, Kim Kelly and other SJWs are faking the news and making up stories to fit their agenda.

In the meantime, Deiphago issued a statement on the event:


It is unclear from this statement what happened. Deiphago admit some sort of confrontation, but it remains unknown where Natalia’s injuries came from and what her behavior was at the time, and what others were doing in the room. The sources that seem they would know are being tight-lipped, so the saga goes on.

In the meantime, we still lack a police report, which suggests that Natalia/Curt either did not feel their case was strong, or chose to avoid public examination of their actions for another reason. I remain the lone voice calling for law and order, facts and analysis, and some kind of logical resolution to this situation, instead of whipping up a hive mind and going on a jihad for revenge of the lynch mob as Kim Kelly and other SJWs want you to do.

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13 thoughts on “SJW journalists “signal boosted” Deiphago accusations into news story”

  1. Phil says:

    Everyone wants to be righteous but no-one wants to forgive.

    1. Everyone wants to share the wealth and no one wants to share the responsibility.

      Humans are “talking monkeys with car keys,” as Kam Lee said years ago.

      1. Phil says:

        We are imperfect and solipsistic beings with two ambitions that we always attempt to wrap around one another – selfhood and positive recognition of selfhood. To this end we have historically built edifices that rationalise with those ambitions – with varying success. Cults, sacrifice, religion, capitalism, nationalism, human rights, trends etc. They all put us at the centre of the universe as a part of this grand plan that tells everyone else you’re a Good Person. SJWism is just one of these in a modern and aggressive form.

        As you may tell I am a fan of Durkheim.

  2. Ara says:

    Jon Rosenthal is my guy, I trust what he has to say. This is an unfortunate situation but one that I don’t really see the need to escalate to character assassination levels. I don’t go to any show without the idea in my head that I could get punched in the face at any given time. I’m not a chick of course, but I do wish regardless of gender that things like this could be handled at a personal level. Once again, fuck the internet. But hey, if Deiphago got to Chris Brown levels of fame this would all be forgiven and forgotten.

  3. OliveFox says:

    Damn. She has a huge boner for this website.

    This is such a non-story that its existence proves a transparent agenda. It will go away in less than a week and all the writers will feel super great about spreading “awareness” and proceed to not give anymore fucks about Natalia, Curt, or Deiphago. If you truly care about domestic abuse, or battered women in your local community, there are about a zillion more productive ways to go about it. If you like making everything about yourself, and get wet when “white knights” feign agreement with you…well, do this.

    1. Ambient Dzogchen says:

      That moment when you first read Lords of Chaos:

      “I am so, so tired of finding out that metal bands I enjoy(ed) have shitty, abusive people involved. We can do better. Metal can do better.” (…from Kim Kelly’s twitter)

      Not everyone is this genre is play-acting, loving metal because it’s so over-the-top and ridiculous and hilarious. Niggas creating art about death, destruction, suffering, demonolatry, violent POWER, etc. are not always the well-behaved, conscientious college grads that you seem to require.


    Brett, do you think that at some level Kim Kelly is trying to compensate for something? Awareness of unexceptional intelligence, beauty, character, meaningful life?

    If you were Kim Kelly and you find a guy like Brett Stevens and a site like, how would you feel and what would you do?

    Would you say Kim Kelly is a hipster?

    Is there anyway you could try to arrange an interview with her?

  5. into the void says:

    I never heard of deiphago before this incident. think I will go and give them a listen

  6. 1349 says:

    Punching a woman is actually a pro-feminist act.
    Equality, y’know. Equal opportunities and attitude.
    Why are SJWs so upset? =)

    …Very good of You to stick to the rule of law and encourage others to do the same.

  7. Meek Metalhead says:

    When did the metal scene turn into a drama club?

    1. Z. Wolf says:

      When metal musicians stopped writing creative, original, intelligent music. Hell they had to start doing something with all that free time.

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