In just one week, the nauseating disease that is liberalsim has managed to shutdown the tour of a black metal/shock rocker and breakup a black metal/crust band.  While this is to be applauded in this instance as crusty black metal is paradoxal and live black metal is outright cringeworthy, it is atrocious that there are so many happenings of metal being bent over and embarrassed by an ideology as frail and useless as liberalism.  But contrary to the voices of life dropouts, the solution won’t be found in neckbeard occultism, Paganism, or other extensions of fatalism.  This disease may only be obliterated by THE TEMPLAR and their mercilessness opposition!  This means unapologitic masculinity, the re-institution of theocratic imperial order, the abolishment of atheism and materialsim, the cruel shaming of sodomites, and the complete annihilation of individualism and its atrocities.  The only true freedom is in complete submission to the LORD, who unleashed these plagues on a Western world that turned away from his divine order in 1789, closed their ears to his commands in the 60s, and completely fled his divine law in the last decade.  If you don’t soon take up the cross you’ll see your precious metal scene completely overrun by masculine women, post-emo beta-males, and neo-commies who will erase your metal heroes and replace them with emasculated champions of diversity!  DEUS VULT OR DIE



>>Norwegian meme band Taake recently had their entire tour canceled after a number of Antifa dropouts and sensitive vegan blogs complained about their shock rock theatrics being anti-Islamic and anti-semetic (but not for being anti-Christian, which these parties are hypocritically okay with)

>>Taake promptly committed a second career suicide in a Newsweek article in which he tearfully admits his whole band votes liberal (once again proving the left always eats its own)

   >>In b4 Antifa shuts down the next Soulfly tour over neo-nazi Max Cavelera’s past embrace of swatstikas in the early Sepultura days (pictured)



Young and in the Way, a “black metal/crust punk” band signed to Deafheaven’s former record label, recently disbanded after allegations of attempted rape and sexual assault made there way onto a blog for a crustie squat house(/homeless shelter?)

>>The #meetoo victim apparently thought it was a good idea to let several bands of unshowered hippies with chest pieces sleep in a house full of single, undefended women

>>It is unclear what’s more embarrassing: that one of the members tried the virgin-tier pickup line “You know you want it, come on, suck the dick of a rock star” or the fact that a virgin-tier metal band thinks rock stars exist in 2018


Taake Tour Cancellation

YAITW Throw in the Towel


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  1. Dr. David Szisz says:

    Glad to see you guys have finally turned over to the LORD, my evangelism has not been in vain.

  2. Marc Defranco says:

    The first three Taake albums are pretty decent, full of interesting riffs. Too bad some on this site don’t read articles very closely. Their manager said he doesn’t think any of the members vote on the right side of Norwegian politics, none of the members stated this. Not that it should matter who they vote for especially since Norwegian political spectrums are likely different than the US. At least this band has something to say about Islam while many other bigger bands take a backseat. This site has turned into mostly 4chan bait

  3. averse to autism says:

    Let me guess, you guys couldn’t pull a crowd with elitist metal commentary so are now catering to 4chan /pol/?

    like, i know alt-right was always in the background, but i thought the reason for splitting the DLA from ANUS.com was to separate the politics from the metal, thus reaching a bigger audience with the metal.

    Seems that hasn’t worked??

    1. Exfoliation says:

      None of the real life metal elitists I know give a fuck about anything on the internet and don’t know this site.

  4. Necronomeconomist says:


    Guys, this post-Satanism militant Christianity schtick is turning my shit upside down.

    I’m from the ’80s, man. Brock Dorsey — WHAT. I kind of like where you’re going with this DEUS VULT/Praise the Lord steez; I’m also completely flummoxed. You know you’re writing on a Death Metal website, right? A site with reams of praises for Deicide, Morbid Angel, Immolation, Incantation, Bathory, Slayer, Havohej, etc. — all specifically blasphemous, anti-Christian bands.

    Remember ? >>
    “Ghouls attack the church
    Crush the holy priest
    Turning the cross towards hell
    Writhe in satan’s flames”

    Brett Stevens, can I get a witness?! What the fuck is going on in this culture war?!
    Did the internet overexpose extreme metal, so now my niggas are moving to the other side, reactionarily?


    1. Reduced Without Any Effort says:

      I’m not entirely convinced that Brock Dopey isn’t one big satirical act, but even if he is, it’s still no less stupid. There’s no evidence at all of Dopey having any genuine Christian (or any) faith beyond right-wing “virtue” signalling, which he obviously cares about far more than both metal and matters of the spirit.

      1. Charles Stuart says:

        The Christians aren’t trying to fuck with metal music anymore. Years ago I saw Slayer play in a building owned by the LDS church in what is probably the most conservative and church-going county in the nation. The war against the church is over and won. It is the left that is fucking with metal now. Y’all need to get your heads out of the ass of the 1980s… maybe get rid of your jean jacket with a patch of Reagan with the safety pin through his nose.

        1. Reduced Without Any Effort says:

          I have as much disdain for leftism and antifa as the next guy. Leftists being annoyers when it comes to metal doesn’t make this shit any smarter than the people who responded to the 80s by becoming communists. Metal’s biggest issue right now isn’t the left, it’s a lack of true substance. There is nothing of worth in modern metal for leftists to threaten to begin with.

      2. mercilessdeath says:

        From my observation there are at least two directives that Mr. Dorsey has set. The first and most obvious is an attempt to appeal to the 4chan demographic. The second is to troll and inflame the old readership via Jesus Vult & Republicanism. Naturally, being a curious sort I searched 4chan’s /mu/ board for mention of DMU. Not to anyone’s suprise I am sure but the marketing scheme has not exactly generated enthusiasm. What was humorous to uncover was links posted to the various content here accompanied by the solitary phrase “Take the DMU pill.” This is of course nothing novel for the site as one may find in various corners of public forums, the same advertising campaigns. Likewise ANUS.con has had an equally long tradition of turning on its readers and devotees. Historical continuity aside, where DMU has broken tradition of late is in it’s dearth of content which had began sometime during maraats tenure and continued through his absence. In terms of any substantive insights and/or perspective; what is published these days would barely fill 150 characters if the wheat of each article was separated from the chaff.

        1. Brock Dorsey says:

          /mu/ is gay

          1. Vatha says:

            Yes, and you have to go back.

  5. cornrose says:

    Templars unite!!! Slay the rag headed bastard desert dweller and embrace the glory of the Lord!!! Holy War Now!!

  6. Liah Natas says:

    This narrative is the same as SJWs just with different attitude.While their style uses Metal to put liberal agenda, your’s is to put christian agenda which has one meaning – OBEY – . All of this emotional, callow even conclusion leads to enslaving and blocking mankind realization of spirit. Clarity is shattered with this one, falsifier and hypnotist. End of story.

  7. super_tzar says:

    Fear the Templar!

  8. Triple6Clik says:

    Man shit be weird as fuck nowdays. This entry is no different than what we’d find on a typical erectile dysfunction politics site dedicated to catering to the diabetic rages of your divorced 50 year old uncle or the Tinder strikeout frustrations of incels and undateable self styled “nerds”. This is basically the same disaffected unhappy dude rant you read in every video game, star wars, marvel movie, fandom or news article comments section. This shit is normie as fuck. I wonder how long the author debated using “cuck” in this article before opting to leave it out.

    The metamorphosis into garden variety conservatism at ANUS.com mirrors the political and social development of the majority of mediocre, aging, past their prime, frustrated men who try to bend the interests of their 20s and 30s into the twisted sad worldview they’ve been programmed to hold today. “they werent REALLY mad at christianity, just at libtardalism!!”

    How long before Deathmetal.org has writers trying to find the bridge between the spirit of radio country ethos and the eternal ancient spirit of metal?

    1. mercilessdeath says:

      Sometimes one needs to engage in hearty laughter. “Metal comes from Western Classical Music not punk.” vs. “Metals enemy was always leftism.” So given punk musics explicit political/social focus and the latter statement we are correct to conclude then that metal does in fact stem from punk music and may be considered a right leaning reaction to it? It’s lineage to Western Academic Pretentious Pedantry in Audial Format is no more substantive than any other form of music in “The West” since.

  9. Autism, the website says:

    How is this post any different from SJW virtue signalling, apart from the obvious fact it’s shilling the opposite political position.

    No content, only ideological signalling.

    In other words, just more noise in the cluster fuck that is modern culture.

  10. mlotek says:

    Your daughter’s in love with the planet of the apes.

  11. pink socks says:

    thanks for some more mediocrity

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