Demilich “Last Show Ever” In Madrid Tonight

As I write this, I am on the phone with a friend of mine who works at an oil firm and might be able to get us a private jet to Madrid. This might get me past the watchlists and us there in time to see what according to founder Antti Boman is the last Demilich show ever.

Founders of the subgenre of death metal that is conceptually progressive rock but uses technique ranging from one-chord punk and noise to flamenco and classical guitar, Demilich made off-time, oddball music featuring spidery precision rhythm riffs that delighted their audience. Demonized for a decade, Demilich experienced a revival in the early years of this millennium as the audience woke up and the influence of broken air conditioner brutal death metal wore off.

Boman writes:

A surprise Demilich gig, also for the band, in Madrid tonight! We didn’t plan on this, it just happened. All the pieces fell together, and we’ll get to dance with Agressor (on backstage) once more.

Also, do note that we will have special patches, pins and shirts from Pull The Plug, Musick Cadas, etc., for sale! I saved lots of them at home for you, dear mailing list people, and I will let you know about them later, but if you’re coming to the show tonight, you can already grab some beautiful things there! Or if some friend of yours will be there, ask them to help you out!

19:30 (The) Doors, and merch should be available about then
19:50 Painstorm
20:50 Demilich
22:15 Agressor, and our merch will most probably be pulled out by then

Do note this will be our last show ever, unless i will be able to switch my head switch to a more productive mode. More info on this list next week.

This will be killer since Agressor were writing bizarre technical and conceptual metal in the 1980s that avoided becoming like most progressive bands obsessed with harmony like rock and jazz theory in the high schools taught, the same anti-melodic, anti-structuralist stuff that obsesses the soy kids today.

Unfortunately, it is the last Demilich show ever, which is a sad thing in some ways to see this band pass into history, but also a chance for Antti and the others to get back to writing music for themselves, which is where their creativity is best.

Much as being loved as a band is a great thing, it can also be a millstone around the neck, since you fear disappointing your audience. What if you want to become the new Yanni or Kenny G for an album? Your fans will vomit (but your mother will be delighted).

So sometimes bands must cut free, and this may benefit those musicians and humanity more than continuing to tour on a 1993 album, although the two more recent tracks had promise and we all secretly hope for a second Demilich mind-blowing masterpiece. But the world has changed and requires thought to see with the new eyes of creativity again.

Back in the 1990s, the Oration of Disorder was one of the few shows to grasp Demilich despite our CD being a second-hand promo picked up for $0.99 at a local record store. Then, the original Nespithe review drove everyone mad, but over the next decade as the bad surged people sought the good with more-open minds. In the meantime, Antti managed to convert many people to the Demilich cause, even having a presence on USENET and WebWorld.

In any case, if I can bullshit my way past a few little hurdles, there is a slight chance that I will make it there. These planes are pretty fast after all, and nothing is better than burning tons of carbon on the dime of the carbon industry knowing that most of us would be dead without that industry.

Should that not happen, tonight will be a Nespithe night here. Time passes, we grow old, death takes us all at some point; however, greatness ascends to the heavens, where it joins Plato in smiling down on the very few who actually strive to think and see clearly in the midst of the chaos.

Visit the band at the Demilich website or the Demilich shop.

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35 thoughts on “Demilich “Last Show Ever” In Madrid Tonight”

  1. recked in piss says:

    I doubt that it will be their last show, Antti will get the itch again. In any case seeing them live is awesome and not an opportunity to be missed.

    1. Lots of GenX rockers are hanging up the axes now that they have fat girlfriends, halfwit kids, motor homes, and corporate jobs. You get tired of living on $2k per month sometime in your forties or early fifties, then the lifestyle kills you of a heart attack 5 years later.

      1. Beanz says:

        2k a month is more than good around here.

        1. Ultra Femme Power Bottom Anal Sub says:

          In the jUSA $2000 a month means you live in the ghetto and get raped by the exciting multiracial population of people who have nothing more to contribute than going to jobs where they have lighted charts to remind you off all the steps in making tacos or dildos.

      2. lay down your soul to the gods rock and roll says:

        this comment makes me want to give you a noogie, wedgie, indian burn, tittie twister and wet willie all at the same time

      3. Ultra Femme Power Bottom Anal Sub says:

        Anonymous facebook accounts will accuse you of being a ripoff if you are mercenary about getting paid but if you do not insist on your reward, you end up broke living in a trailer after your glory days are over. Drinking Modelo while waiting for disability checks is NOT how I want to end my time on this shitrock, thanks.

    2. I hope not. If Demilich quits we are going to be stranded alone in a world of emo black metal, four fret war metal, and jazz rock tekdef with the testosterone of a gelded Australian cuttlefish.

      1. omega-666 says:

        so what, just listen to good music, there’s more than enough for the rest of your life, maybe create some too. you can even contribute to pushing art forward if you’re inclined, but that will happen at the expense of nearly everything else that is considered important to normal people and critics.

        1. Ultra Femme Power Bottom Anal Sub says:

          Man how many times have we heard this stupid statement over the years. You just want us to stop noticing that most everything sucks so you can keep sucking in your own shitty life in a trailer somewhere. Man up, anal whore, and accept that we get nowhere until we accept that most music blows ass and the people who support it are test dummies for anal gang rape.

          1. PMAnal says:

            fuck off poser dork

            1. Ultra Femboy Anal Mixed-Race Power Bottom Sub says:

              Yeah, that’s what your Mom said, just as I was pulling out of your Dad (even if his name is still a mystery to you).

              1. obviously apologizing for widespread mediocrity in body, mind and metal says:

                yeah there’s a lot of boring stupid tasteless bullshit everywhere and so life is hard but i am harder

                1. Ultra Femboy Anal Mixed-Race Power Bottom Sub says:

                  Are you over six feet tall?

                  1. Negrotic Hitler says:

                    What’s ur number I’ll send u some pics of my cock

                    1. Ultra-Femme Mixed Race National Socialist Femboy says:

                      RIP my inbox, cannot handle so much awesome, just kidding this looks like a worm trying to escape tightey whiteys.

      2. Ultra Femme Power Bottom Anal Sub says:

        Wake up and look around out there. Other than the ten bands which are not brown rings around the bottom of the toilet, the metal of the past twenty five years has been mostly so boring that no one would listen to it except to look cool to their loser friends.

  2. T Malm says:

    thanks for the 12 hour notice ANTTI

    lemme just warm up my teleportation machine

    1. Ultra Femme Power Bottom Anal Sub says:

      If you were cool you would be in Europe, not the Brexit part but the cool liberal part, and you could just hop on Eurorail and be in Madrid within hours.

      1. T Malm says:

        sorry Im just not that into being sodomized by dirty brown people

        1. Ultra Femboy Anal Mixed-Race Power Bottom Sub says:

          Getting sodomized by dirty poor brown, yellow, and red people is what Europe does these days. Thank Jesus.

  3. Drum Solo says:

    A private jet? A lube exec? Spain? Oh (underage) boy, here we go.

    Thankfully Sir Elton got to the delicious bottom of this problem before it could ever get to ours. Hit it Elton!

    1. It’s not the Epstein plane. The only thing that gets sodomized there is the snack cabinet. Sadly it was not to be.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Press F to pay respects.

    1. F remember the fallen

    2. Ultra Femme Power Bottom Anal Sub says:

      RIP Demilich, killed by all the fanboys who like eclectic mathcore

  5. Cool Beans! says:

    Who knew being an infamous internet pundit could be so lucrative? Here I was hoping Brett would bring peace onto Europe by his presence.

    1. Ahab says:

      I’m still trying to work out if this was just the standard sense of humor from the anus or if he was being serious.

      1. Simo Häyhä says:

        Maybe the dork has a daytime life in addition to shitposting to the interwebs?

        1. Dylan Mulvaneywitzbergstein (she/him) says:

          No one on the internet has a daily life. All of you are schizoids in outpatient care.

          1. Srs commenteaur says:

            This is true, I’m just another useless eater among many. All the flippant shitposts aside, I do not like where the world is heading right now.

            1. Not to hijack your shemale thread, but:

              I do not like where the world is heading right now.

              It was always headed this way, but now the symptoms are too obvious to ignore.

      2. Kaggot Figger Nike Jesus the Busker says:

        This site is like a maze of false possibilities and hidden secrets. It’s a test of some kind. Maybe an MK ULTRA trap.

        1. It only gets worse says:

          Welcome to the internet.

          1. Dylan Mulvaneywitzbergstein says:

            It’s all a psyop these days. Especially toilets. Your FBI agent talks to you through them.

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