Demoncy – Empire of the Fallen Angel (Eternal Black Dominion)


Demoncy originally recorded Empire of the Fallen Angel in 2003 and a dozen years later has re-recorded and re-issued these compositions as Empire of the Fallen Angel (Eternal Black Dominion). Having thought for years that the original release deserved a second look, it was great to see it ride again.

Recorded solely by Demoncy creator Ixithra without the benefit of a band as happened on the original, this new edition includes four new compositions which will be of a style familiar to listeners of Enthroned is the Night: more melodic than the classic Joined in Darkness, but still furious in intensity. The re-created older tracks feature better vocals and better production, giving the guitars greater power and fitting songs together more tightly. Empire of the Fallen Angel came out when “depressive black metal” was first a trend, and represents a response to that in the form of black metal that is often doomy: slow, morbid, and atmospheric. While the traditional powerhouse Demoncy riffing that sounds like all the savagery of Incantation and Profanatica undergirded with melody is present, much of this release also resembles the mood-oriented immersive pieces of bands like Black Funeral or even Ras Algethi. This album was always a more sensible method of expressing that sensation in black metal than the “depressive” variant, which amounted to essentially Burzum ripoffs that never changed riff, and now with more powerful production it reveals its strength. A listener might also note pervasive influences from Gorgoroth throughout this material.

Much of the album also uses faster material of the type seen on Enthroned is the Night: fast angular riffing that preserves melodic affinity between internal phrases, keeping a sense of mystery and ongoing discovery vital in the music. The new vocals have all of the whispering abrasive sound that made Joined in Darkness sound like a communication from dark gods hidden underneath the earth, but with the intensified production both float above and complement the guitars. While this album is not as intensely violent and confrontational as Joined in Darkness, nor as death metal influenced and energetic as Enthroned is the Night, it captures both the esoteric fury of American black metal like Black Funeral and the melodic intensity of European acts, all within its own voice. This classic not only rides again, but does so with a new life of its own.

1. Invocation To Satan
2. Risen From The Ancient Ruins
3. Scion Of The Dark
4. Eternal Black Dominion
5. Sepulchral Whispers
6. My Kingdom Enshrouded In Necromantical Fog
7. The Enchanted Woods Of Forgotten Lore
8. The Obsidian Age Of Ice
9. Night Song (Apocalyptic Dawn)
10. Empire Of The Fallen Angel
11. Shadows Of The Moon (The Winter Solstice)
12. Warmarch Of The Black Hordes
13. The Ode To Eternal Darkness

Empire of the Fallen Angel (Eternal Black Dominion) will see release on June 29, 2015 via Forever Plagued Records.

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8 thoughts on “Demoncy – Empire of the Fallen Angel (Eternal Black Dominion)

    1. Your Father in high heels says:

      That was fun, thanks dude.

  1. blackmetalkid says:

    Great news.

    About that article where you said you’d teach us how to put death metal back in the throne, where is its second part?

    Also, why didn’t you make that article being about black metal instead? Isn’t it underground metal’s greatest evolution? So why bother with death metal? Were you saying “throne” not in the sense of absolute artistical dominance, but in a lighter fashion, where black metal will still reign supreme with death metal being the second to go for?

    Reading some old forum posts I discovered many people thought/think that black metal is a dead end. Why would they say such things? Tying such statements with your post on how death metal can reconquer the throne, should I assume you think underground metal’s future has better chances betting on death metal? Would this imply that black metal has some limitation that’ll ultimately stop underground metal from evolving? If that’s true, how can black metal get rid of it?

    1. Suck me dry says:

      In 20 years someone will listen to old DarkThrone and Burzum cds and continue with the spirit of black metal, only the medium will be entirely different. He’ll cite Norwegian black metal as a vital influence and no one will be able to make the connection between his music and that ancient noise. Cds will be like floppy disks. Other than that, black metal is dead. at least real black metal. Black metal needs to be listened to like a ritual and only occasionally. It wasn’t meant for daily listening. death metal is rhythm music just like speed metal was. death metal is nothing but bang your head against the stage I´ll teach you a lesson in friendly violent fun. now gimme a rimjob fag.

      1. blackmetalkid says:

        Your answer is by no means surprising but I directed the question mostly at Brett himself. If you read this Brett, know that I don’t demand an actual answer but at least write the second part of that article (and also one for black metal) when possible.

  2. thewaters says:

    Does anyone else see the Jim Morrison’s face in the Demoncy logo?

    1. ObscureMonk says:

      yes, on the upside down cross hehe.

  3. meh says:

    Why does Ixithra always dress like those fag wizard or vampire from the Skyrim game? That’s depressing.

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