Disma Interview Forthcoming in Compilation of Death


Recently I completed an in-depth and highly informative interview with Bill Venner of Disma. The interview covers the origins of the band, the theory behind its music, and the future direction of this dauntless tribe of death metal maniacs! It will emerge in Compilation of Death magazine in future issues. In the meantime, Bill and Disma were kind enough to send a tshirt, so I posted it here so you all could see what the latest Disma gear looks like.

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2 thoughts on “Disma Interview Forthcoming in Compilation of Death

  1. Robert says:

    Cool color scheme. Can you not show the entire shirt? It looks badass but would love to see the whole shirt.

  2. Rainer Weikusat says:

    Nice music. There’s a metalinjection (huh?) article “Disma Kicked Off Deathfest” showing a ‘NSDAP-themed’ CD the vocalist recorded a while ago alongside some interview answers of a similar kind followed by So, we can agree he’s a nazi right?. First, no, technically, ‘we’ can’t agree to that. A Nazi would be some staunch member of the NSDAP and/or an associated organization. Considering that my parents (both 77 this year) were 6 at the end of WWII, Craig Pillard certainly never had a chance to become ‘a Nazi’ (unless he’s much older than he looks like). He could be a Neo-Nazi, this would be some member of a political organization generally working towards recreation of the Third Reich in some form or establishment of a society governed according to comparable maxims but is he? There’s only silence to answer this.Leaving these technicalities aside, a question which immediately suggested itself (to me) was “And then, what?” I wouldn’t want to be known as a fan of an Austrian would-be painter who got rejected by the Vienna academy of arts and blamed “jewish socialists” for that for the rest of his life who ended up committing suicide together with his mistress after overseeing the most devastating military debacle of the last century but people ought to have the right to cultivate silly affections to their hearts content (I suspect I know a little more of the history of this than Pillard and weren’t it for the gruesome details, this would make a hilarious comedy, eg, Mr Adolf only became someone because the people who believed they were really running the show picked him as ‘popular frontman’ after various candidates of their circle had failed to attract anything but universal loathing). But I can see little difference between labelling someone as “a Jew” and then, that someone is part of the entirely loathsome group and doesn’t matter anymore (very popular in Europe from the 2nd half of the 19th century onwards) and labelling someone as “a Nazi” and then, that someone … etc, more popular nowadays (and entirely unrelated to anything which happened in the course of the ex-
    OHL trying to re-enact WWI in the hope of ‘better luck next time’). Constructing pseudo-homogenous groups of out individuals who then disappear behind the alleged “group character” is evil, no matter who does it for what reason.NB: This is partially motivated by my anger about various ‘Varg Vikernes the well-known …’ articles I found on the web a while ago. I don’t like the music and I can’t take his political texts seriously but for as long as he does no more nefarious things than writing them, “So fucking what?”.

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