Desperate Earache records Signs Emo vocalist turned Street Rapper

As the money in modern metal continues to dry up despite various attempts to enter the mainstream through the hipster community. Useless label Earache records has resorted to signing Metalcore singer/guitarist and now Soundcloud rapper Alireza. This should come as no surprise since rap music has become the pop music of the 80s and the Earache fans at this point are pretty much the same people that download Iphone recorded rap. The reek of desperation and the constant barrage of race politics that have entered the commercial metal universe reaffirms the idea that Modern metal is heading towards its grave and it should be a fun ride as even more obvious cash-grabs will appear that will soon alienate the gullible hipster crowds.

Alireza’s rapping is just the basic bass turned all the way to 11 hip-hop with the same lazy flows and the occasional references to the more emo sections of his band Louder than Quiet. Louder than Quiet, apart from being all black, play the typical “wear your sister’s jeans” metalcore that took off a few years ago and has been almost forgotten. Alireza will enjoy his fifteen minutes for a short while before the trendsters leave metal behind definitely. Expect to see a lot more “diversity” as that seems to be à la mode, and more hilarious ideas from Digby Pearson and the like in pimping themselves out for just enough to buy a cheeseburger or two.

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16 thoughts on “Desperate Earache records Signs Emo vocalist turned Street Rapper”

  1. Bratwurst, devourer of svennericks says:

    I am just selling enough black Witchery vinyl to buy some Bratwurst, HailZ

  2. Johnny Cab says:

    Earache. It was Earache Records that signed him. Either way, same dog turd, just different seasonings.

    1. didn’t even realize, thanks for noticing my mistake

  3. Winnie the Pooh says:

    Shouldn’t it be “Rap has become the pop music of the 2010s”? As in “rap is now what pop used to be”.

    1. Rap has become the pop music of the 80s as in what pop music used to be.

      1. Get yer grub on says:

        I am the gravys of the 80s.

  4. socomd says:

    Digby* Pearson

  5. canadaspaceman says:

    In a somewhat related topic… want to have a laugh looking at a current meltdown ?
    This old guy is NOW understanding that most metalheads will NEVER be politically correct like him?

    1. Mike Pence says:

      He is definitely a faggot.

    2. ignominious says:

      “And METAL, is ABOUT DEBATE” lul.

      People like him are why I don’t talk about music with other people.

    3. canadaspaceman says:

      I should have used , or ‘s Wayback Machine to save the threads..
      That loser ( UNCLE SAXON’S KICKASS CDS ) is now saying his recent posts were made during his blackout from drinking too much.
      I call it bullshit, as he has said a lot of left wing nonsense for years on that forum, such as him defending rioting criminals and the “racist police” should leave them alone.

    4. Bernie Sanders Is Queer says:

      Aww, that pussy deleted it.

      1. Bert + Ernie = Bernie says:

        deleting is for posers!!! fuck off and die!!!

  6. Tripyle-K says:

    10/10 article

    Earache gave us Napalm Death, this was the logical next step in the process

  7. Nathan Metric says:

    Metal had a good run. 40 years or so

  8. Large Huge Cock Salami says:

    We can lure him away with a shark hook in a piece of fried chicken which could be tied to a pallet of bricks on the edge of a mineshaft.

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