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German eighties speed metal legends Destruction have a new album of pointless re-recorded versions of more of their “greatest hits” coming out November 10th on Nuclear Blast Records. As usual, Hessians should stick to the originals. Varg Vikernes of Burzum even said that Infernal Overkill was one of his favorites.

German thrash titans DESTRUCTION will release their new ‘best of old school’ album Thrash Anthems II on November 10th via Nuclear Blast Records. To promote the album, the band are rolling out a series of trailers covering the making of the album. Today sees the release of the first trailer, in which drummer Wawrzyniec “Vaaver” Dramowicz discusses his part in the recording process. Watch here:

In 2007, DESTRUCTION proved how successful re-recording some of their timeless classics and re-imagining history could be. Tracks like ‘Frontbeast’, which was only ever released on a demo back in 1983, have been included on the forthcoming release. Fans will also be pleased to hear that Schmier has lent his vocals to the track “Rippin You Off Blind”. The original song features on the CRACKED BRAIN album.

The follow-up to 2007’s Thrash Anthems is ready to rock the metal world and shows how fans can be part of both a band’s history and future. For Thrash Anthems II, DESTRUCTION called upon on their loyal fans through PledgeMusic to help them create the record and contribute to the band’s epic history

Mastermind Schmier states:
“As it is a part of our past to relaunch classic songs from our history with a fresh face and we had many demands on a »Thrash Anthems« continuation, we decided to do a second part of this re-animation of classic 80s DESTRUCTION material. For us it was important to chose the tracks with the fans and first when NB did not wanna do the album we decided to do a pledge campaign to raise the fonds for the production together with the die-hards.

To make a long story short, we know not everybody will like these new versions of those thrash evergreens (just listen to the originals then) but it was an important task for us to keep them alive for a whole new generation of metalheads that love those fresh and brutal new recordings. We are very happy now, that our label is finally releasing this collection of thrash classics. The vibe on this record is so vicious, uncommercial and has this 80s feeling with a even more aggressive edge and THAT is was made our THRASH so special, in the good old days and now!”

Pre-order Thrash Anthems II here:

Thrash Anthems II – Track Listing:

01. Confused Mind
02. Black Mass
03. Frontbeast
04. Dissatisfied Existence
05. United By Hatred
06. The Ritual
07. Black Death
08. The Antichrist
09. Confound Games
10. Rippin’ You Off Blind
11. Satan’s Vengeance
Bonus Track:
12. Holiday in Cambodia (DEAD KENNEDYS Cover)

This stunning artwork was created by acclaimed artist Gyula from Hungary, who has also created artwork for ANNIHILATOR, GRAVE DIGGER, STRATOVARIUS, TANKARD and many more.

28.10. RO Lasi – Rock’n’Lasi Festival
09.11. DK Aalborg – Aalborg Metal Fest

24.11. NL Leiden – Gebr. de Nobel
25.11. NL Ulft – Metal on Metal
26.11. NL Leeuwarden – Neushoorn (w/ ALTAR E.A.)

26.12. D Munich – Metallic X-Mas

Latest album Under Attack was released in May 2016 and hit the charts worldwide as follows:

#17 US Heatseekers
#27 US Hard Music
#39 UK Rock Top 40
#68 Germany
#85 Belgium (Wallonia)
#90 Switzerland
#96 Canada (Hard Music)
#126 Japan
#145 Belgium (Flanders)

Get your copy of Under Attack, here:
Get the digital version, here:

More on Under Attack:


“Generation Nevermore” OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO:

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9 thoughts on “Destruction Record More Re-Recordings”

  1. neutronhammer says:

    Sentence of death and infernal Overkill is the only Destruction anyone would ever need

    1. Morbideathscream says:

      Eternal Devastation was killer too. Any Destruction album after Release From Agony is indeed, shit. These re-recordings is them butchering their old classics, but surely everyone here knows that.

      1. Eternal Devastation is the last with Schmier. Everything afterwards is terrible.

        1. Release from Agony might be a little disorganized at times, but I prefer its strange technicality to the lameass thrash metal clichés of Eternal Devastation. Truly not a terrible album, and proof that you are chock full of beans.

  2. bustin makes me feel good says:


  3. Making love to Phil Anselmo's asshole, pounding brewskis and listening to Landser says:

    I’m no longer scandalized by terrible material and lame cash grabs by this band. They officially crossed the lameness event horizon when they made an anti-cyberbullying song. Shit band who happened to make a few decent recordings in the 80s.

    1. Morbideathscream says:

      I was not aware of Destruction making an anti-cyberbullying song, I gotta admit that’s pretty fucking gay, it shows how much I follow watered down releases from bands that peaked over 2 decades ago as in the case of Destruction almost 3 decades ago, their last quality release was in 1989. They had a good run in the 80’s, but like most other bands went to shit and released countless albums of rehashed bullshit.

  4. canadaspaceman says:

    no need for re-hashes. l already have Inferno(Norway) 1996 Utter Hell,and 1997 Downtown Hades.

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