Dismember Re-Issue Amazing First Album and Some Other Stuff

Old school Swedish death metal stalwarts Dismember represented one of those moments where the heavens, Earth, and natural kingdoms align to produce a window into the world beyond the immediate and physical, unleashing possibility through an embrace of realism and a pursuit of quality in life experience.

In that spirit, Like an Everflowing Stream showed us the power of Swedish death metal: transporting us beyond the physical world into a sensation of worlds beyond that were somehow consistent with the gritty, complex life we know that requires extreme solutions.

Dismember re-issued this album along with the more heavy metal second album and EP, but the latter two will be quickly forgotten as they were in the past. The first album belongs in the pantheon of greats, in the canon of metal, where everything since has fallen a bit short.

In any case, the reissue offers newer fans a chance to get off the fungible music flow of streaming services and to purchase some old school media where they can enjoy music made for the sake of living well in mental clarity, instead of this muddled neurotic egotism that is interchangeable.

The label issued the following statement:

Swedish death metal pioneers DISMEMBER are proud to announce the long overdue physical standalone reissues of their expansive discography. The first batch consisting of the first two albums, Like An Everflowing Stream (1991) and Indecent & Obscene (1993), as well as the Pieces EP (1992) will be released on August 25th, 2023, and is available for pre-order today.

The entire audio has been mastered for vinyl by Patrick W. Engel at Temple of Disharmony with the goal to preserve a ‘true to the original’ sound and contains the more dynamic June ’91 master of Like An Ever Flowing Stream on vinyl for the first time! All album layouts were created together with DISMEMBER resulting in a return of the Indecent and Obscene sticker.

etween 1988 and 2011 DISMEMBER earned a notorious reputation as the “Motörhead (version) of death metal”, through eight classic albums and furious live shows around the globe. The band was formed by Robert Sennebäck, David Blomqvist, and Fred Estby in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1988 and has long since been regarded as one of the originators of the trademark Swedish death metal sound, next to other pioneering bands such as ENTOMBED, GRAVE, and UNLEASHED. DISMEMBER recorded a couple of self-released demos before their 1990 demo cassette, Reborn In Blasphemy, with Matti Kärki on vocals and ENTOMBED’s Nicke Andersson taking over most lead guitar parts, got picked up for a wider release by NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS. In 1991, their first full-length, Like An Everflowing Stream (Nuclear Blast Records), saw the light of day, which was recorded by Thomas Skogsberg at the now legendary Sunlight Studios, and featured Richard Cabeza (UNANIMATED) on bass. DISMEMBER released their acclaimed sophomore album, Indecent & Obscene, in 1993, which to this day remains their most successful output. Three more albums would follow on NUCLEAR BLAST, Massive Killing Capacity (1995), Death Metal (1997) and Hate Campaign (2000), until the band decided to switch labels. They released two more albums, Where Ironcrosses Grow (2004, Karmageddon Records) and The God That Never Was (2006, Regain) before Fred Estby announced his departure for family reasons in 2007. Their last album, Dismember, followed in 2008 and the band officially broke up in 2011. After an eight-year hiatus, the band’s original line-up reunited for a 30th anniversary gig at Scandinavia Death Fest in October 2019, performing together for the first time in over 20 years. Since then, the band has remained active playing festivals and shows all around the globe, and after relaunching their impressive back catalog they will set sights on new material.

Fred Estby (Drums)
David Blomqvist (Guitars)
Robert Sennebäck (Guitars)
Matti Karki (Vocals)
Richard Cabeza (Bass)

Tour Dates
09 – 12.08. – CZ – Fortress Josefov, Brutal Assault
11 – 13.08. – BE – Kortrijk, Alcatraz Festival
07 – 09.09. – PL – Aleksandrów Łódzki, Summer Dying Loud Festival
13.10. – SE – Karlstad, Nöjesfabriken
14.10. – SE – Stockholm, Debaser Strand
23-26.05.2024 – USA – Baltimore, MD, Maryland Death Fest

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36 thoughts on “Dismember Re-Issue Amazing First Album and Some Other Stuff”

  1. Gnarly says:

    One of those discs I not only praise, but actually listen to a lot.

    1. The classics of Swedish death metal:

      1. Entombed/Nihilist
      2. Dismember/Carnage
      3. Bathory “Hammerheart”
      4. Unleashed
      5. Therion
      6. At the Gates
      7. Necrophobic
      8. Unanimated
      9. Hypocrisy
      10. Seance

      Runners-up because they are not death metal really: Merciless, Carbonized, Dissection, Candlemass.

      1. Igger of The Niggardly Nugget says:

        You really should include non-Swedish bands that had the Swedish style like Cadaver and Fleshcrawl.

      2. lol wut bish says:

        Bathory ain’t death metal either, especially not Hammerheart (which is great, but come on now).

        1. Mr. Metal Trivia says:

          Back in 1999, when Metallica was recording the music video for “Whisky in the Jar,” the band was apparently really excited to know that the director was once Bathory’s drummer, and they asked if he could play some of the old tunes. (Alas, he’d forgotten everything.)

        2. Fagetti says:

          Closer to death metal than any of their other stuff, probably a response to Morbid Angel

        1. Looking back over this list, I am skeptical of the inclusion of Bathory since it it clearly is not death metal, more like a crunchy form of epic heavy metal. The rest are absolutely solid. Put them on a CD and you have a reason to listen to Svensk death metal forever.

        2. I should add: adjacent Finnish bands like Amorphis and Demigod probably need mention here too, in addition to the weges Cadaver and Molested.

  2. Eviscerated (Bitch) says:

    “The neo-Hegelian overtones contrast heavily with the proto-Nietzschean discordance evident in this piece.”
    “Um, what work are you examining here?”
    “Chainsaw Gutsfuck.”

    1. Fish says:

      Would’ve been funnier if you actually knew shit.

    2. Disintegrated Association says:

      If only there were some way to tie all these threads of consciousness together, such as a focal point like a black hole, perhaps we might know more of who we are, or perhaps we worship a false focal point who is not Ba’al, Prometheus, or Lucifer but instead, the image of the human being, forever ensconced in solipsism against the terror of insignificant mortality.

    3. Jews own you haha says:

      Hegel was a real philosopher, nietzsche was a fucking joke.

      1. George "hannukah" hegel says:

        Fred could talk shit like none other while you don’t even know what you like

        1. Hegel Was a Power Bottom says:

          Wasn’t Hegel the nitwit who posited that a response to a human response to external reality was somehow valid simply because it was a response, despite being the same narcissistic idiotic buzzword salad that most humans spew like a squid squirts ink?

          1. Snake eyes says:

            Idk dude I don’t have the patience for the Germans. Fell off after reading Descartes

      2. Baruch Spinoza says:

        If a stone were typing on the internet, and someone asked what it was doing, it would reply that someone had flung it through the air and it was simply attempting to make the best of the situation.

      3. pffffffffffffffffffffff says:

        I needed a good laugh today thanks

        1. Paradox Depicter says:

          Obviously Taylor Swift is the real deal.

  3. Ambulatory Defecator says:

    I know shit. It’s most of humanity. Fuckin’ oooonter-menschen, bro.

    1. Ever wish the human race didn't exist says:

      Then realize you’re one too

      1. Kldzr85 says:

        Didn’t expect to find Flipper lyrics on dmu. nice.

  4. Entombed got their name from a video game says:

    Later Dismember beer metal is still better than anything Entombed put out

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    1. Gamahuching Wildly says:

      I don’t think any group sucks, but some are in the wrong place. It’s time to send the New Yorkers back.

  6. Wolfcastle says:

    Pieces is also really good.

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    1. At this point, the bigger problem is the funderground bands. But yes, all bad music must perish, preferably in a woodchipper like Helle Krafts.

    2. Schizophrenia Detector says:


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          1. If I had the power to ban idiots and numu, in the sense of “remove” more than passing mere effete laws, I would do so!

            I hope that the people here are hard realists. About half of that seems to be classism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, racism, fatphobia, etc. to Leftists, but the other half goes in the opposite direction, which means recognizing how people are different as groups and individuals and need different things, instead of the one-size-fits-all you-must-conform-beeeotch attitude of tyrannical and doddering democracy.

  8. Risperidone Applicator says:

    10mg with meals.

  9. Secrets of the Mooning says:

    There is an unwritten rule in Soviet publications, both military and civilian, that you can criticize, but not generalize. What that means is that individual screwups can be identified and castigated at length, but for political reasons it is unacceptable to make general criticisms applying to a whole institution. You see, a critique that pointed to an all-pervasive condition would ipso facto critique Soviet society as a whole, and thereby the Communist Party, which oversees every aspect of Soviet life. It is a thin, but to them a philosophically important, distinction. In fact, when individual malefactors are named, the system as a whole is being criticized, but in a politically acceptable way.

  10. LEGION says:

    Dismember is OKish, but DEICIDE is playing LEGION in its entirety in their latest cash-grabbing Euro tour that I would sell my grandma to attend by far the BEST CONCERT of 2023 check it out!

    1. Nostalgia Detector says:

      beeep eeep bep beeep beep

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