Desecresy Releases “Dark Chambers” From Deserted Realms

One-human Finnish death metal band Desecresy plans to release its eighth album, Deserted Realms, on September 26th through Xtreme Music. To that end, the band has released the tracklist, cover, and first single, “Dark Chambers.”

Based on an initial listen, it seems like Desecresy returning more to its roots of brooding atmospheric plate tectonics death metal with an underpinning of melody, which lends promise to the news of this upcoming release.


1. Approaching Sound
2. Spirits at the Cursed Ruins
3. Dark Chambers
4. Green Monolith
5. From Beneath the Horizon
6. The Cosmic Crypt
7. Shroud of Mist
8. Deserted Worlds

The label issued the following statement:

The heaviest, darkest and most eerie Finnish Death Metal band DESECRESY, continues its unbreakable alliance with Xtreem Music, which has a new chapter in the form of their 8th album entitled “Deserted Realms”, which will be released on September 26th. through Xtreem Music, on CD, 12″LP, Cassette and Digital formats.

DESECRESY is a one man band; Tommy Grönqvist has always written all the music and played all the instruments until his fifth album where he also took the vocal duties, becoming even more guttural. The style of DESECRESY remains as always, a dark, putrid, eerie and hypnotic Death Metal with Doom touches, reminiscent of bands like BOLT THROWER, INCANTATION, RIPPIKOULU, MYTHIC, ABHORRENCE (fin), ROTTREVORE…

Release date for “Deserted Realms” will be 26th of September 2023 through Xtreem Music on CD, 12″LP, Cassette & Digital formats.

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31 thoughts on “Desecresy Releases “Dark Chambers” From Deserted Realms

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  2. Band has a lot of albums that sound too much like each other, so I only kept Stoic Death. Now because of the dearth of good metal I wonder what other albums are worth checking out in your opinion.

    1. To The Elbow At Light Speed says:

      Everything except the one previous to this new one. The last one they came out with was like a goat with diarrhea. You’ll rape it anyway, but the experience leaves you feeling soiled.

      1. For ass’ sake Towards Nebulea has the artwork of the mighty Goatse – self-awareness is a rare thing these days.

        1. Honoring Goatse is a way of paying tribute to the world in which we live.

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    2. Georgia Anal Guidestones says:

      Really good bands keep making the same album until they get it right.

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    3. hblaze66 says:

      Stoic Death, Towards Nebulae and Doom Skeptron

    4. Cynical says:

      The first album, “Arches of Entropy”, is the only thing they’ve done that’s stuck with me.

      1. I have liked most of their output, but here is what I have learned: each album is like a song, working a theme to bits, and they are best listened to as albums with the songs in order. Ildjarn is similar. Ambient bands want to write symphonies but divide them up into little communiqués for convenience.

  3. Abba Doom Occulta says:

    Serpent Ascending, Desecresy and Imprecation were not in the last yearlist, it’s safe to say Mr Stevens is keeping all the good albums to himself right now

    1. Anal Rapist says:

      Either that or the obvious, which is that these were FAR from the best of each band.

    2. All of those were disappointing for me. All three bands sounded tired and like they wrote half of the album in the studio using filler instead of real riffs. The Desecresy utterly falls apart at times, and it seems to be the first one he wrote as a series of single tracks that were more like guitar podcasts than songs.

  4. Fresh Bunghole says:

    Is Slugathor worthwhile?

  5. Anal Rapist says:

    Not really. It is like Desecresy riffs plus Rogga Johanssen riffs plus some old Mortician riffs in songs that sort of ramble on and then end like a fist hitting a prostate at 3:00 AM in the bathroom of the Hometown Independent Voices club (behind the valve factory, next to the rendering plant) when the cocaine runs out and someone pissed in the cash register so everyone is fleeing out the windows.

    1. Anal Papist says:

      how vivid

      and yeah pretty much

      if you want primitive old school theres always Unleashed or Mythic or Cianide

      1. Anal Haptics says:

        Or Asphyx, Massacra, and Baphomet

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